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  1. KidShaolin helped me! Thank y'all! We got things mapped correctly, and he was super patient with me! Now I can pause and save and load!
  2. Ok. Is there a time I can set to talk? I'm about to have dinner with my family. I'm REALLY appreciative for all your help!
  3. Sure. Where are the Mame config file and ctrlr config files?
  4. When I press pause on my xtension controller sometimes it just dims the screen pausing three games and sometimes the pause screen with all three features comes up. When it does come up, very rarely it will let me saved and load (I found it shows it on the screen when it works). The high majority of the time, it just goes back to the games no matter what features I choose. Here are videos of me trying. IMG_9543.MOV IMG_9544.MOV
  5. Ok, so I tried Zelda on RA through BB and the save and load didn't work again. When I click, it's like I'm just exIting it. When it worked it showed a message. So I tried Mame and it just dimmed the screen and pauses it again. All I did was close my laptop and open it this morning on the bright side it didn't mute. What is happening?😳
  6. I'm sorry, I had it shutdown for the night, it was the P button.
  7. No, it's the pause button which is the Ctrl button.
  8. The pause screen worked when I took away one of the keyboard bindings, But for some reason the volume gets muted on the laptop when I do it. I tried it on Mame.
  9. Yes, definitely a big step forward! Thank y'all so much! Who knows what I changed when I first got started.😆 Lol I've gotten better, but at first I was working with only a keyboard, so that might be the case. The volume muted on my laptop while I was working with it earlier today too, so I don't know what is making it do that now. Maybe this screenshot?
  10. It didn't work with the combo, so I tried it with the keyboard and left the automation clear for a try. It worked! The save and load worked, but my laptop got muted, so I don't know how that happened!😖 Thank y'all for the help! At this point, I wish I could have somebody remote connect and just fix whatever things I've messed up trying to work on it!🙂
  11. Ok, so I need a combo for the pause menu? What combo do you use for the xtension controller?
  12. I use Mame 64 through BB and RA for some other platforms. Mame is not run through RA.
  13. I have a the 2 player xtension emulator edition controller and a pic/Xbox 360 controller plugged into the laptop that is running the arcade.
  14. Here are the screenshots. I think the pause screen buttons are different for the two bb binds. I'm doing devotion with kids and getting them ready for bed then can continue. Thank you so much guys!
  15. Yes, ok. It's your what's app this screen name?
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