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  1. I came to the board just to check on the Android scene and find this sad news. Thanks Jason for your efforts. The Ap paid for itself after the first day I used it. It was a sweet dream with lots of promise. Hope to see Launchbox on mobile phones in the future.
  2. Still not working with launchbox. Yaba pro tested
  3. I haven't had a lot of crashes with previous versions, but this update is definitely smoother and quicker. Thanks Jason. Eagerly waiting the next big update.


    One One of the issues I've found with launchbox is that it will select the wrong file in the zip to launch the game. Try holding down on the game and select "a different version" then pick the file that actually will load the game inside the zip. With some CD games it will load the track instead of the cue.


    MAME 2003 set (although some chd games don't work great) with sideloaded retroarch 32 bit works fine for me on Android phone. Hope this helps.
  6. Lots of things could be wrong. Could you play the game normally through retroarch? If you can't play in retroarch, Launchbox won't fix that. Did you set the right retroarch in Launchbox (32 bit sideloaded vs 16 bit). Did you pick the right retroarch core in Launchbox? Just some ideas to troubleshoot.
  7. Would you add CPS-I,II, and III as platforms? Would love to isolate them without going through my MAME collection. Thanks for all the updates and happy holidays.
  8. Try holding down on the game (long pressing) and selecting different versions). I had that happen with Ds and gba games and selecting a different version of the game got it to work.
  9. My games are in cue, bin, and pbp format ant they work for me. Each game has its. Own separate folder with the exact name of the files. All folders in a ps1 main folder. Hope this helps.
  10. Thanks for the explanation Jason. That is really unfortunate. I hope things improve and the transparency increases.
  11. Anyone else getting yaba Sanshiro Pro to work in Launchbox for Android?
  12. The new import process works great on my rog phone ii. Only crashes from yaba Sanshiro Pro launcher and the mgba retroarch core. Can we add the mgba ap as an emulator choice for the gba system? Disregard the mgba comment. Choosing the long pressing and selecting the version of the gba game solved the crashing issue. Will research what changed with new version of Sanshiro Pro to try to help.
  13. Yaba Sanshiro Pro works fine launched directly from Android home. Crashes when any game is picked from Launchbox. Verification and launching the yaba Sanshiro Pro ap inside launchbox works. Just can't pick the game directly in launchbox. Using rog phone ii. Thank you for your attention
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