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  1. It is there for access to the options you saw in it. Most users like to have it there. Personally i dont use it either, i simply have it set to a controller button for if i need it, as i can favourite games, choose a different version of a rom or launch a game with a different emulator from that screen, as well as many other options it provides.
  2. No, that is the Game Details screen. Which as i said can be turned on or off in the options.
  3. Unless that is indeed how it is supposed to look, what theme is it and ill check here.
  4. OK, that is correct. That is the "Game Details" screen which will show after selecting a game, and it can be turned off in the options if you dont want to see it. However your first image is very strange and it shouldnt look like that.
  5. I have never seen that before, it looks like the game details screen, but transparent, in the wrong position, and with weird font and spacing applied, very strange. What theme are you using?
  6. If they load from Launchbox they will from Bigbox as they share the same data. Can you share a image of the screen you are describing?
  7. Startup/Shutdown screens have been added to Launchbox, these are very similar to "Fades" in rocketlauncher, and they are not compatible with each other. You need to turn one or the other off, as they are fighting against each other to capture the emulator window.
  8. neil9000

    Multi-user support

    The problem is there is no "Dev Team" Just Jason, so he has to prioritize features.
  9. There are various options for framerate, unfortunately 90 is not one of those. If you want to play with them Options/General.
  10. lol, yes those have to match, otherwise how would Launchbox know which core to load if the names are different?
  11. What platform are you trying to load, and with which core?
  12. Retroarch works perfectly fine with Launchbox. You just add it as a emulator and specify the core you want for a system in the associated platforms tab. Can you show some images of your manage emulator screen and the associated platform tab, both for retroarch.
  13. Autoplay videos is in the "View" dropdown.
  14. Probotector is the European name for Contra. Right click the game and edit, click the additional apps tab, click the version you want then click the "Make Default" button, to make that the front facing version.
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