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  1. I'll go to Lock/Unlock as a primary and essential option and Hide/Show as a secondary and extra option. I personally don't care about Hiding as much as Locking/Unlocking. But it's good to have it as an extra option for those who want to use it.
  2. Anyone interested in an option to hide/ disable clear logos on playlists. I Just posted a request on BitBucket site: https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/5812/option-to-hide-disable-clear-logos-on
  3. Wait! You say Launchbox/ BigBox is made by 2 developers currently?! What a great developers they are IMHO! I got the whole picture now. Sure and fair enough. I will submit about this on BitBucket site when I have the time. Thanks for pointing me to the link and Best wishes and merry Christmas to the amazing developers and Mods.
  4. 1- Not all users are savvy enough or have the time to do this when they have many playlists. It's not just about me, but about anyone who like a simple yet a good looking playlists. Thus an option is needed. 2- Not a moot point when it comes to unique new theme ideas like what the OP is trying to do. 3- It's just an option which is enabled by default "thus still help new users to utilize all BigBox features" and still give control to new and expert users whom wants it to be disabled for certain scenarios like this one. I think this is a better design approach IMHO. I don't see why an "enable/ disable" option which is enabled by default (Clear logos are enabled) to be that hard to implement by the developers. I think they are awesome based on what I see from all the new features and enhancements they bring with every release. I don't think they are lazy or something. lol ?
  5. 1- I want a big text wheel to use on big TV screen like the OP mentioned. And I think an animated text will look great for that (it's like all the other 4 wheels, but without forced clear logos) that's all. 2- Sorry, but I don't think that's a good design approach. I mean, why let BigBox be in control and force clear logos for playlists? Isn't that the job for theme creators in the end anyway? I'm sure they will not use the default clear logos, as I've seen from using many BigBox themes. Actually, this design approach is crippling some new ways and new ideas to make new and different themes like what is the OP is trying to do with his 4K theme which I really liked. And hopefully use it on my TV as well. 3- What I'm trying to say is let us in control to choose what we want to create when it comes to themes. Not BigBox. It should not force anything that cannot be hidden or disabled. It's a win-win for everyone in the end and it will spark some new ideas for BigBox. That's what's called a great design approach IMHO.
  6. I don't know if one extra wheel may break anything for anyone, since it's just a wheel that can't accept Clear Logos and it's not the default one (you have to chose it by yourself) that's all. Anyway, this bug should be fixed somehow. That's for sure IMHO.
  7. I personally don't use or like the Text List View because it doesn't animate and it's small.
  8. If I may suggest to the developers: A simple solution is to add a Platform Wheel that can not accept Clear Logos. You can name it "Platform Wheel (No Clear Logos)" or something like this.
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