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  1. Those services are backup storage for what you have on your PC. You cant just install programs to them in the way you are talking about here. You can install and setup Launchbox on your PC and back that up to the service, but you cant run it from there, it needs to be run on your local machine.
  2. You cant install programs to google drive, its for storage only.
  3. If everything is self contained in the Launchbox folder then you can just copy/paste the entire folder.
  4. Are you sure its the same error now? that file cant error if its not there.
  5. 11.0 introduced video priorities like images, its under tools/options/video priorities. Check there and make sure that theme videos dont have top priority.
  6. You dont need to copy anything, just install the version you want to the correct location.
  7. Im not sure on the defaults, but you can set them to whatever you want in the options.
  8. Well as i said originally do you know if your rom and bios are actually any good? If either of those are not good then nothings going to work.
  9. In the emulator by itself, or through launchbox?
  10. Not working how? Just saying its not working could be anything. If i had to guess though either your bios is missing/incorrect, or your roms are bad.
  11. What theme are you using, as i see references to culture converter in there, so not the default theme im assuming?
  12. There are no "best" settings, thats why there are so many to play with in emulators. It depends on many factors whether a game runs well in a emulator, also dont forget that emulators are far from perfect a lot of the time and use hacks themselves to get things working, not to mention every game is different and one may emulate 100% perfect and the next game you try with the exact same settings may look and run like absolute trash. Then you get onto emulators like pcsx2 for PS2, that needs different emulator settings on a per game basis. So to answer your question, no there is no site with "best" settings, as what may work for you may not work for me. It seems to me these days people are to scared to touch anything on there systems anymore. The emulator has options, your PC wont explode if you mess around with them to see what they do and if they help.
  13. "AMD Processor" doesnt really tell us much, it could be 20 years old or it could be the XT models released today. The GPU may or may not be releveant as you didnt state what settings you are using in the emulator or if you are using any upscaling or other enhancement features. Generally though audio popping and stuttering is because your hardware isnt good enough to run that emulator, or to run it with the settings you have specified.
  14. As far as i know RA is on 0.222, if its not it will be on 0.221, so shouldnt matter for your romset. Id still recommend the standalone regardless though.
  15. For clarification the MAME romset does contain the neogeo roms, so you dont need to keep the FBA roms if you dont want to. Personally i would use standalone MAME, but the retroarch core is a decent enough alternative (but with quirks of its own due to the UI). The Retroarch core just called MAME is updated every month inline with the official emulator. Of course you would want to match your core version with your romset version, so if your romset is already older than 0.222, then you would be assured of compatability by simply downloading the matching version of the standalone emulator, you cant go back in versions via retroarch, the MAME core just changes version when updated but keeps the same name.
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