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  1. ExoDOS Import

    You are correct in that assumption, Launchbox can not be themed, what you see is what you get there. Bigbox is of course themeable so I assume that it is possible there but someone would have to create the theme with the layout that you require.
  2. No probs, and as I said the official release is due soon as well.
  3. This maybe a codec issue that has been fixed in the latest betas. Do you have videos for your steam games? If they are .webm which they will be if they were downloaded from steam that is most likely the issue. You could check my copying that video folder out of the video folder temporarily and see if it still crashes. If that is the issue you could update to the current beta or wait as the official 7.15 should be available in the next few days.
  4. Unable To Drag And Drop

    Ninja'd by @Zombeaver
  5. Unable To Drag And Drop

    The only time it doesn't allow me to drag and drop is when it is run as administrator. I just checked on my system and when its NOT checked to run as administrator it works just fine, but when I set it to run as administrator I am not allowed to drag and drop.
  6. Retroacheivments coming soon, questions and stuff

    Here is a list of the supported cores in Retroarch.
  7. Retroacheivments coming soon, questions and stuff

    You can either use there special emu's from there site or you can use retroarch. Many of the cores in Retroarch already support achievements all though not all. It's also a global thing in Retroarch so you enter your details once and it will apply to all cores that support achievements.
  8. Can't Start My Games

    If these are just windows games then all you need to do is import the .exe or the shortcut for the game, preferably into a platform called windows. I suggest dragging a .exe or shortcut onto launchbox and when the wizard pops up select the "none of the above" option this will import the game without associating a emulator with it, so it will just launch the game. You may run into issues running games that old on Windows 10, some of them may just simply not work on that OS. Google is always your friend in that regard to see if a game even works on Windows 10 in the first place.
  9. CriticalZone / CriticalZone - BlueBox

    You will want the bluebox version then. Its in the list when clicking the download button on the theme page.
  10. Quit out of launchbox mid system update... and wel

    Check your Launchbox/Updates folder and reinstall the newest version directly over the top of your current install.
  11. Can't get Splash screen to change for BigBox

    Glad you got it sorted out.
  12. Can't get Splash screen to change for BigBox

    Oh wow, that is a very old version of Launchbox and I'm not actually sure if the startup videos had even been implemented at that point in it's lifecycle. I'll tag @Jason Carr here as he should have a better idea as to when startup videos were actually introduced to the program. Do you have a current working license? If so I would recommend updating to the current version.
  13. Can't get Splash screen to change for BigBox

    The original startup splash screen CAN NOT be edited or removed, it is built into the program and is not accessible by the user, but as I said in my previous post you can disable it in the Bigbox options, and also disable the sounds. You do not need the startup.mp4 in your root videos folder, you can delete that. All you need is the startup folder and any video you place in that folder will randomly play at startup. Try changing the name of the video in the startup folder also as it may be conflicting as it has the same name. Also what version of Launchbox are you running?
  14. Can't get Splash screen to change for BigBox

    You can disable the splash screen in Options/General, and the startup sound in Options/Sounds. And there should just be a folder called startup in your videos folder.
  15. Can't get Splash screen to change for BigBox

    Are you talking about Launchbox or Bigbox? Because Launchbox does not support videos for starting up its Bigbox only. If you are talking Bigbox you need to create a folder called startup in Launchbox/Videos and drop any videos in there and they will play randomly when you start Bigbox.