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  1. Launchbox doesnt "use" Retroarch, you can use any emulator you like, but yes, if you are using Retroarch you need to setup your controls there.
  2. If you feel there are issues with the theme then you might want to elaborate on what those are, just saying fix the issues please isnt really much help. It's likely the author of this theme saw no issues when he created it. So if you want anything done at all descriptions, preferably which images to demonstrate the "bugs" would obviously be advantageous.
  3. https://steamcommunity.com/app/1018020/discussions/0/1629665087674849653/
  4. I dont have the contra collection on PC, only on Nintendo switch, but i have seen other collections, like the megadrive/genesis one just has the roms in a folder, have you checked if this is the case with this collection?
  5. This does seem quite redundant, the games in the contra collection are the same roms you likely already have, for the systems they were originally on. So why not just use those?
  6. This is most certainly a issue on your end. All of these services, GOG, Steam and Emumovies are separate services and are not run by us, so the fact that all three are saying you have no internet must mean just that, you have a issue on your network. This is unrelated to Launchbox as a program itself, but could be your network blocking any traffic the program is trying to initiate, unfortunately there is nothing we can do to fix your network, you will need to investigate that yourself.
  7. First click the profile up top, which shouyd be on default. Next click add game or application. Locate your game/emulator (in this example im using teknoparrot). Now click the top profile button again. You will now have a new profile which is associated with a .exe in the top row, click it. This applies the profile and adds it to the second row, click it on the second row. Then pick your wheel. Then edit the buttons/wheel/pedals as you see fit. That profile will then be loaded whenever that specific .exe is
  8. You can try unbinding anything that is using something with a axis, like left and right triggers and left and right stick.
  9. Thats because technically when you not pressing the pedals is actually the axis in the dead centre (so equivalent to you holding the trigger or analogue stick on a controller halfway down at all times) so actually half pressed, then pressing down is one way and letting up is another on the axis.
  10. What do you mean settings for lightgun, you mean in Bigbox? Cause no there isnt, nor does there need to be. Set them in the emulator, which i assume is MAME.
  11. No, its there problem and not ours, steps to disable it are in the thread where it was discovered that it was that program causing the issues.
  12. In Bigbox Exit is to exit Bigbox, if you want to exit emulators you need to bind "close active window".
  13. You should find images for that game just fine. Be aware though that most Arcade games dont have Box - Front's available and use Advertisement Flyer - Front most of the time.
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