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  1. This is what I get when I try to run d3d in full screen. In window mode the game works. But I cannot access hlsl settings. But it does have some kind of filter D:\Games\MAME\MAME 226>mame64.exe Unable to create the Direct3D device (8876086C) Unable to initialize Direct3D 9 Fatal error: Unable to complete window creation
  2. At least open gl works. Thats why I thought I could change some of those settings?
  3. The chipset has caused alot of issues. Its the x 299 prime. So x series cpu, which is meant to be great but I regret buying it now. I should have stuck to mainstream. Anyway I'm stuck with it now. Graphics is just a gtx 1070. But it runs new games fine using direct x? and no found issues with direct
  4. What about the other settings # OpenGL-SPECIFIC OPTIONS # gl_forcepow2texture 0 gl_notexturerect 0 gl_vbo 1 gl_pbo 1 gl_glsl 0 gl_glsl_filter 1 glsl_shader_mame0 none glsl_shader_mame1 none glsl_shader_mame2 none glsl_shader_mame3 none glsl_shader_mame4 none glsl_shader_mame5 none glsl_shader_mame6 none glsl_shader_mame7 none glsl_shader_mame8 none glsl_shader_mame9 none glsl_shader_screen0
  5. hmmm, I don't know what is it. Everything works fine on my $300 windows 7 machine. But my very expensive machine that runs new games with ease struggles. So frustrating
  6. Hi all, Can somebody please help me to alter the open gl settings so I can get sf2 looking the way I want. My HLSL settings don't work, thats a whole other issue that I won't go into. Below are the settings that I would like to replicate. I hope it is possible with open gl. The first picture is the standard settings. The second is what I am trying to get, its not so pixelated. Its smooth and blended, I don't want scanlines. Any help would be awesome.
  7. Can somebody please have another look at this. I still can't get the hlsl settings to work?! Its weird. d3d only works in window mode. So thats fine I just run it in window mode. But I can't access the hlsl settings like scanlines ect. When I press the ~ key I only get limited options such as master volume, screen gamma, screen contrast ect, but not scanlines. There should be enough clues for somebody to figure this out. I think its not looking at the hlsl settings maybe the wrong path. I don't know?
  8. I already tried that DX9 June installer. I'll do the other thing though. I really appreciate the help btw. If I can add scanlines and stuff using open gl, I will be happy with that. Yes I have tried different versions of mame (not all of them obviously), and they all have the same issue. Actually, that one I haven't tried works fine, haha
  9. *BREAK THROUGH! I found if I run the MAME app in a window (instead of full screen), it works. This is very interesting. So this proves its definitely a MAME issue. The front end, game select and MAME options screen runs in full screen mode. It's only when I try to run a game that it crashes.
  10. It does work with open gl. But how does that eliminate the gpu? Is there a way to add scanlines and other stuff to the open gl settings? Also, how do you explain Direct X working fine with my other games? There must be a way to uninstall Direct X, but there does not seem to be. I don't really want to install a third party app to do it either.
  11. I have been working on this issue and I have found that the problem lies with my graphics card. Let me be clear though. My graphics card is fine. Its an 8GB ge force 1070 which is more than capable of running MAME and all the games. Hell, it runs demanding flight sims and War Zone no problem at all. Therefore I have determined that MAME is the issue. Something in the MAME software does not like something in my graphics card. Its funny. After I updated my graphics card driver, it ran the roms for a while, like MAME forgot what it didn't like, then when it remembered the error came back aga
  12. As expected. "Fatal error. Unable to complete window creation" As I said above, I had a feeling it would do this again. I'm switching to another version of MAME. Will post results
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