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  1. You can also import the files by just using the search built in to Windows explorer. Just go to the folder and type *.gdi in the search box, highlight them all and drag and drop onto Launchbox to start the import wizard. This is the recommended way for file types that have more than one file, Launchbox only needs the one file, usually the .gdi or .cue file.
  2. Game manuals are not something we provide. You need a emumovies subscription for that. So they are always there.
  3. neil9000

    Adding Category

    there is no difference, what you setup in Launchbox carries across to Bigbox.
  4. neil9000

    Adding Category

    You will need to be in "Platform Category" view to see the grouping as such also.
  5. neil9000

    Adding Category

    Right click a platform, edit.
  6. OK, so this sounds like a simple incorrect, or not correctly setup in buttons the options. As i say i have never used the flirc, but have looked into buying one on several occasions, so i understand what it is and how it works. Do you have a button on the remote set to "Escape" or to "F4" as that is what is used to exit emulators?
  7. The flircs and harmonys just send keyboard presses if setup correctly. Just want to check one thing though, you say harmony hub, is that setup to control your PC via bluetooth, or are you using both the flirc and the harmony hub, essentially sending the same commands twice? I should add i havent looked at this myself, as i dont have a flirc, but i do have a harmny hub which is seen by Windows as a keyboard.
  8. probably looking for the dreamcast keyboard, not your PC one.
  9. Yep, even my 1st GEN 1700X is great in that regard.
  10. It was tested heavily on a shield TV during development as Jason bought one for the purpose, so it works great there, and is probably the ideal platform in all honesty as it connects to a large screen and can accept many controller types.
  11. Well first make sure you actually have 3D boxes, second go to tools/options/images/3D Box priorities, and make sure 3D Boxes are at the top of the list.
  12. Yeah, well specificity is very important when trying to troubleshoot issues.
  13. This is for Android, not Windows.
  14. There wouldnt be a Launchbox one, it would need to be a redream one, so redream will need to support that via commandline and you will need to find what it is and add it as a commandline to that specific game in Launchbox.
  15. You might need to set the core to the correct platform first, its usually set to MSX by default, or at least it used to be, i havent used it in a while.
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