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  1. All I want is the appearance of the name of the game on the cover when I put the mouse on it , and I hope that happens on next update ..
  2. I did it, but the horizontal space has increased and ruined the look of the covers ...
  3. I checked the options and did not find an option for the name of the game as in the picture that I attached to the top ..
  4. This is complicated I just want to see the names is there another way in this theme?
  5. Wonderful theme, but I wish the name of the game appeared when I put the mouse on the cover, so that I can differentiate between Disk 1 and Disk 2 like this :
  6. When I use the Lambda beta theme specifically, Windows games will shut down suddenly after two hours of playing 😔 I love this theme and do not want to change it. Is there any solution to this problem?
  7. This is the theme that I am looking for🤩 and I will not use any other. I am very excited about update 1.2 release of this theme because ver.1.1 makes Windows games close suddenly after a few hours of play ..
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