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  1. Sorry did not make that clear they are on the FTP under that structure
  2. Hi All, As i could not find any good collection of Atari 8 bit videos i made for my own use a set. I have up loaded them to Emu Movies close to 900 clips if anyone interested path to them below
  3. I made a start created videos for A games
  4. Is there a good source for Atari 8-Bit media and game videos? I can't appear to find anything much at all for this system.
  5. Hi All Does anyone have a guide to setting up this system in Launchbox what emulator etc. Thanks Andy
  6. In the links below this video you can download a .bat file you just need to edit that to point to you game txt file mine looks like this Daphne.exe %1 vldp -fullscreen -x 640 -y 480 -framefile "H:\Launchbox\Daphne\Daphne\%1\%1.txt" then run the .bat file as the emulator
  7. Plastron

    MS Windows 3.x

    Hi All, Think MS Windows 3.x is about the last thing i need to add. I searched but cant find a guide on this one at all. I got the games in ZIP is there away to add these like the dos ones. The pack came with MEAGRE which claims to be able to export to launchbox but i cant work out how to use it at all Andy
  8. Plastron

    Logos in Bigbox

    Thanks that worked
  9. Plastron

    Logos in Bigbox

    Hi, All my logos for each system are showing correctly other than Dragon 32/63 that one just shows as text. The logo image is there just does not show any idea how to correct? thanks
  10. Thanks i got that to work shame not joystick Have you got Archimedes to auto load at all too?
  11. Hi All, I am trying to configure the Acron Electron using MESS i have the command line as electron -cass but this does not load the game you then have to type *tape chain"" to run the game how do you automate this please?
  12. Did you ever fine a way to fix this?
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