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  1. What you want is simply not feasible. Every emulator has a different update method, and every emulator has its own website where you download from. Automating that would me a mammoth task, that will quite likely immediately break when the URL of the websites change. Retroarch is actually very simple and your best bet here for waht you want.
  2. Highlight all the games you want to update, and go to Tools/Update metadata/media wizard.
  3. Also to add, if you hadnt set that default.cfg to read only, MAME deletes the config if you start it without a controller turned on, so that is what was happening there.
  4. I beg your pardon? I didnt tell them how as they didnt even ask, a bit like yourself, just accused with no reason.
  5. Tools/Options/Image priorities. Add any image types you want to the Box-Front section and put them in the order you would want them displayed.
  6. The theme would help, but i assume a Unified based one? You will need to make a image name it correctly and replace the current one.
  7. Launching from the root is not currently possible. However this feature was on the recent 2021 community poll and placed in sixth place, so should be coming at some point in the furure.
  8. I would definitely make the SD card internal storage, you can then download a file explorer with built in FTP server from the Amazon or Google Play store and transfer the files over your network.
  9. No, we have no idea if there is new media or not, until you actually run the wizard, we dont hold a constant connection to emumovies, we only check when you say to check.
  10. I'm using the latest icue version v4.14.179 with the four products in the below image, no issues here.
  11. All extra information that isnt the game name should be in brackets, just like the rest of the info in your example. The issue is that the v1.008 isnt in brackets, so is considered part of the game name, and therefore doesnt match anything in our database.
  12. You need to add the system and the core to be used to the associated platform tab.
  13. I banned as a spammer, they had 3 posts, all from this morning, all three containing random links.
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