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  1. Hi guys All my Neo Geo games for LB are missing images to display in my menu Im sure its a simple fix somewhere as I learn more about LB - but they look naked against all the other games that have images
  2. Ok FINALLY got it working Deleted all files and reinstalled roms and it works Cheers everyone for their assistance
  3. Have you got some instuctions I can follow? Am I to open the cmd window first?
  4. Okay I just tested in Mame.exe directly and its telling me its missing files - although Im not entirely sure which. I have the CChip in my roms folder unzipped
  5. Yeah the other games work fine. I even downloaded another game to test if it was something else and that gave loaded without an issue
  6. I’ve had to chase down extra files that were missing from quite a few of my roms Even the more preferred sites had missing stuff. I remember Double Dragon and the Neo Geo roms especially missing stuff It wasn’t so bad though - I kinda enjoyed trying to track down the files and getting them to finally work This Superman issue is a new one though. Never had it just not load before
  7. Very helpful guys I haven’t run from Mame directly so I’ll try that next
  8. Many thanks! I’ve downloaded the cchip and added it to my rom files but no dice - do I need to add it via the LB tools>add roms sequence akso? also tried extracting the file itself and placing it into the Superman folder (did that with other bios to get neo geo roms to work in the past)
  9. Im using offical Mame - downloaded Superman. All versions (world, US, Jap) Everytime Ive tried to load it - I see the initialises prompt for half a second - then it just quits like I pressed the ESC button Any reason why its not loading?
  10. I guess when you saw the score that would’ve instantly told you that was incorrect lol I don’t think anyone at all could get a score like that without getting to some kind of kill screen
  11. I actually haven’t played this game since I added it to MAME - but I’m showing a score of over 5,000,000,000 in the weekly leaderboard I really wish I was this good - but I’m not lol
  12. It wasn’t Buggy Heat was it?
  13. I think I’ve moved the files but I’m not sure how to go back I get the message “the file you’ve specified for the emulator application path was not found” How do I place hem correctly
  14. Cheers for this I found that exact file online from a comment on Reddit - games work fine now
  15. I know. I’ve been trying to load two particular games that require this file. All the rom sets I’ve tried are lacking this particular file Although it’s been recommended I go to archive.org to obtain most roms for mame so I’ll try there next
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