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  1. This is for Android you can't just remove/un-select files from the list that it populates when adding a folder. Even if you could that would be like manually removing 100s of files. Each game is in their own folder due to them having their own tracks. It actually involves duplicating the main folder, subfolders and each cue file in that subfolder. There is only 1 work around that I know of so far and does work, just a little inconvenience. Just involves going back and forth on a PC.
  2. Just wondering if it's possible to get a .cue option only import. Just have a selectable option under "Import Games from Subfolders of the Selected Folder". That way it doesn't import the .bin files with games that have multiple tracks and mess up the import.
  3. @azajali43 This is for Android, it's not quite the same setup as the PC version.
  4. @Jason Carr The emulator is MasterEmu. Only reason is it runs GameGear games and I don't have an emulator for that as of yet (till now). It's not the best emulator but it works, until I come across a better one. I'm using the Nvidia Shield Pro.
  5. I want to run an emulator that is not on the list that Launchbox gives me, so how do I correctly enter in all the fields for the Custom Emulator section? Where do I find the info?
  6. @DOS76 That's ok, thanks though. I mean there is a LONG work around but idk if I really wanna take the time in doing it. Clear the platform Plug Hard Drive into PC Only transfer the game folder with the .cue files Plug the hard drive back into the Nvidia Shield Start Launchbox, add games into platform which now it will only have the .cue files Once platform is created, plug hard drive back into the PC and transfer all the .bin files over. That's the only way I can think of. I do notice if I do a long press on the game, it will allow me to view "Additional Versions" then I can see all the tracks and select the .cue file and the game boots right up. Only bad thing is that it does not save my preference to always open the .cue file as a preferred selection.
  7. @DOS76 No dragging allowed like that, that I know of. This is Android.
  8. I have a bunch of PS1 games that are split into tracks and come with 1 .cue file (each game has their own folder). How do I get Launchbox to just import the .cue file? I am using ePSXe for emulation, which when going thru the ePSXe app and load the .cue file it plays perfectly. Yet when importing the games with Launchbox wants to import the .bin files as well for each track, which won't launch the game. I do however notice on some games Launchbox just adds the .cue file and they work perfect, just don't know why it imports just the .cue on some but not others. Just having a little bit of trouble getting games with multiple tracks to work. Thanks
  9. @MarkyMarkMarkMark If you are using a controller at all, you can use the right joystick to scroll though the game list faster. Using the D-pad takes about 35sec. the right joystick however only took about 4sec. to scroll thru 700 titles. It almost looks like it jumps by letters a..b..c..d...
  10. @Jason Carr Thank you, i didn't realize the Y button opens that menu. I was trying to get to it with the D-Pad.
  11. @Jason Carr I had to download a different app. I was able to move the folder like you mentioned and it seems to be working. Quick question, instead of starting a topic just for this. On the Nvidia Shield when selecting Platforms then your platform of choice with the box art, I can't access the "more options" (Box View, Emulator settings) without the use of a cursor. The Nvidia Shield remote or the Dual Shock remote won't select the top right corner for the menu option, not without a track pad (which I am using at the moment). Thanks for the help.
  12. I will try it again. I was using FX app but I couldn't 1 find the folder that had the images and 2nd I would select copy but it won't let me paste anything anywhere. I will give it a look over again today, thanks for the info and reply.
  13. I am using the Nvidia Shield and I have a 5TB external drive hooked up too it. On the drive I have all my roms, but it is not formatted for device storage as I still want to view the drive on my PC as well if needed. So how can I get it to download all the data for Launchbox (especially the box art/images) onto the external drive that has all the roms, but still be able to plug the drive into the PC. I can access the roms from Lauchbox on the external drive, but when downloading the images it saves onto the internal space. Thanks
  14. I believe it's an issue with Retroarch itself not Launchbox. I used it on my Nvidia Shield and if I open a game thru Retroarch, the 1st game I play will load. Yet when I'm done playing and I try to play another it won't load. I have to go into the Apps settings and force close Retroarch just to launch another game. I since then dropped Retroarch as I was having nothing but issues and I been getting the actual APKs for emulators and installing them. I've even noticed I can't open the Retroarch app itself twice without having to manually force close it first. The first time the app opens but the second time it's a blank screen.
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