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  1. Apparently they are making more this time.
  2. Yeah i am using a xbox one wireless controller with the wireless dongle and it works just fine. So for anyone discovering this later the drivers come as part of the Windows 10 OS so it should work out of the box. Any OS older will require a driver download to get working.
  3. LOL, it's not a pointless post it's a valid one. We are currently in the process of upgrading the backend of the database, and when that is all complete all that info will be readily available there for users to read through. But it's still a work in progress and i'm afraid i don't have a ETA for that at the moment, but rest assured it is planned.
  4. No probs, You are not the first to ask and surely won't be the last either.
  5. Hi there and welcome to the community. This isn't actually a problem, see the actual launchbox database is only updated once a day, so if your submissions have been successful they will be rolled into the update for that day, i believe it is 12am US time, so if it was accepted today the info won't be available until tomorrow. Also you will have to update your local metadata, you can do this simply by trying to add a game with no current data, if there is new metadata to be downloaded you will be prompted to do so. Hope that helps.
  6. Windows 10 64bit with the Creators Update installed.
  7. I would still say you have a error in your setup somewhere, i am using mameui 64 as well and mine is working just fine in launchbox. Do you have more than one mame install on your system? Are you sure launchbox is looking at the correct .exe?
  8. No probs, sorry for the confusion i was going off memory as wasn't at my launchbox system when i replied.
  9. It's labelled as file names in bigbox and i got confused.
  10. Sorry my bad, it's the show versions and it is checked in your shot, uncheck it.
  11. Yeah launchbox is much easier to setup, i dabbled with hyperspin myself before i discovered launchbox and never looked back. As for retroarch once you get over that initial hump it's a great program to use and the fact that it is a universal ui for so many different systems it just makes everything so much easier, a option is in the same place for snes as it is for spectrum, where as if i was using stand alone for them absolutely everything would be different.
  12. Yeah retroarch can seem a little weird when setting it up for the first time but once you get the hang of it it's fine, and works really well.
  13. It looks like you have show file names on, go to view and uncheck show file names, and see if that fixes it for you.
  14. You can re-bind you controller in retroarch just go to settings/input/input user 1 binds/ you can change specific buttons there or use the user1 bind all and it will run through all the buttons in order and you just press what button you want that on. You can also set hotkeys in that menu, so you could set a hotkey for the retroarch gui and quit the game from there. And here is my retroarch mame running at 720p.