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  1. Is it possible to use the image randomiser to cycle a "set" of images simultaneously for the following views: options, platform, game, pause, startup, shutdown? In the example below I had to change the path manually in the xaml files. example
  2. which one LaunchBox or BigBox? Unfortunately its the same for me.
  3. so thats whats working from home like
  4. @Johnny T Check this thread out might provide some guidance or stress
  5. Thanks for checking. Hopefully in the future it can be fixed as all other theme features remember their settings and this is the only one that doesn't.
  6. @faeran if you have time can you confirm if this happens for you as well?
  7. I'm using the new feature RotationAmount="" however it doesn't remember the wheel placement after accessing Options. You can see it drags from top to position, my value is RotationAmount="-30" and if set to 0 no forgetting issue but that defeats the purpose. example.mp4.046699e219ecccd761aa086b800eea73.mp4
  8. Game loader all rh has no viruses or malware, just dl it from the correct source.
  9. mostly likely because you have "Lumines" game in another platform?
  10. Devs is this confirmed an issue or is this intended?
  11. when capturing videos will we be able to select video/audio settings? I think its a great feature but a lot goes into recording. If you want to keep the same standards as EmuMovies:
  12. yeah its using eatkinola plugin. If you want it to be the same just copy and paste from the OptionsPage.xaml & OptionsView.xaml I did something similar with the plugin but in landscape
  13. Just use notepad VS doesn't provide you any benefit other than it takes a big spot on your hdd/ssd as all the stuff you need are in \LaunchBox\Themes\Documentation.pdf However if you are going to learn C# to make plugins then its a must.
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