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  1. Ah that quote above read like startup videos. In launchbox go to tools/download platform/playlist videos.
  2. https://forums.launchbox-app.com/files/category/7-big-box-startup-videos/
  3. If you used the MAME Fullset importer it does not check your files, it just imports all working games. As you are using the fullset importer it assumes you actually do have a fullset.
  4. Thats likely just a Android remnant that maybe should be disabled by retroarch for devices like this. There is no way without workarounds to plug sd/usb into a firestick which has zero ports on it.
  5. Its a relatively new-ish version. The issue is it does not nativily support external storage, full stop. It is a dongle with no sd/usb inputs. It is possible to use a OTG cable/dongle to get external storage to it, but that is in no way supported by Amazon, or there version of fire OS which is a derivitive of Android.
  6. Yeah, that interface is great for emulation.
  7. Yup, region specified at import funnily enough effects the import process as to what regions are imported. Who wulda thought?
  8. The collection part of the website is to just show of what games you have in your launchbox setup. Our database is just that a database of games and there relevant images. We do not provide you with any games or emulators, you need to provide those yourself.
  9. My guess is down on player 2 is set to F, which is the fullscreen key in Retroarch,you will need to change it.
  10. So it sounds like you want a controller driven console type of experience, so you will need to buy a premium license so that you have access to Bigbox, which is our controller driven 10 foot interface. You will do all your setup in the Launchbox desktop app with a mouse and keyboard, but once setup and configured you can launch any game from Bigbox mode.
  11. 1. You can shutdown your PC from within the Bigbox UI, which is part of the premium license. 2. Yes. 3. That will be down to whatever emulators you choose to use as to how they handle controllers, multiples of the same controllers can be a little problematic as they may not be seen as individual controllers. 4. Launchbox itself is portable, as are most emulators, so as long as you choose the right emulators, yes. 5. If you buy a license for Bigbox and you setup your emulators correctly then yes you will just transition from the Bigbox UI straight into a fullscreen game.
  12. Still working just fine here on Launchbox 10.9.
  13. You shouldnt just "close" windows games like that, you should quit them through there own menus, at least if you want to not corrupt your saves, there is a reason games warn you about not turning of your system while the save logo is on screen for example.
  14. the image in your original post is simply saying MAME cant find ANY of the files it needs for that game, so either your path in MAME is wrong, or the rom got moved/deleted somehow.
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