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  1. Theme DLL issue

    I have never had this error with this theme before. just a thought though have you tried copying the dll's to the main plugin folder?
  2. Need help: Insert Coin/Start button - remapping

    Just fyi, if they already work then i wouldn't recommend re-importing them. Just go to tools/manage emulators and edit your mame to point at the newer emu, then click on a mame game in your library and use ctrl and a to highlight them all, the right click and edit then choose emulator then in the second dropdown ypur mame emu.
  3. Full name removed?

    Yeah, real DRM would limit you to the one install, but that's not the case, so i agree it's a good compromise.
  4. Full name removed?

    No, real DRM, would call u to have a different license/account on different systems,or make you login to a account on every system you used. this is just a license that you can move to a different system with zero issue. And yeah, if you are going to a house and you don't want people to know your name, then you have bigger issues than a Launchbox license.
  5. Theme Recalbox 1080P

    These are simply video's so go in either your launchbox/videos/platforms, or Launchbox/themes/name of theme/videos/platforms.
  6. Full name removed?

    If it was buried deeper then why use it at all right? At the end of the day its a paid product with zero DRM, and i'm thankful for that.
  7. Full name removed?

    Yes, a good purpose that's my point, having it right there out in the open, is a good deterrent for people just saying here you are use my license.
  8. Cool, good to now you are joining the community.:)
  9. What language is used for custom theme development?

    Hey there, yes it's xaml, check this out.
  10. Controller problem in Retroarch

    Yeah i would echo @lordmonkus there, i personally am not familiar with either of the things you are referencing, (i just use a controller) but i am sure if there is a solution for you, someone will chime in here. just be a little patient, and you may get a answer that works for you.
  11. Big Box Cinematix

    What i'm really getting at is , a new user is not going to read through, what is it now 102 pages, looking for your channel name, they will most likely look at your name here, and come up blank on the tubes... I don't know, maybe edit your 1st post here with the link to your channel? As for facebook i'm on it but havent checked in, in months feel free to add me though, you know my real name. And next time i'm on there ill search you out, what's the facebook channel name by the way?