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  1. That was extremely helpful. Thanks for the detailed response. Unchecking that box got me to where I wanted, and I was able to create a true "non-merged" KOF98 with an embedded bios. I like your method of updating a curated set. To try this, I fired up CMP, ran a new scan, and clicked on the Set Information tab. I clicked "available sets" to select only those I actually have, then exported a document (came out as a .dat file). I converted this to a .txt file, then tried to import that into Set Information, but it doesn't seem to be working. Is there another method of generating the text file I should be using? Alternatively, what would happen if I loaded the DAT file I generated into the CMP Profiler screen? Would this make CMP "blind" to the roms I don't have, allowing me to just rebuild, scan, and fix files each month as needed?
  2. I wonder if I may have just figured things out (always seems to happen right after I submit a forum post asking for help). I think I had the wrong idea about how files get combined during the rebuilder process. A rom file such as a bios (ex. neogeo) does not actually get integrated into a game rom (ex. kof98) in ANY version of a romset; instead, it is strictly parents and clones that get combined. I repeated my test using puckman.zip and pacman.zip and CMP produced a version of pacman that was able to launch without puckman. Still getting all kinds of nutty additional zip files in my output folder and I don't know what that's about, but at least things seem to be working?
  3. I'm trying to set up a few non-MAME arcade emulators for games that MAME won't run, and my understanding is that these roms should be un-merged for the best chance of success. I thought converting a few of my split roms to un-merged would be intuitive and straightforward within CMP, but I've been struggling and can't find any good resources online. I've created two separate folders (Input and Output) and have set them as Source and Destination in the Rebuilder section of CMP. I've checked the "Non-Merged Sets" radio button. To test things, I put only two roms in the input folder: kof98.zip (King of Fighters 98) and neogeo.zip (its bios). I expected the rebuilder to produce a version of KOF98 that had the neogeo bios built it, but this was not the case; I got the bios missing error when I tried to launch this supposedly "un-merged" kof98.zip without neogeo.zip. What's more, I'm getting some pretty bizarre stuff in the output folder: kof98, the neogeo bios, and then a whole bunch of kof98 clones, a weird Metal Slug 5 clone, and two variations of SNK vs. Capcom. I'm completely flummoxed and can't make heads or tails out of what CMP is doing. I feel like I'm missing something obvious. Any help is MUCH appreciated.
  4. I understand the procedure is nearly identical to updating a romset, but what's tripping me up is the DAT file. I have a set of artwork that is labeled as "Full 0.202 MAME Official Artwork." I also have seven artwork update packs that will take the 0.202 set to 0.217. The website hosting these files also provides a DAT file, labeled simply as "latest DAT" on the website and a filename of "pS_Artwork_Official_20200119_(cm).dat". Can I use this one DAT file to progressively update through all seven update packs? I thought each update of anything using CMP required a DAT file corresponding to the new version you're updating to. Historical DAT files for older versions are not provided by the website, as far as I can tell. I feel like there's something about CMP I'm not understanding. As always, any help is appreciated!
  5. Thank you. I would've never known to do that and would've spent hours trying to research the problem.
  6. I found what appears to be a reliable resource for update packs, but the filenames are given as, for example, "mame-0220." Does this mean it would take a 0.220 romset to 0.221, or would it take 0.219 to 0.220? (I'm assuming the latter but would like to clarify.) Also, how do you make sense of all the different versions of an individual game? I'm assuming there's no easy answer to this, as it probably depends on the game. For example, there are three Double Dragon U.S. versions (Set 1, Set 2, and Set 3). Do these represent revisions, i.e. Set 3 would be the most recent and therefore "best" U.S. version to go with? I've got a 0.220 split set and was planning on updating it to 0.226 (I think that's as high as the update packs go) with CMP, then using CMP to convert it to a non-merged set before running the popular "All Killer, No Filler" batch file to curate the set. I'll probably modify the batch file to specify U.S. versions (usually clones), as there will be no need to target parents for curation if the set is non-merged. Does this sound reasonable? I'm completely new to this and am not sure what I want to do is even possible. Maybe I should just simplify things for myself and use a 0.220 version of MAME without updating roms. I'm making myself crazy with all this. (EDIT: Sorry for going off on tangents unrelated to the thread topic. This was intended to just be a question about the update packs.)
  7. Well, I reinstalled the program a few times and on the third install it just started working. Strange! But consider this a false alarm, and I apologize for cluttering the forum. Excited to get started with everything!
  8. Hello -- I'm running Windows 10 64-bit (current on updates) and just downloaded LaunchBox v. 10.6. I haven't yet done anything within the application (i.e. have not imported any ROMs, set up emulators, or messed around with themes). When I click Tools --> Options, the application freezes. My cursor changes to the spinning blue circle and the whole application just hangs until Microsoft offers to "close the program" or "wait for the program to respond." Any ideas as to what could be going on? My .NET Framework version is 4.8. Thanks!
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