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  1. So I bought a license and this is what I've build so far: https://youtu.be/UubUOQ7-7Qg I've got 3 more things I'de like to change but I can't find a solution for it in the menus... 1: Is it possible to make the platform wheel not 'endless' ? now you can just keep scrolling but I would like it to end at the last game. 2: I would like to have the options 'add to playlist' and 'remove from playlist' removed when I select a game. I don't want anyone else who plays my cabinet to change my playlists... 3: and the last one, is it possible to keep the game video
  2. Very Nice work! I build a mk3 cabinet some years ago and I was wondering where you got the templates from? Seems much easier than what I did I measured all the dimensions from a worn dedicated mk2 cabinet. I would like to make a new one once again and tamplates like that would come in very handy Do you know if these dimensions are the same as the dedicated mk cabinets? thanks in advance
  3. Thank you, i'll try it and buy the premium edition for one year to start with 😊
  4. Hi all, I've been using the free version of launchbox for some months now and I really like it. I'm in for a new project to have some (not all) mortal kombat games in my cabinet. But I am looking for a front end that can only display the games, not the systems. On launchbox itself I can make groups with playlists witch is the way I want to see on my screen. Just a simple startup screen with the choice ''mk1'' "mk2" "mk3" and when I choose them the different versions, maybe even for different platforms. Is bigbox able to do this? Thank you in advance 🙂
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