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  1. I am running launch box to play some steam games. I have an Ultimarc ipac USB board for the arcade controls. Anyone have any advice on how to play games that only require a controller....like mortal Kombat xl, guilty gear strive, etc....trying to play some of the new games on my arcade cabinet. I heard vjoy app may work, but just don't want it to interrupt my other controls for my mame games...thanks!
  2. Hey, I found this while looking on how to create a mame.xml file. I too need for the led blinky. I read this thread and I was having the same issues in the command. I opened Mame, and then pressed configure options and then save current settings.....but where does the .xml file get generated? Thanks.
  3. When I try booting up LB I get an error: "Launchbox\Data\Settings.xml file is corrupt...please restore a backup of the file from the backups folder inside your Launch box root folder." Can anyone give me some advice on where to find these back up files? I am having trouble finding in order to restore. thanks!
  4. Seeking some advice.....I recently set up the controls in retroarch under the Pico core for sega roms. The controls work well if I open retroarch and then run the rom. But....if I run restroarch thru launch box I am having problems. My port 1 device type is Retropad, device index us Generic USB joystick #1. But when I start up the rom thru restroarch in launchbox....there is a small notification pop up on my bottom left hand corner that says ...Retrolink N64 located in port #1. Sound like that is the problem, I just have no idea how to change that....any ideas? Thanks again Thanks!
  5. Seeking some help....I am running retroarch with pico as the core. I ran the bezel project on my genesis and 32x. The 32x is working, but the genesis isn't pickkmg up the bezels. (Also I did successfully install the Bezel project on mama). Any advice on how to get the bezels on my sega roms?
  6. my exit hot key option is not working in Big Box. It does work in launch box, but for some reason the only way to exit a game it to hit esc on keyboard. I did go into the control mapping settings in big box.......but it still does not work, please help. Thanks!
  7. Figured it out. Thanks for help, we all good!
  8. I am in the Mame button configuration. I don’t see an “exit” command. Could it be called something else? Thanks
  9. I am running Mame. Let me try setting up exit in make as well. Keep u posted, thanks again.
  10. I am still having issues setting up the initial controllers. For example, I set up the controls and mapped them in Mame. Then I set up and map the controls in Bog box. However, after I select a game it is nearly impossible to play because the controls are all backwards. every after I map the exit keys in big box it still will not exit. Big box also freezes after I do exit a game (via a keyboard exit). I have to ctrl+alt+delete you get anywhere. do I have a problem with my controller? I am using a usb plug in controller. thanks again for the advice.
  11. Great thanks for the help with this. One more Q: how do I exit a game? Is there an exit button similar to retropie/Emulation station? Thanks
  12. New to Launchbox. How do I set the controls in the emulators? I am lost here. thanks for the help
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