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  1. Just tested transferring to other sized monitors and the middle logo always goes blurry. Its like watching a 1080p video that streams at 720p, anyway to fix this or display the original image?
  2. Check my video below it allows you to get your different region names and original file name closely except for the '-' converts to a ':' which is good. However the down side is you can never update your metadata to the latest on whats at the Games Database or it will rename everything you have imported and then you have to start again.
  3. then why have the option to rename the title to what you want if when you re-scrape to obtain the upto date metadata it renames it back for you and then you have to start again?
  4. but if you rename then scrape new metadata it removes your entry and puts it back to the games database as mentioned here.
  5. Thanks for the response.. With the optional change of name at the end of the wizard even if I changed it to whatever I wanted doesn't matter japanese or not it would take on the games database title so I guess that part doesn't work.
  6. @Jason Carr is probably the only one that can answer this?
  7. They ended up updating BB as quite a few updates behind and it fixed the mute issue. Also when using vids in BB on the marquee screen it causes a hard lock on pc. However, using vids with your plugin on the marquee screen and your video method does not cause a lock up like default BB, which is great! But it does slow down things a little bit in BB. Is there anyway you can put some magic on it, or more cache, or whatever you can do to try to prevent that bit of slowdown? Thanks in advance.
  8. After deleting the folder 'Cache-LB' the images now display under 'Boxes' and all the other Image Groups too is this normal?
  9. 'yes, referring to ao.bigbox.themer. Trying to mute video but vid music still plays along with default bigbox integrated game music. And music from video doesn't mute bigbox music if priority is changed. Both musics just play at the same time.' Here is as an example: <aop:AutopathVideoLooper Name="GameVid" Shuffle="False" PlayerImplPooled="True" PlayerImplLazily="True" Autoplay="True" Grid.Row="4" Grid.RowSpan="2" Grid.Column="2" Grid.ColumnSpan="6" Height="{Binding ElementName=GameVidFrame, Path=ActualHeight}" Width="{Binding ElementName=GameVidFrame, Path=ActualWidth}" ClipToBounds="True" Visibility="Collapsed" Stretch="Fill" Repeat="True" Medium="Video" Fallback="StopAfterTry3" Autopath="Context" cal:Bind.AtDesignTime="True" Muted="True"/>
  10. Edit: Setting MaxVerticalImageResolutionOverride fixed it but no idea whats the default value... What values should this be incremented by whats the maximum etc and if possible can i please have a bit more explanation than "Used to override the user’s default CoverFlow image quality settings. Omit this property to use the default settings (recommended for most scenarios). Cached images will be resized to this vertical resolution." hey@Jason Carr any idea why the middle logo is blurry in the platform view but not the game view.. code: <coverFlow:FlowControl x:Name="FlowControl" ImageType="Clear Logo" CameraZPosition="5.5" CurveAmount="7" ItemZPosition="2.0" PageSize="6" SelectedItemZPosition="3.8" Spacing="3" VisibleCount="14"> <coverFlow:FlowControl.CoverFactory> <coverFlow:HorizontalWheelCoverFactory /> </coverFlow:FlowControl.CoverFactory> </coverFlow:FlowControl>
  11. i was advised 'that muting sound to videos doesn't work and it doesn't obey default bigbox sound priority rules'
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