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  1. https://forums.launchbox-app.com/topic/54895-mame-how-to-update-it-in-launchbox/?do=findComment&comment=371867
  2. Is the MAME database up to date with 0.227?
  3. I haven't downloaded the beta, but does the BB retroarch netplay lobby allow us to bind a key so we don't need to access the menu?
  4. thats a shame, down side or upside of plugins I guess. I hope you can implement what eatkinola has one day to rectify it.
  5. I want to try these BigBox updates for themes but if I update I loose the functionally of certain plugins as they no longer work with newer BigBox and the plugin dev has been away since June. See issue below from another user:
  6. Sometimes while watching attract mode I see BigBox loose my platform images so maybe something similar happens for you? corrupt caching any one mans guess I tried deleting the BigBox cache from the folder etc no luck
  7. I'm on 16GB RAM & Intel Core i7 7700K and after some time BigBox gets sluggish and crashes even on the default theme (I've provided logs/videos in previous threads/posts). I do have just over 200 platforms and 50k games and know this was an issue a while ago then people stopped complaining about it. Probably unrelated but could be something similar like with LaunchBox when you have heaps of platforms then go to import a large platform it causes the import to take longer/work harder? in my case and others it takes MAME 2hrs when I have 200+ platforms about 30-40 seconds with a fresh copy of LaunchBox and yes, I know this has nothing to do with BigBox but if the culprit is having too many platforms/games causing the crash because BigBox is working overtime and can't keep up? MrSco how many platforms/games do you have if it's quite a bit this might be hard for Jason to rule out or replicate as from posts I've seen he mentioned he tests with PCs that have around 5k games I think it was
  8. I have to restart LB now to see changes when switching between 'Use LaunchBox Default Background' and 'Use Desktop Wallpaper'.
  9. that fixed it. To remove it from start menu even tho i unchecked it should i wait and see if the offical release removes it or should i just remove it?
  10. still no dice. Its not showing up in CP anymore. I selected don't create start menu folder but it still is. 2020-08-25 01:37:22 PM Resolving assembly System.IO.FileSystem.resources, Version=, Culture=en-US, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a... 2020-08-25 01:37:23 PM Resolving assembly System.IO.FileSystem.resources, Version=, Culture=en, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a... 2020-08-25 01:37:23 PM All necessary config files and folders now confirmed to exist. 2020-08-25 01:37:23 PM About to initialize WPF App constructor... 2020-08-25 01:37:23 PM Resolving assembly CefSharp.Wpf, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=40c4b6fc221f4138... 2020-08-25 01:37:23 PM CefSharp assembly path: E:\LaunchBox\ThirdParty\Chromium\x64\CefSharp.Wpf.dll 2020-08-25 01:37:23 PM CefSharp assembly path found, loading... 2020-08-25 01:37:23 PM Resolving assembly CefSharp.Core, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=40c4b6fc221f4138... 2020-08-25 01:37:23 PM CefSharp assembly path: E:\LaunchBox\ThirdParty\Chromium\x64\CefSharp.Core.dll 2020-08-25 01:37:23 PM CefSharp assembly path found, loading... 2020-08-25 01:37:23 PM FIRST CHANCE EXCEPTION: An attempt was made to load a program with an incorrect format. (0x8007000B) at System.Runtime.Loader.AssemblyLoadContext.LoadFromPath(IntPtr ptrNativeAssemblyLoadContext, String ilPath, String niPath, ObjectHandleOnStack retAssembly) at System.Runtime.Loader.AssemblyLoadContext.LoadFromAssemblyPath(String assemblyPath) at System.Reflection.Assembly.LoadFile(String path) at Unbroken.LaunchBox.Windows.Desktop.Program.<>c.km2maCZMql1(Object sender, ResolveEventArgs e)
  11. nope, see attached not sure? " New Fix for CLR20r3 Event Issues We have a new development with this issue and that’s why we’ve update this article. Somebody reached out to us with the following: I had this same issue. In my case, a required dll file wasn’t being copied over to the debug/release folder after compiling. As a fix, I added the dll as a project ‘Existing item’ file and chose to “Copy always” in the Solution Explorer->{File}->properties." error1.txt error2.txt info1.txt info2.txt Debug 2020-08-25 08-43-19 AM.log
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