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  1. Platform Consolidation Script

    I had a lot of duplicate MS-DOS games, and when I tried to use the "Consolidate roms for MS-DOS" tool, it would just say "The selected platform is not an emulated ROM-based platform." But I had so many duplicates that not consolidating them was not an option. So I wrote a script that imitates what the tool did for my PlayStation library.

    It seemed to work for me; now I only see one entry per game and I have the option of "additional apps" for the others.

    Usage instructions:

    - Download Python: https://www.python.org/downloads/
    - Double click on the script or run it via command line `python path/to/file`
    - Enter a full path to the platform you wish to consolidate 
      - Note: the platform should not have been consolidated already (i.e., it should have no additional apps for any game)
      - Platform XML files are located at LaunchBox\Data\Platforms
    - Script will generate a file called {file name}-consolidated; backup your previous XML file and then rename the new file to take its place
    - Make sure to remove all other XML files for the newly consolidated platform from the Data\Platforms folder or Launchbox may use one of those old/undesired files

    Here is the original question I asked on the forums about solving this:


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