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  1. I recently upgraded to a 144hz monitor to have low input lag without the screen tearing and stuttering and noticed the same thing in bigbox. It no longer runs as smooth as it used to with gysync enabled. Can't seem to find a way to smooth it out without turning off gsync.
  2. Hi, I have a machine dedicated to trackball and spinner games, running bigbox. Currently I have to set my action buttons to navigate the game selection screen in bixbox. Just trying to make it easier for guests to navigate without asking me how to do it lol. Sorry if this has been asked before. I did try to search but didn't find an answer. Thanks!
  3. Is it possible to edit the AHK script to close with a button combination in the Model 2 emulator? I have model 2 running with bigbox but I have no way to reliably exit games from my arcade control panel. I'm using zero lag usb converters for my arcade controls combined with 2 sinden lightguns.
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