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  1. neil9000

    Error message on first BigBox try

    That error looks like its a theme issue, im guessing you are using the default theme as you cant really get into Bigbox to change anything. I would suggest going to Launchbox/Themes folder and deleting the 2 default themes, they will be re created when you start Bigbox and see if that lets you in.
  2. neil9000

    Error message on first BigBox try

    Hmm, well if it worked on another PC then that would lead me to believe that its something specific to the system you are currently running it on, because if the install was broken it wouldnt work on any PC. The only thing i would suggest at the moment is make sure your GPU drivers are up to date as well as making sure you have the latest version of Windows as well as .NET and Direct X installed.
  3. neil9000

    Error message on first BigBox try

    Unfortunately this is not a error i have ever seen before so i have no idea as to the cause or solution to it. I have passed this thread onto @Jason Carr so hopefully he can take a look at it and see if he can figure out what is going on. This is very unfortunate that this is your first experience after purchasing a license and we can only appologise for that, as i say its not a error i have ever seen before so i really dont know what it is in relation to. Does this only happen when loading Bigbox?
  4. neil9000

    8.4-beta-1 Released

    Jason with the current beta i am having real trouble getting into the options in .NEXT again. Its the same issue i posted about a few days ago but seemed to go away in the previous beta for the most part. The current beta though it is happening again and on a regular basis. I have had .NEXT crash at least 10 times today while trying to get into options. Its the same as before also, no Launchbox error at all just a generic program not responding after the program freezes and i click somewhere. Here is a video of what i am talking about. .NEXT Crash.mp4
  5. neil9000

    computer lost power, now I get this error message

    Go to your Launchbox/Backups folder and find the Arcade.xml with the newest date on it, copy that out of the folder and rename it to just Arcade.xml by deleting the date on the end of the name, then just put it in Launchbox/Data folder and oversight the one there when asked. Of course do all this without opening Launchbox.
  6. neil9000

    Run in Background?

    Yeah that always annoyed me when i had it running on my second screen, completely defeats the purpose of putting it on the second monitor for me, but its not just Launchbox/Bigbox a lot of apps do the same thing. You can use Display Fusion to force it to stay focused on the second screen, but its pay software and costs about £30/$30. https://store.steampowered.com/app/227260/DisplayFusion/
  7. neil9000

    8.4-beta-1 Released

    I dont use reicast as it doesnt support CHD's and that is what my DC games are in. I am mostly using standalone redream these days, while still using demul for the windows ce games as redream doesnt support those yet. https://redream.io/ Anyway the beta thread isnt the place for regular discussions.
  8. neil9000

    Exiting games in MAME....

    Its just much simpler to open the tab menu go to controls general/user interface/ find UI cancel and set whatever button or button combo you want.
  9. neil9000

    8.4-beta-1 Released

    Yep that is a fair point. Yeah i think that is a good idea, get people into it on at least one occasion before they are suddenly forced to use it outright.
  10. neil9000

    8.4-beta-1 Released

    As you are done adding new features to next now and its in a very usable state, can you change it so that when you update from within .Next it restarts back into next rather than the OG Launchbox as it currently does? Thanks Jason .next is a much nicer looking program.
  11. neil9000

    Demul Games doesn't work in Launchbox

    Uncheck the extract rom box and test again.
  12. neil9000

    LaunchBox.Next Missing Features Thread

    lol leaving the best to last then.
  13. neil9000

    LaunchBox Next

    You can also start it directly from the .exe in the Launchbox folder, i just have it pinned to my taskbar.
  14. neil9000

    LaunchBox Next

    Same as you 8.4 beta 9.
  15. neil9000

    LaunchBox Next