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  1. Hello Neil, 

         I'm sorry to disturb you, but I'm not sure what I should do about the topic we were talking in. It was about RetroArch text turning to lines and gibberish when I scrolled down the cheat codes. It didn't always do this, but now it does it every time. We were talking about it in a thread. Do I start a new thread or is that one still active? Thank you for your help again!

  2. The lines only happen when I'm in the cheat section. I can scroll as much as I want until I get in the cheat selection and then I can scroll slowly for a second until it turns to the lines.
  3. I used RetroArch 1.90 and it still turned to the weird lines when I scrolled for the cheat game.
  4. Ok, so I need to update RetroArch to 1.90. Where should I place that so that it still works with launchbox, or do I put it in the same folder?
  5. Ok, do I just do online updater and then core updater?
  6. I uploaded assets. It still shows this. It isn't immediate, it's after I scroll for a bit, but until I close and reopen, all of Retro arch looks like this.
  7. I'm trying to use RetroArch inside a game to look up cheats, and as I'm scrolling through the directory, the text saying the different games turns in to different horizontal lines. It's never done this to me before, and I wanted to know if anybody else has experienced this and if they know of a fix. Thank you for your help!
  8. Yes, it the sound seems to flicker when I go to the pause screen, and then when I resume, sometimes it goes back to sound, but most of the time it goes stays muted. And when that happens, sometimes it won't even unmute when I unmute the laptop manually (The TV isn't muted).
  9. I tinkered around and found that since I had it on x-input, the PC wouldn't register it well. I turned it to keyboard input and it seems to be doing better but still muted in Mame only when I go to the pause screen.
  10. Did you find anything out? It's making me do the pause combination around 6 or more times to save the game, then I need to do it again to exit the game. It is still being muted as well, which I saw a topic for but nothing got resolved as far as I know. Thank you for any help!
  11. I unchecked the muting on transition and restarted my computer but it still muted it.
  12. Ok thank you. I'm using a combo of Holding the pause button and then clicking the P1 start button.
  13. Ok. I'm using the xtension emulators edition. I don't have any third party software as far as I know. Thank you for the tip on the muting. I'll check that as soon as I get back!
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