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  1. neil9000

    Playing zip or compressed PSX roms

    Do the roms actually work if you unzip them? What format are they inside the zip and what emu are you using.
  2. neil9000

    Launchbox and joysticks

    Yes a coincidence, Launchbox never touches configs in any emulator you setup in it, it just passes the game to the emulator.
  3. neil9000

    Loading screen?

    Should be coming soon.
  4. neil9000

    Neo geo not working in launchbox

    If you imported them with the name Arcade, then you need to delete NeoGeo in those images and change it to Arcade, the platform name in launchbox and the associated platform tab have to match exactly.
  5. neil9000

    Neo geo not working in launchbox

    Call the emulator Retroarch in launchbox not neo geo, then go to the associated platform tab and choose the core from the dropdown.
  6. neil9000

    Bounty: BigBox full console-like theme

    That style of theme is certainly possible to make, just looks like the users here who make themes have no interest in that style.
  7. neil9000

    Unified Redux

    Edit your cart front priorities in Launchbox.
  8. neil9000

    Prefer to pay with PayPal? Read this.

    Black Friday deals have never been announced in advance before, you will just have to wait and hope that it happens.
  9. neil9000

    rendering issues

    There are two Beetle ps1 cores the standard and the HW one, make sure that in the associated platform tab for Retroarch in Launchbox is actually using the HW core and not the standard one.
  10. neil9000

    Slow video and audio play

    Thats actually what i meant, probably should of worded it better.
  11. neil9000

    Mame not importing Naomi playlists etc

    Not really im afraid, the MAME importer is for MAME games only at this stage. You can try the below scripts to copy those games to there own folder and import them that way, it's for a older MAME romset (0.184) but should work for the most part.
  12. neil9000

    Slow video and audio play

    Could be a framerate issue, check that your PC is running at 60fps, also not knowing your specs it could just be very weak hardware.
  13. neil9000

    Mame not importing Naomi playlists etc

    Did you use the new MAME importer? If so then that is by design as only games that are marked as working in MAME are actually imported, hence no Atomiswave or Naomi games are imported, they don't work in MAME.
  14. lol, that's a good point that i missed, must be picodrive there.
  15. Are you running any shaders? It could be incompatible. Although if SMS and 32X are working with the same core it shouldn't be that, but worth checking. Have you tried the games in another emulator? It could be that they are broken or corrupted.