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  1. You probably incorrectly named your PSP Platform, the default name should be "Sony PSP" so if you named it something different the artwork in the theme won't match up.
  2. I believe Launchbox does a check at launch for installed games, so it's probably saving fine but being overwritten when Launchbox is re-launched. That would be by design, any reason why you want Launchbox to provide incorrect information to you?
  3. That is the "default" file in the same folder.
  4. If you look in your Launchbox/Updates folder, is the 12.4 installer there, or is it not even downloading?
  5. @MadK9 does them and uploads them to the third party section of our downloads section, here is the newest one.
  6. There is not a 32bit version these days, its 64bit only and is just mame.exe.
  7. You can use any naming you like, but if you do type a non standard name a "Scrape As" dropdown appears and you would choose the correct platform there, in this case Sinclair ZX Spectrum. Essentially you can call platforms whatever you like, but we still need to now what to scrape it against in order to pull metadata and media. I tend to have correct media for a lot of my games.
  8. Have you looked on the database to see if the wrong covers you are getting are actually there for Spectrum and simply got through moderation incorrectly? Also do you have any examples, as a quick look at my games seem OK, but i'm not gonna manually inspect 2528 games.
  9. This is nothing to do with Launchbox, it is just how MAME is, even if just using the MAME emulator by itself, You cannot just download random MAME roms and expect them to work, that's just not how it is. MAME roms come in packs that are numbered, 0.233, 0.234, 0.235 etc and the emulator itself is also versioned with the same numbers, you match your romset to the emulator, got a 0.232 romset, use the 0.232 version of the emulator, roms are only ever guaranteed to work with the matching version of the emulator, they may work in other versions, but they likely will not a lot of the time.
  10. If you bought the wrong License by mistake i'm sure you could get a refund on what you have and then re-purchase the correct license. Send a email to support@unbrokensoftware.com and explain the situation, they should be able to help you out.
  11. Yes the Android version is seperate to the Windows version and needs it's own license. LaunchBox for Android - Purchase a License (launchbox-app.com)
  12. Click on "Arrange By" then choose release date, there will be a arrow to the left indicating which way it is sorting.
  13. Open the email on your device, click the license attachment, Android will ask what program do you want to open the file with, choose Launchbox, and "just once".
  14. Yeah no issues here either, in Launchbox or Bigbox, have you confirmed in another app/game that your button does in fact work?
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