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  1. Changing the Main Window Theme to the Old Default doesn't work - finding it hard to focus/read the new colours.
  2. I last tested this on 11.18-beta-3 has any further updates been added to fix not all roms being imported?
  3. If you don't select the emulator MAME in the import process you get the following message, maybe a friendlier explanation, but thought you could import with another emulator than actual MAME but it won't generate the metadata was on 11.17. Also, importing MAME games not checking the box so it gets the MAME metadata it only imports a random number from the total on version 11.18-beta-3.
  4. The issue i have is once BigBox is opened and the platformview loads BigBox freezes and no keyboard input works. I don't have any of these apps and use Windows defender
  5. This doesn't work anymore.. when you change it in the xml then open RetroArch emulator settings in LB and click OK it changes it again, anyone have a workaround on how we can rename our emulators to what we want?
  6. what do you think of having it scan the MAME metadata like the MAME import wizard? and removing the (version) and (region) from the name or moving to the respect field?
  7. Upgraded to the new release and still the same. Only way to get it to work is not scrape as 'Arcade' and don't select the emulator 'MAME' as well as not checking 'Force using MAME metadata (for emulators other than MAME that use MAME files)' However, I need to scrape MAME so it sets the MAME metadata as these are apart of the MAME set. I can't use the MAME importer because of this. bandicam 2021-08-26 17-02-21-631.mp4
  8. Yeah, been using adb as well. I'll try the plugin you created in conjunction with it to create platform to reimport. I'll be honest I don't like using plugins because eventually newer versions of LB/BB will break them and if the developer has no interest in updating then I might as well not go through the effort, but thanks for the effort in making the plugin and I'll definitely try it.
  9. Each month I delete MAME and the auto-generated playlists and re-import (settings below) the new version so that newly added games or no longer working games are correct, this part works fine because of the checkbox "Skip games unplayable in MAME". However, at the same time I want to import a select few non-arcade games (121), for example Handheld / Electronic Games that fall under the category "non-arcade games" and exclude the rest of the non-arcade games as well as utilise the "Skip games unplayable in MAME". The solution I run with at the moment is to create a platform for the Handheld / Electronic Games which points to the MAME folder and then each month manually check the channel log and confirm added/no longer working games and either import manually or mark as Broken and Hide. An option could be to create my own Smart Playlist for Handheld / Electronic Games and filter out the games I don't want however I still need to import ALL the non-arcade games, which I'm trying to avoid. Maybe something like this but has checkboxes to select all or a few games and at the end an option to "Skip games unplayable in MAME" as well as all the other options. Its also similar for the Arcade Vector Games playlist which I have to repeat the same thing however they are not under "non-arcade games" so some steps can be left out, tried smart playlist however they can't search for the word "Vector". Any ideas or am I stuck with the solution I have currently?
  10. happened again however this time while searching. bandicam 2021-08-23 22-14-53-995.mp4
  11. Play Navigation Sound(s) While Direction Inputs are Held was off by default so I checked as in the above image and no sound so then I unchecked and rechecked and it now works. Ah the setting only saves once you exit out of the Options view.
  12. No sound when holding a key to scroll in a ListView (menus, platform and game views)
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