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  1. Klopjero

    Making ScummVM portable

    That's a nice idea, btw.
  2. Klopjero

    Making ScummVM portable

    Circo should have a FAQ for submissions I think
  3. Klopjero

    Making ScummVM portable

    cool , yeah emumovies is quite behind. I still need to get started on the set. just can't find the time
  4. Klopjero

    Making ScummVM portable

    while you're doing that allow me to just blatantly recommend my own 3d box set
  5. Klopjero

    Making ScummVM portable

    Sure what version of scumvm are you running?
  6. Klopjero

    Making ScummVM portable

    I don't use the summvmlauncher. I use scummvm.exe. scummvm.exe takes command lines as input so in order for you to understand what does what and when, you could pop open a commandbox in the scummvm folder and ask scummvm for help. Scummvm.exe --help it will give you all the commands it knows with a description. scummvm.exe -c will allow you give an alternate ini path. to configure the emulator in launchbox, you should point it to scummvm.exe and as a default commandline you give it the -c .\scummvm.ini , make sure your scummvm.ini is in the scummvm folder. this will make it "portable". in the sense that you have devorced scummvm from your userprofile folder.
  7. Klopjero

    Making ScummVM portable

    no no lose both the % and don't put . at the end of the ini file. it should read scummvm -c G:\ Launchbox\ScummVM\scummvm.ini
  8. Klopjero

    Retro out of this world

    You know what would be awesome @harryoke ? if you could write up a tutorial that takes us all through your creative process. sort of like "hi I'm harry and I'm responsible for the bulk of the startup videos here at launchbox, I use these and these applications for creating my content and here is how I do it"
  9. Klopjero

    Making ScummVM portable

    yes all changes will be written to that specific ini file. adding games is easy, if you hold shift in the scummvm menu you can bulk import, so point it at the folder where you store your games and it will scan the underlying folders recursivly. it will add everything you have stored there. btw, if you are using retroarch, I ended up renaming all the .epicfail file extensions to .scummvm, the epicfail files were not taken for some reason. I used powershell to make it easier. from the root folder where you store your games, open a powershell command box and feed it the following command. Get-ChildItem -Filter "*epicfail*" -Recurse | Rename-Item -NewName {$_.name -replace 'epicfail','scummvm' } -verbose
  10. Klopjero

    Making ScummVM portable

    you can start scummvm with a commandline parameter. scummvm -c %your launchbox folder location%\scummvm.ini. basically you can place the scummvm.ini in location you want, even the folder of scummvm it self. the commandline would then look like scummvm.exe -c .\scummvm.ini . does that make sense to you ?
  11. Klopjero

    RetroHumanoid Cinematics & Refried Theme

    Conditional theming would be awesome in this case. If date is 20-25 december then use… I dunno.
  12. Klopjero

    Klop's ScummVM 3D redux

    if there are, I didn't make 'em 😛 I've had thoughts about starting those...really.. *whistles*
  13. Klopjero


    I'm not aware of any gameboy emulator that will add false colors to the otherwise monochrome games. you could use a SNES emulator and play it through supergameboy but you will lose your save games.
  14. Klopjero

    Playlist Theme Video Requests...

    how about a Playlist category theme video
  15. Klopjero

    9.1-beta-1 Released

    That's what I have currently done. however as a feature it would save future users some time.