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  1. Hello, I was writing just to inform that I have finished installing all my steam programs and games and everything is working very well, I thank you very much for your help with this topic, thank you and until next time
  2. hello, I already installed steam and a game, I even do everything right, I open bigbox, I open steam and I run games in both, you can say that the problem is solved, I will continue to install my other steam games and I will be cautious of what software I install in My team to avoid future problems, I really appreciate your time and help, I'm really grateful, see you soon.
  3. Hello, I am sorry to say that I already did that and the location does not seem to be the problem both in a folder on disk C, (operating system, ssd) and in a folder on disk E, (storage disk) I have the same problem, it should be noted that launchbox and bigbox are currently working normally, I just need to install steam so that my PC is fully restored after formatting it for the third time, that's why I asked if steam or its games install something that conflicts with launchbox or bigbox , because last time they presented problems just after the installation of the latter. Right now I'm going to install steam and a game to try, wish me luck, I'll cross my fingers.
  4. and also sorry that it takes me so long to catch up with the chat, between work and the fact that I have formatted my pc 3 times to solve the problem, in addition to taking the advice that you have given me to the letter, well I will understand that it has been heavy, thank you very much for continuing to help me.
  5. Please excuse my English, I do not speak the language so I use the Google translator, I am from Ecuador, greetings.
  6. And well the thing about running the command prompt, I'll leave it as a last resort, in case You have problems in the after. I hope I don't have to do it and that the issue is resolved. In addition to this, can someone tell me if steam or games install something that could cause conflict with launch box or bigbox? I am avoiding all software that can cause me problems.
  7. Hello , I must say that the only software that I have security is the one that already comes in Windows 10 , anyway I put that excluded the folder in which launchbox is installed, also in firewall I put an exclusion ,I must also remember that I have no longer reinstalled afyerb urner and rivaryurner, or any similar software, at the moment it's working well
  8. I have a GTX 1070, an i7 4790, an SSD of 240, 1 HDD of 1G, W10 April April 2019. I have 15 games, I only have 1 in rpcs3, 5 in pcx2, 6 epsxe, 3 ppsspp.
  9. Is it normal for it to take so long to start bigbox?
  10. Desintale the afterborner and riverturner, also reset me pc to the default values, it is almost like formatting, happily I started the lauch box version 10.6, but I still have problems with bigbox it takes up to 10 wn to start, what can I do?
  11. Hi, thank you very much, I really don't know what to do, please help me.
  12. I don't get any error, it closes after trying to start Yes, I am using the RivaTuner / MSI Afterburner, do I have to uninstall them? Is that the problem?
  13. I have problems with version 10.6 the normal installation and when I am going to start it seems that it will do it but it closes. The reason I say that the problem is with that version, is because I have the installer of a previous version, 7.6 and everything works except the bigbox and yes, I have a license. And he tried to install framewok 4.8 but it doesn't let me because I have a higher version. Try to install all the windows 10 libraries. help; @Jason Carr
  14. tengo el mismo problema pero solo con la vercion 10.6
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