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  1. Hi Guys, I am having so much trouble with Retroarch, mainly because i cant get it working with my Control Panel on the arcade machine and a whole other host of problems. Are there any other Arcade enthusiasts that have used alternative emulators for all systems? Could you please post a list and what versions of the emulators you prefer? I am trying to get every system working with an alternative to Retroarch for Launchbox / Bigbox. I have 2 systems working so far Atari 2600 - Stella Atari 5200 - Altirra I've been attempting to get this arcade machine going for years so please post your list of emulators Thanks!
  2. Stella developers have fixed this with 6.1.2. release. all working.
  3. Hi Guys, I'm using Stella 6.1.1 64bit release (latest) I am trying to remap the keyboard for my ipac2 control panel for Atari 2600 but when i close the mapping screen It works until i restart Stella. Reset function starts the game and is default mapped to "F2", I try to map this to my Player 1 start button which is "1". When I do this the only option is to hit OK and then exit. I have tried this through launchbox loading Stella and also running Stella straight from the PC. I have installed Stella in my User folder\user\launchbox\emulators path Running windows 7 ultimate 64bit. anyone had this issue also? I tried Retroarch but had more complex keybind issues would not save at all and came up with error. any help appreciated.
  4. Worked it out. 6 is Return got my select function back! <KeyboardSelect>6</KeyboardSelect> Still would like a list if there is one of what keys all the numbers correspond to. cheers.
  5. I found the Bigboxsettings.xml in the data folder And i think its line <KeyboardSelect>0</KeyboardSelect> I just have to change the 0 to a number for Left Control and i'll be set! Is there a graph of what the numbers correspond to? thanks again.
  6. Hi Arcaders! I was trying to configure my arcade control panel in bigbox and i accidentally cleared the select mapping. Now I cant select anything in the menu's, it appears to autosave aswell and I cant remap. Is there a config file I can open and manually set the mapping or reset default? thanks
  7. Fixed it. For anyone with the same issue, I had to go into uninstall programs - windows components - then untick windows media centre under the media container. Reboot Download and install Visual C++ 2015 then 2017 then 2019 Now it boots!
  8. Hi People, Just joined up and bought the lifetime license, great product. After trying to configure hyperspin for about 4 years, Your Launchbox/Bigbox is a godsend. I installed on my windows 10 PC to test and worked fine. My arcade machine is running Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 but will not install .net Framework 4.8 through the installer or manually. Error: a certificate chain processed, but terminated in a root certificate which is not trusted by the trust provider. I would like to run it on WIndows 7 if i can as it will not be on the internet and doesn't require updates every week. Has anyone else come across this problem? Thanks! gstratto
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