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  1. Hey Jason, still having this problem. It is hit or miss if newly added games will show any images even though I see the downloaded images/files in the respective folders. I have images for several games in 3D boxes and clear logo folders, but regardless of what image group is selected in LB, no images are displayed. I appreciate any assistance with this. Thanks.
  2. Jason, the beta seems to work great. Thanks for quickly providing a solution. Much appreciated!
  3. My Launchbox auto-updated to 11.3 and now when I am exiting games, it crashes half of the time. How can I revert back to my previous version?
  4. No, still not working. I was hoping to get some ideas on how to fix it.
  5. I added about five games recently and only 2 of the 5 are displaying the images that were douwnloaded. I can find the images in the folders in the LB directory ( Launchbox\images\arcade\) so I know they are were downloaded successfully. I have tried to select "refresh all images" and refresh select images but nothing works. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  6. thanks for the suggestions. Selecting the Force adding duplicate got it working. Not sure but there was no other way I could see it in LB or BB. Thanks!
  7. Most of my games are showing but some are not. For some reason, I cannot get Teenage mutant ninja turtles to show in Launchbox. It is in the .xml <AdditionalApplication> <Id>699ef93e-be8a-4ed7-9791-3a5faa56cbd2</Id> <PlayCount>0</PlayCount> <GameID>0e8d53bd-dd30-49ae-b473-93662b2f8c52</GameID> <ApplicationPath>D:\games\NES roms\Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (USA).nes</ApplicationPath> <AutoRunAfter>false</AutoRunAfter> <AutoRunBefore>false</AutoRunBefore> <Name>Play (US
  8. I am trying to do this same exact thing with joytokey, and when trying this method, it launches joytokey then immediately kills it during the steam game that is running. Any idea how to get it to only kill it once the game closes? I have the box checked for run after main application. thanks.
  9. Hmm. It looks nothing like the demo videos shown, with the menu animation and platform videos.
  10. When I choose the Unified Redux theme, it looks exactly the same as the normal Redux theme. I must be doing something wrong?
  11. Hi, I just installed Launchbox and purchased the license. I cannot get Mame to exit games using the combo in Launchbox or Bigbox. My controller option looks just like the sample images above. What else could be the issue? Pressing the ESC on keyboard is the only way to exit a game. Thank you for any help.
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