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  1. Looking online its a HDMI issue, its only HDMI 1,4 so 4K 30 is as high as you will get. So you may have to stick to 1080p 60, or see if your TV supports 1440p 60, some do.
  2. Also what TV do you have? As its also possible that your TV just doesnt have HDMI 2.0 and therefore cannot do 4K 60.
  3. You also need a system with a HDMI output capable of 4K 60hz, it sounds like either your GPU or cable isnt suitable. What GPU do you have?
  4. You can just copy the entire Launchbox folder elsewhere, format the drive and copy Launchbox back. That's all that is needed as Launchbox is a portable app and not actually installed.
  5. Also the .exe's of Windows store games are heavily locked down and are not editable by users for the most part. You are making a very specific choice when purchasing from the Windows store over somewhere like Steam.
  6. Jason can see which users are submitting, so database moderators should report these issues and we will deal with them. I personally dont agree that moderators should be able to see the what user is making the edits, as that could be cause for people to start harassing others.
  7. Well i said cut/paste not copy/paste, so a one time move doesnt increase the footprint one bit.
  8. Those games do not work with MAME, so leaving the "skip non working games" option checked does just that, ignores them as they dont work in MAME.
  9. Wouldn't it be easier all round than instead of Launchbox creating simlinks it just checks for the core/themes folder and if its not present just cut/paste it from the original location? I mean it doesn't really matter where the folder is, and its no more difficult to put new themes there than it is in the original location?
  10. This is actually how themes work these days, they need to be in that core folder location, my understanding is that simlinks are generated when Launchbox is started and removed when exited, so it looks like something is going wrong there. This was a issue when the core folder was introduced, but was later fixed, this is why i asked what version was being used, as a simple update may fix it.
  11. Fix what, you dont actually state what the problem is or which payment method you are using. No. Launchbox does not come with any games.
  12. leave the grab metadata box checked in the wizard, deselect all media in those sections. as for the mame specific page, leave everything at the defaults and just specify your region preference. checking/unchecking create playlists is up to you. That will just import all working games, which will be around 2800-2900 games.
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