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  1. There are no settings, and you didnt need to install it. VLC is included with the Launchbox installation and is in the Launchbox/ThirdParty folder, this is what is being used, not the version that you installed to your system.
  2. Or you know, just use Retroarch or mednafen like everybody else.
  3. Try this, just put the two files in your game folder and run the .bat. chd_batfile-20200927T131941Z-001.zip
  4. You need a old version of dolphin. https://dolphin-emu.org/download/list/Triforce/
  5. If you do not have the CHD the game wont work. For games like that you need the rom file AND the CHD file, the CHD is a disk image that has most of the games data in it.
  6. neil9000

    sufami turbo

    By map, you mean "Folder".
  7. yes, but i didnt want to load up Retroarch, so i didnt.
  8. Ever heard of google? Also you can look at the retroarch info for the core to see what file types it supports. supported_extensions = "dsk|sna|zip|tap|cdt|voc|m3u"
  9. Sorry no idea, not a platform i have ever looked at or cared about.
  10. Doubt it, Retroarch will just unzip the files in most cases that arent Arcade.
  11. Unfortunately this means that you were using a pirated or shared license. You can fix this by buying a legitimate license and replacing the one in the Launchbox folder.
  12. What cores are you testing and have you messed with any settings in retroarch?
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