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  1. Thanks Jason - no worries, subsequent mucking around has shed a bit more light on this issue. The EmuMovies database for music is far from comprehensive, although better for some platforms than others. In this case the platform I was testing with was Amiga 500, which has very little music on their servers. However, turns out that when you're scraping an individual game, the scraper will match and download music that's from a different platform from the ROM itself. An example is The Adventures of Robin Hood, which released on both Atari ST and Amiga (among other platforms). I've got the Amiga rom, which has no matching music, but EmuMovies does have music for the Atari version. So that's what Launchbox was downloading. However, when doing media downloads for multiple games, the scraper is strict about platform. Unsure why this is the case, but It's probably not intended behaviour. It would be nice to have the option (a tickbox maybe?) to do platform agnostic media scraping en masse.
  2. I'm putting the final touches on my BigBox collection and have gotten absolutely stumped by this issue. Using the "Update Metadata and Media for Selected Games" wizard, LaunchBox flat out refuses to download Music from EmuMovies. No error message, the operation simply completes without result. Now, if I right-click the entry for an individual game - "Edit -> Edit Metadata/Media -> Media -> Download Media... etc", it works just fine, assuming there's a music Download available for that game. But trying to do any more than one at a time? Nuh uh. Not too keen to do that for all 1796 games.. suspect this is a bug, or am I missing something? On version 12.3.
  3. Thanks folks! Yeah definitely not throwing any shade at the devs, it's an amazing core. Was aware of the automounting options above but unfortunately my DOS roms aren't cooked that way (and recooking them would be a lot of work!) - sounds like my best bets would be either renaming the ZIPs so they automount to D: by default, or grabbing the eXoDOS set, which looks amazing.
  4. I am absolutely loving DosBox-Pure, its .zip support is a life-saver when it comes to organising roms and I love the simple streamlined launch menu. Unfortunately I've been unable to find a way to change its default drive mounting settings; it always mounts the root folder in the .zip as "C:\" which is fine for some games, but a real pain for games which are expecting a floppy disk or CD-ROM to be present in A:\ or D:\ and especially for games requiring Installation or Setup to a folder on C:\. Not only does this require figuring out what the game is expecting from the oft-mysterious error messages of the DOS era, before performing a series of awkward command line operations to swap mounts around and make directories as needed, but I've been unable to find a way to either save a drive mounting scheme once set up or to change DosBox-Pure's defaults. Ideally, I could just change the defaults to mount the game folder to D:\ and mount a specified folder as C:\ to act as a universal hard drive, since many games which don't require installs (or are pre-installed in the ROM) will quite happily run from any mount point. I know it's possible to embed disk images in the individual ROMs which will automatically mount as A:\ or D:\ but doing that for 3000+ games is.. yeah.. nah.
  5. I'm having a similar problem to OP, however in my case I have about 8000 imported ROMs across a dozen or so different platforms which have not had their names scraped correctly. The title is generally obvious from the filename, but Launchbox's strict name matching prevents even ROM titles like "SpaceHarrier v1.3 NTSC" from being picked up, and thus I'm unable to get images or metadata for these. Given the number of ROMs, manually fixing this isn't an option. This sounds like it might help, but unfortunately I can't find a way to do this for ROMs that have already been imported - the "Download Metadata and Media" wizard doesn't present this as an option. Surely there's a way to rescrape titles for ROMs already in the library? Otherwise the only way I can think to do it would be to select all ROMs without a cover image, export them to another folder, remove them from the library and re-import platform-by-platform.. which would be rather tedious any suggestions appreciated!
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