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  1. I didn't make the artwork. They never released it.
  2. seems if hdd "wakes up" attract mode crashes I wonder if its a similar thing with sleep mode causing corruption to xml, just a thought.
  3. When I select a game to play in BigBox in the TextList View now the game title text disappears, see video. edit: @eatkinola when I remove "aoc:MarqueeTextBlock" from the <aoc:AutoscrollListBox> no issue, maybe in recent BigBox updates something broke the Marquee? edit2: don't think its the plugin because when I enable Startup Screen in BigBox the game title text does not disappear.
  4. the following folder was randomly created in my emulator folder. I was playing games from that system... and the platform images are set to default location. \Images\TAITO Type X²\Fanart - Background\United States
  5. Tried this with Gaia Attack 4 TTX and it doesn't work any suggestions? Also an easy way to do it for all games instead of manually.
  6. do we need a plugin to view MAME hi scores in BigBox? would be nice addition if we could bind it to a key
  7. how much more HD do you think a blocky game is going to get?
  8. Thanks, any suggestions on how to find out when the team has updated to the latest MAME database?
  9. Thanks, just read the post about TorrentCheck but what about updating them in Launchbox? still need to either delete/re-add everything or search manually through your LaunchBox list and delete/re-add? no, you can use clrmamepro or TorrentCheck but the question is how do we update MAME every time in LaunchBox without having to either delete/re-add everything or search manually through your LaunchBox list and delete/re-add? Also another question on MAME if I manually delete/re-add MAME every month how do I know when @Jason Carr or @C-Beats has updated the MAME database? For instance I might delete/re-add MAME before they update the database which defeats the purpose.
  10. because each iteration adds something new I'm interested in, same reason you update LaunchBox. Must be a simpler way than always having to delete/re-add it...
  11. does no one update their MAME version every month in LaunchBox?
  12. here I'm a hoarder so yes. when circo gets the chance to upload my video snaps you can grab them from EmuMovies.
  13. You can find the games in the MAME 0.219 ROMs (non-merged) set. See here for progress dumps. Elektronika exospace.zip merrycook.zip nupogodi.zip spacebridge.zip Gakken ginv.zip ginv1000.zip Konami kbilly.zip kblades.zip kbucky.zip kcontra.zip kgarfld.zip kgradius.zip ktmnt.zip ktopgun.zip Nintendo Game & Watch gnw_ball.zip gnw_bfight.zip gnw_bfightn.zip gnw_bjack.zip gnw_boxing.zip gnw_bsweep.zip gnw_chef.zip gnw_climber.zip gnw_climbern.zip gnw_dkcirc.zip gnw_dkjr.zip gnw_dkjrp.zip gnw_dkong.zip gnw_dkong2.zip gnw_egg.zip gnw_fire.zip gnw_fireatk.zip gnw_fires.zip gnw_flagman.zip gnw_gcliff.zip gnw_ghouse.zip gnw_helmet.zip gnw_judge.zip gnw_lboat.zip gnw_lion.zip gnw_manhole.zip gnw_manholeg.zip gnw_mario.zip gnw_mariocm.zip gnw_mariocmt.zip gnw_mariotj.zip gnw_mbaway.zip gnw_mickdon.zip gnw_mmouse.zip gnw_mmousep.zip gnw_octopus.zip gnw_opanic.zip gnw_pchute.zip gnw_popeye.zip gnw_rshower.zip gnw_sbuster.zip gnw_smb.zip gnw_smbn.zip gnw_squish.zip gnw_ssparky.zip gnw_stennis.zip gnw_tbridge.zip gnw_tfish.zip gnw_vermin.zip gnw_zelda.zip Tiger Electronics taltbeast.zip tapollo13.zip tbatfor.zip tbatman.zip tbatmana.zip tbtoads.zip tbttf.zip tddragon.zip tdennis.zip tdummies.zip tflash.zip tgaunt.zip tgoldeye.zip tgoldnaxe.zip thalone.zip thalone2.zip thook.zip tjdredd.zip tjpark.zip tkarnov.zip tkazaam.zip tmkombat.zip tnmarebc.zip topaliens.zip trobhood.zip trobocop3.zip trockteer.zip tsddragon.zip tsf2010.zip tsfight2.zip tshadow.zip tsharr2.zip tsjam.zip tskelwarr.zip tsonic.zip tsonic2.zip tspidman.zip tstrider.zip tswampt.zip ttransf2.zip tvindictr.zip twworld.zip txmen.zip txmenpx.zip Tronica tigarden.zip trshutvoy.zip trsrescue.zip
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