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  1. Bro your right it was in playlist thanks so much
  2. Hello it is a platform. The video i want is under arcade capcom playsystem 1. Whereas i have it under Capcom playsystem not Arcade CPs1.. I think im going to have to make an arcade capcom playsystem platform then download the video i want (it's called bigbox cinematic) under that platform then get that video save it and delete the arcade CPS1 platform then rename the video to CPS1. Unless you know where I can download it. In the pic below thats what i want. Don't know why it's not in the capcom playsystem platform I tab up above only arcade
  3. hello fellow emulators and gamers! this is probably really easy, im trying to get the Arcade capcom play system platform big box cinematic video to download so i can use in my CPS1 big box. but... i cant get it.. i download it but it doesnt appear in the video folder like the rest. it claims its downloaded but i cant find it. is there a way to dwnload it elsewhere? can some one post it? very annoying as it doesnt show up in the video list of CPS1 only under arcade CPS1. please help.. cheers
  4. Hello again! In the wizard i found a video i want under Arcade capcom playsystem, its the big box cinematic video.. how do i get that or download it so i can make it my capcom playsystem platform video? There are 2 different tabs so to speak... capcom playsystem and down the bottom is arcade capcom playsystem. I have my set up to capcom playsystem but its not in there to select.. help! I tried downloading it and it claims it did but i dont know where it went.. help
  5. Hi, I have downloaded multiple platform videos in launch box but i dont know how to select the ones I wanted. Ie i have the standard arcade theme for capcom playsystem 1 and I just downloaded a different one so how do i select the new one. Cheers
  6. Using big box and loving it... i just added Nintendo switch, is there videos for the games available? And same with the platform or theme videos? As its just a black screen now. Cheers
  7. Hi sorry to bother you again but i have a small issue with big box. My wheel with all the console logos looks great but both the PlayStation and PlayStation 2 logos are missing and I have this ugly white text. I attached a picture. How can i fix this? Ps big box is awesome.. now all I need is emumovies 👍
  8. Ok thanks heaps mate really appreciate your help ill definitely be getting big box then emumovies 👍👍 Thanks again
  9. Umm also once I get big box upgrade do i have to add all my roms and emulators etc againor will it automatically load them from launchbox?
  10. Thanks so much.. i like the new set up it looks really cool but i dont like the blurred background images i prefer them normal. Can i change that with free version?
  11. Thanks for the quick response. Yes ill be buying big box in next few days.. what will happen to my normal launchbox set up? I have it all set up nicely, can i switch between the 2? Also with premium can i change the blurred background images in launchbox? New version blurs my fan art in the back. Or can i change without premium. Cheers
  12. Hi i just wanted to know if i sign upto emumovies for a monthly subscription and download all the required videos and i cancel after one month will i still have these videos/Will they still work without being subscribed? Cheers in advance. Sorry im a noob at this
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