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  1. The banners they use here are square things which are weird to use as a marquee. I started making my own.. here have some.
  2. how come this theme isn't available in the Theme management section of bigbox ?
  3. https://www.imgupscaler.com/ I found this webservice, which impressed me. realy nice upscales. here are some other that I have done with it.
  4. didnt know where to post.. so here
  5. o For F sake So the proper Extra commandline parameter reads as follows "astrocde -rompath \"F:\LaunchBox\Games\Bally Astrocade\" -cart \%romfile%" in lowercase, otherwise it will not work. Also important to \ the end of the rompath My appreciation for all involved replying to my topic. I have learend alot, and I'm glad that it it worked out in the end.. It works like a charm. The launchbox startup does not like though, the emulator goes through the motions and it gives a startup and a gameover screen after wich retroarch has finally sorted it self out and runs the emulator another piece of the puzzle
  6. yes but the retroarchy promised lands of Harmonized control schemes and HSM megabezel reflection shaders await us on the other side. The things you describe I already have done and is working.... OUTSIDE Launchbox. the only thing that is in he way is LB it self because of this tiny little commandline omission. We could be like GODS, drinking mead from the skulls of our enemies while fully enjoying the benefits that retroarch brings to us. I think i got over excited in that last sentence, but you get the idea. with each reply
  7. really ? why ? it's the same thing, so what makes it a pain in the ass and not worth the effort?
  8. Hi JoeViking, thank you for replying to my post, I really appreciate it. you have helped me understand that -L is not important in this case, or at least the position in the syntax is less important then I initially thought. I am sad to report however that your suggestions did not resolve my issue. My results were either that the mame core, could not find the bios, or didnt understand that the gamerom file was cart or it couldnt find the ROM file. and just gave a black screen. I think because Retroarch is a multiplatform frame work, supporting mame, which is another multiplatform framework, is the reason why I have to put the specific Mame syntax between quotes. I need to start the paths within this syntax with a \ because otherwise it will misinterpret "Gamerompath" do to the spaces in te path. So basically because it's currently not possible to use the \full\path\to\rom\file as a variable within the extra commandline paramater and have that parameter between quotes. this will not work. If I am completely misunderstanding this please correct me. but I did test and I have no positive results.
  9. I will Elaborate Further, 1. is the path to the retroarch 2. is the rompath 3. is, what I assume will be passed to the command line to load the core 4. represents the extra commandline parameters. I assume that the way the syntax is build is: 1,4,2,3 Assuming that this assumption is correct, the reason that it doesnt work correctly is that I can't place a closing quote at the end of 2, because I can't tell it(2) that it's part of 4 A solution would be to introduce a variable in 4, for obvious reasons let's call it %gamerompath% So the extra command line parameter would be "gx4000 -rompath \"F:\LaunchBox\Games\Armstrad GX4000\" -cart \%GAMEROMPATH%" I suppose this would introduce a problem because the syntax would now read "F:\Emulators\retroarch stellar\retroarch.exe" "gx4000 -rompath \"F:\LaunchBox\Games\Armstrad GX4000\" -cart \%GAMEROMPATH%" "FULL\PATH\TO\ROM\FILE" -L "F:\Emulators\retroarch stellar\cores\mame_libretro.dll" not sure how to get past that. maybe do a check if the same variable is used twice ignore last ? I'm sure there is a clever solution maybe a couple of tick boxes one to place Quotes at the beginning and end of the Extra commandline one to Disregard the "FULL\PATH\TO\ROM\FILE" for that system. but these are all assumptions. sorry for ratteling on.
  10. Greetings, I would like to start using retroarch's mame core to run systems like , Amstrad Gx4000 or the bally astrocade. When I setup the system, I Fill out the Retroarch associated Platform Tab (awesome btw), but when I add the extra commandline parameters I get confused, or run into an impossibility. When I run the following command from cmd, the retroarch thread is launched and it loads up the mame core, using the gx 4000 bios and runs the game Rom. "F:\Emulators\retroarch stellar\retroarch.exe" "gx4000 -rompath \"F:\LaunchBox\Games\Armstrad GX4000\" -cart \"F:\LaunchBox\Games\Armstrad GX4000\Barbarian 2 (Europe).zip\"" -L "F:\Emulators\retroarch stellar\cores\mame_libretro.dll" the quotes and the backslashes are essential for the mame core to know whats going on, or so I figures , is there a way to use these ? and if not, could it be included in a future release ?
  11. I love technical solutions
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