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  1. neil9000

    videos directory

    It should also work with emulation station, if on the correct view. All themes, have several views, they all show different things.
  2. neil9000


    Sorry for the late reply. Right click night trap, edit, then change the platform its associated with.
  3. neil9000


    Also i dont recall if mega cd is a default associated platform or not. So i would in Launchbox go to Tools/Manage Emulators/Retroarch, click the associated platform tab and look if that system is there and is using the core you want. Im assuming you have that as a separate platform? So a Sega Genesis/MegaDrive platform, as well as a Sega CD/Mega CD platform, you shouldnt mix them if not.
  4. neil9000


    I noticed that in your image, open retroarch by itself and hit F on the keyboard to go fullscreen, it should remember that next time its opened. If it doesnt remember it post back and ill explain why. A xbox controller will be automatically setup so no need to worry there. As for keyboard controls you will need to open Retroarch and go to settings/input/user 1 binds and set what you want there. Night Trap is a Mega CD game so that will require Mega CD bios files, which go in the Retroarch/Systems folder. In the retroarch UI you can "Load Core" when a core is loaded you then have access to a "information" screen for that core, then inside that "core information". That screen will say if a core needs a bios file, and whether or not it actually see's that file or not. Like in this image, i have the European and USA bios, but im missing the Japanese one. So i can run European and USA roms but not Japanese. I should add the only reason it says those are "Optional" is because they are not needed for master system, megadrive or game gear. They are ABSOLUTELY needed for mega cd though. Any other queries, feel free.
  5. neil9000


    Genesis Plus GX, as it supports master system, game gear, megadrive/genesis, and mega/sega cd.
  6. neil9000

    videos directory

    What theme are you using? Not all themes or views within themes use videos.
  7. neil9000


    Well that image is showing Kega still. Have you added retroarch to the Tools/Manage Emulators section? Also have you downloaded a core in Retroarch? Retroarch doesnt come with any cores (emulators) they are downloaded from within the UI, online updater/cores, i recommend the Genesis GX core.
  8. neil9000


    Thats the exact reason i dont use Retroarch MAME, i always had control issues with it.
  9. neil9000


    No standalone MAME is the recommendation there still, but for the early consoles i would use retroarch. You only need to set your settings and controls once in its UI and they will work across multiple systems. As for Retroarch get the zip version that matches your OS, either 32 or 64 from here. https://retroarch.com/?page=platforms, thats the ones called download, not the installer ones.
  10. neil9000


    for those sort of systems from the 8 and 16 bit eras i would use Retroarch for them all personally. It supports them all and they are constantly updated. Kega Fusion is a very old emulator that hasnt been worked on in a long time.
  11. Thats just the state of 3DS emulation, while the standalone may run slightly better, you will still find that most games have issues, be it graphically, audio or speed wise.
  12. Yeah i havent either, im assuming its still in the ini.
  13. If i recall you can also just set it to full-screen in the citra.ini file.
  14. neil9000

    Doom Mods

    You can do it easily in Launchbox. Add the wads/pk3's as roms and use gzdoom as the emulator.
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