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  1. Nostalgia

    lol, yep.
  2. Nostalgia

    I was just nosing around in one of the view XAML files and came across this little nugget of code, <!-- NOW LOADING SO USER NO SAY WTF?! -->
  3. Nostalgia

    Thanks for the update @eatkinola. All looking good on my end, had to make a few index edit's (but that's why they are there right), sound bug is also fixed. From a purely selfish point of view there are only two things I need to have this theme 100% to my liking, and they are European SNES and Sega Megadrive backgrounds. Apart from that I think its ready for a official version 1.0 release. Thanks again for this really great theme, I know it's been a lot of hard work and a lot of little bug fixing, but I think it really show's through in how good the final product has turned out.
  4. BigCouch Theme

    This is how version 1.2.0 looks on mine, of course I don't have the correct platform images that are used with the theme in mine, but I believe that is the view you wanted.
  5. BigCouch Theme

    OK I have messed around with it and I get the same view as you. It appears the theme was updated at some point and that view was changed, but the image for it is still in the description at the top of the page. However we can get it looking like that for you, you just need to download a older version of the theme. If you scroll down to the bottom of the theme description you will see a white change log drop down ,drop that down and choose version 1.2.0, when you do that you will get a blue download link just below it, download that version. It should then look like the picture in the description, just delete the version you are currently using first then add the older 1.2.0 version to your themes folder.
  6. BigCouch Theme

    Hmm, let me download it and have a play and i'll get back to you in a bit.
  7. BigCouch Theme

    Have you tried switching the view? Most themes have several views and you can switch through them in Options/Views. You can also go to the controller or keyboard settings in options and set the switch view to a keyboard/controller button, so you can switch the view on the fly with a press of a button.
  8. My Collection is not being updated.

    No probs. To be honest with you I am not sure if the collection stuff still works, I am going to try uploading mine, and I'll let you know how I get on.
  9. Off Topic

    Is your refresh rate in display settings set to 60?
  10. Nostalgia

    Excellent, thanks a lot.
  11. Nostalgia

    Hi @eatkinola, sorry I have just found a little bug in the theme. If you go to Options/Sound and turn the master volume down to 0% the video audio still plays. All other sounds are muted except for the videos so I assume it has something to do with your video .dll. Here is a little video I just made demonstrating it.
  12. Attract Mode Memory Leak

    I have been running Bigbox on my second monitor for about a hour now to test this issue and mine is using about 1GB of ram. It is fluctuating a bit around there, a little more a little less. I'll leave it running though to see if I can reproduce this.
  13. Your List of Small Things

    I would like the ability to choose the audio device in bigbox as well as the monitor. I often run Bigbox on my second monitor, but in order to get audio I have to switch it in windows, which means I lose audio on my main monitor. Kodi does this very well by allowing you to specify the monitor and the audio device independently, so I can have a movie playing on monitor 2 while still having audio on monitor 1. This would be great if Bigbox could do the same.