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  1. wallmachine

    9.2-beta-2 Released

    every time I now try to switch a theme I get the please wait box appear for a good 15 seconds?
  2. wallmachine

    XAML Tips and Tricks

    but that wouldn't work if you slightly place the not selected logos behind the selected game like i have done below?
  3. wallmachine

    XAML Tips and Tricks

    @Jason Carr you mentioned that 'some themes do it with the wheels already' what do you mean by this? are you able to explain a bit further, examples? are you able to elaborate on the horizontal and vertical wheel effects as checking the documentation or api page i am unable to find further information. Maybe a rewrite/update of documentation and what is now possible could be handy?
  4. wallmachine

    XAML Tips and Tricks

    sounds good! other options could include separate transitions for the not selected game and also separate spacing im sure other things can be added to spicy the theme look.
  5. wallmachine

    XAML Tips and Tricks

    @Jason Carr is it possible to make the coverflow have separate properties so that we can change the opacity and other options? example: the game that is selected has no opacity the rest of the logos have some type of opacity
  6. wallmachine


    Place the files in the following locations: \LaunchBox\Themes\Chicuelo\Images\Platforms\Banner\ \LaunchBox\Themes\Chicuelo\Images\Platforms\Clear Logo\ \LaunchBox\Themes\Chicuelo\Images\Platforms\Device\
  7. wallmachine


    The artwork was created by the guys at RetroPie check this forum to see if they have added more systems. I won't be adding any at the moment.
  8. wallmachine

    Vewlix Cabinet

    got the glass cut out!
  9. wallmachine

    Vewlix Cabinet

    had to start again but its getting done! top piece and the rest.
  10. wallmachine


    Unfortunately no other reason this theme should lag, it is very basic. Image location: LaunchBox\Themes\Chicuelo\Images\Platforms\Banner\ So either the issue is with BigBox or the GPD Win. Note I still don't know where the issue lies, it lags but where? - In the Menu? - In which Platform View? The image or video view - Or in the Games View?
  11. wallmachine

    Taito Type X+

    My Platform list incase your interested. Battle Gear 4 Tuned Battle Gear 4 Tuned (v2.03) Chase HQ 2 Mobile Suit Gundam: Spirits of Zeon Memory of Soldier Hariki Baseball Online Won!Tertainment Music Channel Half Life 2: Survivor Usagi Online Valve Limit R
  12. wallmachine


    The images are in 4k resize them to a lower resolution.
  13. wallmachine

    Tips on getting the scraper to find a game with a common name?

    Its in the database a metadata update just needs to be pushed which has just been pushed live, try searching again @bryantjs6. https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/games/dbid/156365 https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/games/details/106365
  14. wallmachine


    Page Up and Page Down can be used as an alternative but it is not the same as #-Z search.
  15. wallmachine


    This is not a feature available for the platformviews in BigBox as far as I know.