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  1. Launchbox is file type agnostic, it doesn't know or care what file types the emulators use, it will just import any file types you tell it to. Specifying file types to import on the fly by the program would actually be more limiting than the way it currently works. All those file types would need to be coded in, and when emulators start supporting new file types that needs to be coded into the program itself so that it would know what to import based on the emulator you specified. Thats a lot of additional work considering it already allows any file type you want.
  2. Yeah i believe so, you will need to rename them on the last page of the import wizard, as you will just have a list of eboot.bin's to import.
  3. You need to import the files that the emulator needs to load only, so yes just importing a directory will add a load of unwanted files. Easiest way would to be to use the windows search bar in your PS3 directory to filter to the actual files you want.
  4. If you are not planning on PC gaming at those higher framerates then i would stick tho the 75hz model personally. Its a IPS panel so should have better input lag and grey to grey response than the VA panel. Most systems you are going to emulate are going to be 30 or 60Hz for the most part. Arcade would be a outlier there as there are some weird refresh rates there, but seeing as these are variable refresh monitors they will run at there native framerate without tearing (im not aware of any Arcade games that run below 48 or above 75, although i could be wrong). Having said all that though you dont mention the prices of the two monitors, so if they are in the same ballpark price wise i might be tempted to go with the higher framerate just for future proofing or the ability to re-purpose the monitor down the road for use for actual PC gaming at high refresh rates, bearing in mind the future generation of consoles are also going to be supporting variable refresh rates.
  5. Launchbox is portable, you can just move the whole folder to another drive.
  6. Yeah this is the issue. Bigbox is not designed to be navigated by multiple users. So Bigbox sees all those controllers as the same as it's expected that only one person is driving the interface/UI at once. Of course it is worth mentioning that this has no influence on any emulators, its just the Bigbox UI itself.
  7. Beta 2 is out now guys with the following: New Feature: You can now filter your library in LaunchBox based on missing media. In the sidebar drop down select "Games Missing Media" and then pick the appropriate media type. No worries, glad you found it and that it helps.
  8. That is the "Tools" menu, not the sidebar. It's here.
  9. OK, some details if you don't mind as you didn't provide any in your original post. What OS are you using, what version of said OS, and is it 32 or 64 bit based? Have you been using Launchbox before and it stopped working after a update, or is this a new install? Please provide as much information as you can to help us, to help you. Thanks.
  10. The "Source: mscorlib" is a microsoft .NET error. Make sure you are up to date with respect to .NET, and all Windows updates to be honest. Also as a little bit of forum etiquette, please dont bump your own posts after only a hour. If a user can help you with a issue they will try to.
  11. This is what i personally use, of course your needs will vary.
  12. I use standalone MAME myself and not Retroarch for that.
  13. No it's not at all necessary, but is often what you see recommended. The reason for the recommendation is that it covers a lot of systems with basically one options menu. So you can set up your controller and video settings once in the retroarch UI, and that will work across multiple systems. In my case i use it for all 8 and 16 bit systems, as for the most part i set all my preferences once and it works across all those different emulators/cores.
  14. Also to add to this, how the attract mode looks will depend on the theme used. So if you were to use a theme that had a fading wheel and a full screen video snap after the fade, then that would look somewhat like what you are asking for.
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