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  1. All 309 titles have been added to the Panasonic 3DO! Including: magazine related material, promotional material, unreleased games, demos and foreign releases (no matter how obscure) In the process of cataloging I tried reaching out to some developers about unreleased games asking if they could shed any new light on the unreleased material. Although I could find nothing new. I did find many promotional works in magazines and articles. The one title that I can't find next to nothing about is Casablanca ni Ai o: Satsujinsha wa Jikū o Koete, a game released on many other systems including the Sharp X6800 and the PC 90. According to many sourced this game exists on 3DO but I can not find any front image box art for it. In my time previously to working with the 3DO in the launchboxDB I was working with the Acorn Archimedies. There I inputed more than 250 some games. Which I am going to continue working on... the problem, it appears is that there isnt a real comprihensive list of this system. If you can link me to one then I would be soooo happy.
  2. Is there many different views for platforms? I only see game views so far.
  3. Dayum, @JamesBaker, you captured something with this one. It reminds me of something I would find in the gaming district of a neon bright, rain-soaked toyko. Simply gorgeous. Are we going to have a character in the foreground? If so what one? May I suggest King of Demons?
  4. I Wanna Take You for a Ride!!!
  6. Could you give us a video, @SNAK3ATER? This looks incredible.
  7. If I was a betting man, Id wager that @jamesbaker pinball theme would look similar to something like this.
  8. This actually looks pretty good! I take back what I said before. I think it was because I wasnt viewing it in its full resolution.
  9. Your going to hate me for this but I agree with the gentleman up top. It does seem abit busy.
  10. But you are missing the most important sticker!
  11. This is probably the most intresting plug-ins out there. Tragedy is, I dont have the equipment. Although I would LOOOOVE to keep up to date with the project. Do you have a youtube account? Are you working on any other plug ins?
  12. Very well done.
  13. What video game is the sega genesis theme going to revolve around? Gunstar Heroes? Golden Axe? Rages of the Street? Are you going to do another Sonic one? If so, could you use this character instead of the regular design. Nothing would make me happier.
  14. Id say folded cloth as well. White and Pink, maybe felt IDK im not a cloth expert. In the picture below you can totally tell that it is folded cloth. But it looks so uncanny with the system superimposed on it. Pink cloth is a interesting choice. I wonder why they choose that. Maybe they just didn't know how to market a console and the pink really stood in contrast with the black system.
  15. Wowzers!