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  1. I'm new to this, but I don't plan to update MAME every month. More than likely, I'll update on a much less frequent basis, maybe once a year or every 6 months. I'll do it to stay current and keep things running the best I can, but not every month.
  2. NIce! Mine should ship in a week or two..can't wait to get it! Did you put external speakers in it, or just using the ones from the TV? I always like seeing other people's builds and idea...very cool!
  3. Thanks guys...Bezel project worked great...such an awesome source of knowledge here...love it!
  4. Thanks again all. I just set this up last night and it works great!
  5. I'm very new to all of this, so I have a lot of questions, but this is great information! I honestly have no desire to play any casino games, slots, fruit games..anything like that. I just want the games I grew up playing in the arcade...the fighters, beat-em-ups, etc. I still like to learn about things though, which is why I asked about how all this works and all the games that are skipped by default when importing. Good to know and thanks for all of the info!
  6. I've Googled adding some bezel artwork to my MAME build using BigBox, and inevitably came to this forum. I have an account with emu movies, but I'm not sure exactly where to go to download the bezel artwork. I'm on MAME .209 and have BigBox as I mentioned. Can anyone point me to exactly what I need to download? To confirm, I'm not using Rocket Launcher...just straight into MAME
  7. Cool, good information to know! That Street Fighter II menu is crazy! If I don't right click and just launch it in BigBox, which version do you get by default?
  8. Interesting! What is the point of having it all then? I guess you could use it to re-create a board for a broken game or in a "build your own" project??
  9. Thanks @neil9000 It's pretty crazy that there are that many files that aren't used. Are the fruit, mechanical, etc. games actual arcade cabinet games or are they just random stuff that people have made over the years? Also, may sound dumb, but what's the point of including non-working roms? Are they just files that people are working on and may be working files in upcoming releases?
  10. As funny as it may sound and as overwhelming as ALL of this was at the very beginning, I think the controller mapping is the biggest hurdle and probably the most frustrating. With my Recrom Masters cabinet, I'm only running MAME Arcade games, no console systems so that does make it easier on my side.
  11. Thanks @CDBlue That makes perfect sense! I was going to get one of those external power buttons that many people use to shut down their PCs, but since I can shut down with BigBox and then turn off the power strip I don't think I need one. I could just shut down with BigBox, flip the power strip to off, and then flip the strip back on to power up the PC. I'll need to turn the power strip off anyway since I'll also have a speaker amp and marquee light going into that. Appreciate your reply, think I know understand how I'll set things up when the cabinet gets here!!
  12. This isn't a LaunchBox specific question, but I know a lot of people do this so wanted to get some thoughts. I'm still a bit confused on how to power on and off my cabinet. I plan on plugging everything into a power strip so I get that I can set my PC to turn on as soon as it receives power. Turning the power strip on will also turn on my speaker amp and then I can just press power on my remote to turn on the TV. I can then either turn off the PC by usign the Shut Down menu option in BigBox or wire in an external button. What I don't understand is either way, the PC would still have power
  13. I'm a bit worried about this myself, but if I understand things correctly as @Lordmonkus says, you can go into MAME and set the General mappings and then into each game to make some tweaks....but I suppose you really won't know which ones to do until you play it for the first time, and hopefully may will work OK right from the start.
  14. I have a romset of nearly 13,000 zip packages, however when I import into Launchbox, I have less than 3,000. I leave the defaults checked when importing so I skip hacked games, broken games, and all of the categories like fruit games, casino games, mature games, etc. Are there really 10,000 games in those categories that are excluded? I don't need to add a bunch of stuff that I'm never going to play anyway so I'm happy with what I have, just more of a curiosity question. Also, are there examples of what games fall into those categories..like what is considered a fruit game or casino g
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