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  1. neil9000

    Launchbox 9.3 won't start

    You are missing a load of files and folders there.
  2. neil9000

    how to get videos in LaunchBox

    You need to pay for a premium emumovies subscription to get videos.
  3. neil9000

    Sega Saturn setup in Retroarch

    Just add it in the empty cell at the bottom of the list.
  4. neil9000

    MAMEs working but not in LB

    I would recommend deleting the platform and re-importing the 0.202 romset, and download the 0.202 version of MAME from there website to go with it.
  5. neil9000

    MAMEs working but not in LB

    Yes, the romsets are numbered for a reason, and you should use the same number version of the MAME emulator also. Games can work in one romset/MAME emu version but not in another, so a game may work in one version of MAME, but not in the next and vice versa. This is the whole reason the romset and the emulator are numbered, you should always match them.
  6. neil9000

    MAMEs working but not in LB

    Are you mixing these two different romsets in Launchbox? What version of the MAME emulator are you using?
  7. neil9000

    MAMEs working but not in LB

    Can we clear up a few things here? In your original post you say you have a 0.193 romset, then in a later one its a 0.202, which is it? You also say you are using MAME, then later you say Retroarch, again which is it?
  8. I dont believe it is possible for you to save hotkeys per console like that, just game controls.
  9. Could it be that VLC got currupted somehow? Might be worth deleting the VLC folder and letting Launchbox recreate it and see if the issue remains.
  10. neil9000

    Default - 3D Boxes Startup Theme

    Yeah as @DOS76 said it "should" work with Bezels, its the fades that interfere.
  11. The actual core is called mednafen, it is called beetle in the Retroarch UI, but the actual core name is mednafen.
  12. If i recall i was helping someone else with this issue but for NES a while back, and i found the same as you it got broken at some point. I believe the answer there was to use version 1.6.9 of retroarch as it was working there, so use that version for just the lightgun games.
  13. Yep then it was caching its images, this is my CPU usage when Launchbox is just idling.