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  1. Thank you so mush Mr. Eric and everyone!
  2. Thank you so much! I hope they'll fix this issue, because I'm making a modern 4K 10-Foot UI theme for BigBox based on the Default theme. But this issue prevents me from achieving the perfectly cohesive theme I have in mind to be perfectly satisfied to publish it to public. Here's some early development screenshots of it (still adding to it, enhancing and optimizing it of course): Many Thanks again everyone for all the help and support.
  3. Hello Sir, Thank you so much for your tests and confirmation! Is it possible to fix this issue in a future update? Thank you again.
  4. Hello again dears, I did more research and tests and I have something interesting to share. It seems if you name the playlist with a game genre name like: Strategy, Racing, Platform... etc.... it will get automatically and permanently populated with clear logos from an unknown source from Launchbox/ BigBox itself (a feature or a bug?) I discovered this when I made two new Playlists, one I named it "My Collection" and it didn't get any clear logo and one I named it "Horror" and it did get a clear logo automatically. And again, I can't get rid of it no matter what I do. Can anyone
  5. Hello Sir, I followed your instructions to the letter. 1- Both LB and BB are closed entirely. I even restarted my PC to make sure they are not running in the Background (there's no any mention of them in Task Manager\ Processes). 2- I deleted all the strategy clear logos from both folders as you can see in screenshot number 1. 2- Then I launched BigBox and Refreshed All Images as you can see in screenshot number 2. 3- unfortunately, the Strategy playlist still appears as clear logo. Not as text as you can see in screenshot number 3. 4- the clear logos reappeared again i
  6. Hello again Sir, I don't know what's going on but: 1- Yes, I have clear logos in the "C:\LaunchBox\Images\Playlists\ Playlist name" folders (see screenshot number 1) which they keep regenerating no matter how much I delete them manually or by using "Edit Playlist" menu on Launchbox. 2- No, I don't have any clear logos in both Default and UI1 Themes folders (see screenshot number 2). I took a screenshot for the Cache-BB folder. The Strategy playlist appears as a clear logo, not as a text (see screenshot number 3). Is that normal? If it's not, can I do anything about
  7. Hello Sir, I use the default BigBox theme and deleted all the clear logos from "Launchbox/Images/Playlists/Name of Playlist/Clear Logo" like Mr. Neil suggested to me. Same results. After thinking about it for awhile. I have this theory: "may be the BigBox default theme is protected and that's why it keeps regenerating all the clear logos when I delete them?" Based on this theory, I did the following: I copied the Default theme and paste it in the Themes folder in Launchbox and renamed it to UI1 just to test that theory (to be sure it's not a BigBox default theme tamper protectio
  8. Hello Mr. Retro, Although I tried this multiple times as I mentioned previously, I tried it once more to be perfectly sure. Unfortunately, they keep regenerating once I open BigBox and the Playlist wheel view is still populated with clear logos. Thank you Sir and any help to solve this issue would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Hello again Sir, I deleted all the Playlists logos like you mentioned. But they keep regenerating once I open BigBox (tried many times). I tried to delete them, then refresh Image Cash to be sure. But they keep regenerating no matter how much I repeat unfortunately. Is there an option to force clear logos not to appear on Playlists when using Wheel view? In case I missed it. Many Thanks again.
  10. Hello Mr. Neil and Thanks for reading and replying, Do you mean the "Text List with Details" option? I Just tried it. And yes the Playlists are now plain texts, but they are too small (not that good for a 10-foot UI) which I'm using BigBox for. Also, they are without animations like the wheel options. Is there a way to have the Wheel with (large and animated texts) without any clear logos? (Just plain texts) Thanks in advance for all the help.
  11. Hello Everyone, My first post here and I hope it's in the right place. Please excuse me if it's not. I want to ask. How to hide clear logos on BigBox playlists please? (See the Screenshot I attached). I tried to delete them using "Edit Playlist" menu on Launchbox. But they keep regenerating once I close that menu. Also, I tried different Wheel option on BigBox using "Playlist View" with no success. I'm on Version 11.8, using BigBox default theme and platform wheel 1. Is there a way to do it and did I missed something? Any help would be greatly appreciated and thanks in a
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