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    Absolutely brilliant collection. Thank you for the time and effort you put into the community
  1. Hi all. I'm having an issue whereby certain platforms (NESiCAxLive, Daphne, Examu EX-board and ALG) have all jumped out of my Arcade catagory and gone back to the root list. This seemed to happen after some minor editing (changing the theme video) and I cannot see how to put them back under the Arcade catagory as it no longer exists as an option (Only Root>Computers, Consoles & Handhelds are options). Can someone please explain to me how I put everything back under the Arcade Catagory (hopefully without losing anything). Thank you for your time Karl
  2. Tried installing on another drive, same issue. Launchbox goes through the loading process but then nothing opens. I only get the error message when bigbox fails...
  3. Hi all. So, everything was fine until today when Launchbox simply stopped loading up. I've tried installing an earlier build and checked DirectX and .netframework, but still nothing. The error message I get is below, I'm just not tech savvy enough to know what this means. Any help will be greatly appreciated
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