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  1. Hello folks, I'm looking for a racing arcade game from the ages of 90'. I already did a research but I can't found it. Even I saw videos like "1000 best race arcade games MAME", etc without success. Data I remember are: It was a Arcade Game, with the cabinet (steering, throttle, etc) 3D game for sure. It was kind of "Dakar" style I think after each race ,there was a option to improve your car, like the speed. Most similar game that I found was "Dirt Devils" from Sega. It looks like this, but I'm 100% that is not. First level or one of the level, was on a dust field. The car looked very light, not sure how the name is, but is something like (car color was white/red mainly) Do you remember which game I'm talking about. It was around 20 years ago, probably it was a dream 😛 thanks in advance.
  2. @Jason Carr @neil9000 Thanks guys I was able to fix the issue. I tried your suggestions. What worked was removing and importing the SNES games again from launchbox. Looks that was some cache issue, I don't know. But works
  3. Hello, great theme. There is a way to disable "spinning discs" feature? Because it works fine for Playstation for instance, but it is rotating for SNES as well when there is not disk. Not sure hwy, by I would like to disable this feature at all. Thanks in advance.
  4. An alternative is https://www.skraper.net/. It requires some setup but works very well and it is free. I know that I'm late to responding, but I hope this help to someone else.
  5. That solved my issue, thanks Was weird because games were hiding randomly ... but now works.
  6. Someone was able to fix this issue? In my case, game is disappearing from list after run any game. I have to re-import it to see it again. Please help.
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