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  1. Hi Guys, I am having so much trouble with Retroarch, mainly because i cant get it working with my Control Panel on the arcade machine and a whole other host of problems. Are there any other Arcade enthusiasts that have used alternative emulators for all systems? Could you please post a list and what versions of the emulators you prefer? I am trying to get every system working with an alternative to Retroarch for Launchbox / Bigbox. I have 2 systems working so far Atari 2600 - Stella Atari 5200 - Altirra I've been attempting to get this arcade mach
  2. Stella developers have fixed this with 6.1.2. release. all working.
  3. Hi Guys, I'm using Stella 6.1.1 64bit release (latest) I am trying to remap the keyboard for my ipac2 control panel for Atari 2600 but when i close the mapping screen It works until i restart Stella. Reset function starts the game and is default mapped to "F2", I try to map this to my Player 1 start button which is "1". When I do this the only option is to hit OK and then exit. I have tried this through launchbox loading Stella and also running Stella straight from the PC. I have installed Stella in my User folder\user\launchbox\emulators path Running windows 7
  4. Worked it out. 6 is Return got my select function back! <KeyboardSelect>6</KeyboardSelect> Still would like a list if there is one of what keys all the numbers correspond to. cheers.
  5. I found the Bigboxsettings.xml in the data folder And i think its line <KeyboardSelect>0</KeyboardSelect> I just have to change the 0 to a number for Left Control and i'll be set! Is there a graph of what the numbers correspond to? thanks again.
  6. Hi Arcaders! I was trying to configure my arcade control panel in bigbox and i accidentally cleared the select mapping. Now I cant select anything in the menu's, it appears to autosave aswell and I cant remap. Is there a config file I can open and manually set the mapping or reset default? thanks
  7. Fixed it. For anyone with the same issue, I had to go into uninstall programs - windows components - then untick windows media centre under the media container. Reboot Download and install Visual C++ 2015 then 2017 then 2019 Now it boots!
  8. Hi People, Just joined up and bought the lifetime license, great product. After trying to configure hyperspin for about 4 years, Your Launchbox/Bigbox is a godsend. I installed on my windows 10 PC to test and worked fine. My arcade machine is running Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 but will not install .net Framework 4.8 through the installer or manually. Error: a certificate chain processed, but terminated in a root certificate which is not trusted by the trust provider. I would like to run it on WIndows 7 if i can as it will not be on the internet and doesn't require up
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