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  1. Quit out of launchbox mid system update... and wel

    I thought that was the solution. Thank you so much
  2. I flew to close to the sun. I closed out of the updater and the next time i open launchbox I get a error message. HELP. Will I ever launchbox again?
  3. Cloud Syncing Collection v7.15-beta9

    I noticed this too. Th loading bar just seems to stop when it reaches 99 percent.
  4. RASNES9X Problems

    Nope,thanks for trying to help out but im still getting the bar up top I also tried -hide_menubar but that didnt work either.
  5. RASNES9X Problems

    Yes, Mister Monkus it comes straight from the Retro Acheivement website.
  6. RASNES9X Problems

    Hey, just trying out the AWESOME new RA feature. Im currently using the emulator RASNES9x, (simply the RASNES9X emulator with retro achievements) but I cant get the top bar to go away. Everytime I open a game I have to manually close the top bar. Is there a way to prevent this through a command line? If you dont know what i am talking about, check out the illustration down below... THANK YOu
  7. Ive been requesting this since day one.
  8. What's coming in the next Beta?

    A way to sink up to every single launchbox in the world to form Voltron
  9. Big Box Cinematix

    could u make spidey dangle slightly after the first animation, tilting back and forth? what other ips are on the ps3? I always liked Cole from Infamous and Nathan Drake, the killzone gas mask guys are cool too.
  10. Art Feedback - "ROM Runner" Bartop Arcade

  11. Art Feedback - "ROM Runner" Bartop Arcade

    AWESOME! But I dont like the name Rom Runner.
  12. Have these supervision games been dumped?

    This one seems to have all of them. Happy cataloging!! http://www.rarityguide.com/watarasupervision_view.php
  13. Have these supervision games been dumped?

    Source: http://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/platforms/games/153