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  1. I've heard other people have had success with Rocketlauncher, but don't think I want to add it to my build. I'll keep at it until it becomes too frustrating, or I finally get a breakthrough.
  2. I wish I could figure out what the problem is - it doesn't seem to be a common issue I guess.
  3. Unfortunately no, that's still a work in progress. LED Blinky announces the controls and lights the corresponding buttons, but the maps don't seem to change. Have you had any success with the mapping?
  4. I did have use all controllers enabled. Unchecked it per your suggestion, and so far it seems as that was my problem. Thank you so much kmoney! This had been driving me crazy!
  5. Thanks Drybonz. I have really been scouring google but haven't found anything unfortunately.
  6. I reached out to Andy at Ultimarc about the issue of the jump to letter menu frequently opening up on its own. His response is that the Ultrastik doesn't have a deadzone, that it is handled by Mame. Has anyone else had this issue or found a workaround? It really takes away from the Bigbox experience.
  7. I never got the problem solved, I still have the teal color for white. I reached out to Andy at Ultimarc but never got a response. I guess mine would be considered translucent also, not transparent, but I do get a true white out of it.
  8. Everything was working well with my Sanwa joysticks on my build. 4-way games were a little frustrating however, so I decided to add an Ultrastik 360 to my build. It is connected via USB and all my other buttons/joystick are connected via a IPAC ultimate. I'm using LEDBlinky, which seems to be working as far as lighting the right controls. I cannot get it to load any maps as far as 8 way/4 way, etc. I'm also getting the "jump to letter" menu in BigBox without even touching anything. I've tried changing the joystick dead zone in Mame.ini but it doesn't seem to have any affect on that menu coming up during the attract mode in Big Box. I have loaded maps for the U360 in Ultramap and opened Mame directly and it works correctly, but once in Launchbox/Big Box the joystick doesn't load the correct map. Any help would be appreciated - I'd really like to get this joystick to work, especially for 4-way games. Thank you.
  9. Thanks Gimpy. I did try enabling that option, but unfortunately there wasn't any difference.
  10. Thanks for the reply. I usually don't care for the white buttons either but in some games I do. My trackball is a transparent white on its own, so I imagine that will make a difference. Red, blue, and green colors are spot on but anything beyond those is usually off. I can't get a true orange or yellow either. I've reached out Andy at Ultimarc but haven't gotten a response yet. Not a real big deal, just thought it was odd compared to other buttons I've seen.
  11. I just installed a set of Ultimarc's GoldLeaf RGB Illuminated Pushbuttons with black caps. I'm curious if anyone else has used these buttons and is getting the same coloring issues I'm having. My white is showing as more of a teal/blue color, especially compared to my trackball and non-RGB buttons. Everything is attached to an IPAC ultimate. Hopefully the attached picture will show what I mean.
  12. From some other posts I've read, I guess I am lucky. I didn't have to install any drivers at all. I am a little frustrated that some marquees look absolutely perfect while others are a stretched out mess, and also wish BigBox had a few more features related to the marquee. I'm still experimenting with some settings for now.
  13. Thank you, I'll look into this as well. Really enjoying the dynamic marquee so far
  14. I finally got my marquee screen to work. I reinstalled a geforce 760 with a new power connector and it worked right away. Thank you all for your help. Now that I have it working, what are my next steps to get the marquees to fill my screen? Almost all appear like this Robotron one. Appreciate any pointers you may have.
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