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  1. Yes, That make perfect sense. Thank you for quick reply.
  2. Hi, My count shows (at most) 6,128 of 7,216. My question is, why does my count not show all my roms? How can I get my count to show complete count? I only noticed this because I deleted my Mame emulator and roms, and am reimporting Mame 0.220 romset ( for a fresh set). So I a little time on my hands. Sorry if I posted in the wrong place...
  3. Good advice. I need to take a short dinner break to decompress my brain, then come back to this. I will post my results, but am hopeful with the new ideas and information. Now I know how I can paste xml, and if needed go get a fresh one. Peace...
  4. thank you, i'll try that. I've tried copying bigbox settings.xml from backups, but can't paste into bigbox data file.
  5. This morning I accidently (not paying attention) unplugged my external HD that has my portable Launchbox and it's 13,500 games from my powered OTG to connect it to another new powerd OTG without closing Launchbox on my computer first. When I tried to start it up after plugging my external HD to new OTG I got this failure notice. I tried to do this, but to no avail, being 60 and not overly knowledgeable. If anyone more knowledgeable than me (most everyone here i'm sure) wants to look at my self inflicted fail and offer advice, I would surly appreciate it?
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