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  1. Do you have Linux? Anyway, setup a Workbench environment with a hdd of 1 GB and then extract the LhA file an install the game.
  2. Download from here and just add it as EXE to your Amiga WHDLoad Collection 😉 There is no WHDLoad version. https://thecompany.pl/game/T-Zer0 And that ones, too: https://thecompany.pl/game/Genetic+Species https://thecompany.pl/game/Evil's+Doom+1.8
  3. TRANSWORLD plays fine here. Just update winuae64.exe with current version in LaunchBox\Emulators\WinUAE\ As WHDLoad-Versions there exist only Bundesliga Manager Hattrick and Bundesliga Manager Professional. WinUAE doesn't play Skweek well yet.
  4. Change in "Vroom&DataDisk.zip" -> Vroom.Slave -> Vroom&DataDisk.Slave or start Standard Version. For Death or Glory in additional applications, change DeathOrGloryDE.zip as the default application or/and remove ErbeDE.zip. Generate a new game for ErbeDE.zip if you like to play it.
  5. thanks for the tip, but unfortunately not 😞
  6. oh well, I do not use shutdown screens, but maybe someone else from the forum can help you.
  7. I use this AutoHotkey Skript: $Esc:: { Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}} }
  8. Cadaver works fine, please use my Patch 1.1. The controls in IK+ are ok, I can't see any error there.
  9. Since there are always problems when playing games with the JIT compiler, I recommend to deactivate it in general. Place the following file as described: Rename "WHD_nonJIT.uae" to "WHD.uae" and copy to both directories: LaunchBox\Emulators\WHDRun\ & LaunchBox\Emulators\WinUAE\Configurations\ Have fun! WHD_nonJIT.uae
  10. ok, place the following files as described: 1. copy "WHD2.uae" to both directories: WHD2.uae LaunchBox\Emulators\WHDRun\ & LaunchBox\Emulators\WinUAE\Configurations\ 2. copy "WHDRun.cmd" to: WHDRun.cmd LaunchBox\Emulators\WHDRun\ Have fun! 🙂 Only as backup: WHDRun_org.cmd
  11. If you want a screenview similar to a Commodore 1081 Monitor, set the following 4 parameters as shown on the two screenshots below. Contrast and brightness both set to 10. Have fun!
  12. change the following in "LaunchBox\Emulators\WHDRun\WHD\S\user-startup" whdload $game.slave PRELOAD QUITKEY=69; to whdload $game.slave PRELOAD QUITKEY=89; and you use "F10" for exiting a game 😉 Update: I added an alternative WHDRun archive, which only changes the QUITKEY to "F10" in the game Cadaver, the rest stays with "ESC". WHDRun Cadaver.zip
  13. I also tried the current RetroArch P-UAE core and the refresh rate is no comparison to WinUAE at all. WinUAE plays the games absolutely smooth, but many games jerk with P-UAE. This is best seen with all games with parallax scrolling, e.g. Turrican, Leander, etc.
  14. To run Cadaver press "F12" immediately after start and activate "Cycle-exact". Then press "Reset-Button" at the bottom left. Or place the attached "WHD.uae" in your WHDRun folder. And IK+ has no control problems with me! WHD.uae
  15. press F12 after loading, turn off JIT, click "Restart" + "Start" in WinUAE 😉 Do not save any settings!
  16. It's pretty stressful right now because I get a lot of requests for the link. So please post your requests here under the post and it would be great if someone who already has the link could pass it on via PN. THANK YOU
  17. Please configure everything as shown on the screenshots in the archive.
  18. Maybe, but all released floppy and CR32 games are actually already included, but I could add some CD-/download only games, like Genetic Species, AmiDoom, etc. I will do that when I have time 😉
  19. Does anyone have this folder and these files? TypeXsys cmd <subfolder> UD <subfolder> authbuff.dat authbuff_production.dat launcher.exe sample.wav TypeX.wmv vsec.vcr yes.txt And these files also from SSFIVAE 2010: authbuff.dat [size: 1535] [CRC32: 33c12a83] osdinst.dll [size: 102400] [CRC32: 506995b3]
  20. Hello, everybody, here is my fully launchable WHDLoad-Collection for LaunchBox Download: It's pretty stressful right now because I get a lot of requests for the link. So please post your requests here under the post and it would be great if someone who already has the link could pass it on via PN. Alternatively for the link to the WHDLoad archive you can send an email to amiga@salumba.com (Thanks @Pixelpiper) (Subject and body of the message won't matter. All incoming messages are deleted and nothing is logged.) Update 1.1: Due to the problems that some game
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