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  1. @DOS76Fixed it! Thank you so much! Seriously...incredibly kind for you to walk me through that.
  2. @DOS76 Can you walk me through how to do that? I know there are some posts on here about it, but I can't figure out how to make that change.
  3. To be clear, everything seems to work fine on the original pc I was playing on, even when using the external HD. When I plug the external HD into a different computer, this is when I run into the issue. Thanks for the help!
  4. Arcade games (mame) are not working. Super Nintendo, Sega, etc. are all working fine through Launchbox. Sorry if I made a mistake in what I wrote.
  5. I was using launchbox on a desktop and everything works great, but when I copy everything over to an external hd I have issues. All of the game systems work except for the mame games. When I try to open a game via Arcade they initialize but don't open. If I try to open the mame outside of launchbox they do not open there either. I am using Microsoft 10 and have researched without a fix. Any thoughts?
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