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  1. Do you have Linux? Anyway, setup a Workbench environment with a hdd of 1 GB and then extract the LhA file an install the game.
  2. Download from here and just add it as EXE to your Amiga WHDLoad Collection ? There is no WHDLoad version. https://thecompany.pl/game/T-Zer0 And that ones, too: https://thecompany.pl/game/Genetic+Species https://thecompany.pl/game/Evil's+Doom+1.8
  3. TRANSWORLD plays fine here. Just update winuae64.exe with current version in LaunchBox\Emulators\WinUAE\ As WHDLoad-Versions there exist only Bundesliga Manager Hattrick and Bundesliga Manager Professional. WinUAE doesn't play Skweek well yet.
  4. Change in "Vroom&DataDisk.zip" -> Vroom.Slave -> Vroom&DataDisk.Slave or start Standard Version. For Death or Glory in additional applications, change DeathOrGloryDE.zip as the default application or/and remove ErbeDE.zip. Generate a new game for ErbeDE.zip if you like to play it.
  5. thanks for the tip, but unfortunately not ?
  6. oh well, I do not use shutdown screens, but maybe someone else from the forum can help you.
  7. I use this AutoHotkey Skript: $Esc:: { Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}} }
  8. Cadaver works fine, please use my Patch 1.1. The controls in IK+ are ok, I can't see any error there.
  9. Since there are always problems when playing games with the JIT compiler, I recommend to deactivate it in general. Place the following file as described: Rename "WHD_nonJIT.uae" to "WHD.uae" and copy to both directories: LaunchBox\Emulators\WHDRun\ & LaunchBox\Emulators\WinUAE\Configurations\ Have fun! WHD_nonJIT.uae
  10. ok, place the following files as described: 1. copy "WHD2.uae" to both directories: WHD2.uae LaunchBox\Emulators\WHDRun\ & LaunchBox\Emulators\WinUAE\Configurations\ 2. copy "WHDRun.cmd" to: WHDRun.cmd LaunchBox\Emulators\WHDRun\ Have fun! ? Only as backup: WHDRun_org.cmd
  11. If you want a screenview similar to a Commodore 1081 Monitor, set the following 4 parameters as shown on the two screenshots below. Contrast and brightness both set to 10. Have fun!
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