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  1. The ._ is something that MacOS adds to all files, this is hidden in MacOS, but not on Windows. So i assume you used a mac somewhere in your workflow?
  2. @MPL Can you right click a N64 game and go to edit, then post images of both the Launching and Emulators tabs, as seen below. Actually can i see one of your Retroacrh entry in manage emulators.
  3. Because "Scrape As" is for scraping metadata and media from the database, hence the name. It is only used in that case, as indicated by the name of the option.
  4. Not at all, it has to be this way otherwise how would Launchbox no what emulator to use for each system. If you call the platform snes but the associated platform is called Super Nintendo Entertainment System then Launchbox doesnt know what emulator it needs to use for your snes platform. The program isnt psychic it doesnt know what emulators are for what systems, you need to tell it "i want to use this emulator for this system". You change the name of the system you need to change the associations as well. Go rename your platforms on something like Retropie or Batocera and the like, and see how quickly the whole thing completely breaks there, at least Launchbox allows you to change those settings in it's UI.
  5. Do you have any backups or duplicates in your Launchbox/Data/Platforms folder, also do you use screenscraper?
  6. Most people dont use the Windows store version. Cant you just find the .exe right click it and create a shortcut on the desktop? Then just drag and drop that to Launchbox?
  7. Do you have a full MAME romset and did you use the Launchbox MAME fulset importer?
  8. Cool. That dropdown is showing the cores you actually have downloaded in your Retroarch/cores folder.
  9. You just need to add it in the empty cell at the bottom of that associated platforms list.
  10. Yeah thats for Bigbox itself, as you have discovered. You want "close active window" or something like that.
  11. To set controls for a specific core you just need to load a game in said core and change them in the "Quick Menu" then save a "Core Remap" in the same window.
  12. Model 2 roms come from a MAME romset, and therefore have the MAME shortname naming scheme, daytona.zip, daytonam.zip etc. These wont scrape normally in Launchbox as they are, as said shortnames, not actual full game names. For these cases you need to check the box in the import wizard to use MAME metadata for systems that use MAME metadata.
  13. I havent used this so cant help with this specific issue, but is there any reason you are using a old, sort of cobbled together fork of a emulator rather than just using the mupen+next core in retroarch?
  14. No that was removed completely from Launchbox as its obviously not neede. Not that you need it, you can just drag and drop to Android.
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