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  1. My Super Nintendo Games Bezels/Overlays

    keep up the good work
  2. I have another question.. the Nintendo DS Video's are squished. could video's be scaled the a certain width but keep the aspect ratio ? what i mean is, nintendo DS video's are 480 x 720 but are displayed as 480x360. I really like this theme. and I'm just making suggestions that would in my opinion make it better. same goes for the boxart being used as fan backgrounds, that I mentioned above. I'll fire up photoshop this evening to illustrate what i mean. @SNAK3ATER
  3. are you in need of further assistance?
  4. SNES MSU-1 Cover Art

    I like it !
  5. SNES MSU-1 Cover Pack

    Eya... Not sure if you need some extra source material, but I thought I'd post some anyway.
  6. How to use: Step 1 - press the Step 1 button, and browse to the [exodos]\games folder Step 2 - Click on the Long Names radio button. NOTICE copy the path adress of step 1, step 3 will overwrite that path (bug) Step 3 - step 3 appears and it will ask for a zipmapping INI file. step 4 - copy path back into step 1 Final Step, choose a a destination folder. after the program has run, go to the destination folder and copy the images into their respective launchbox folders. In launchbox, refresh images (F5). eXoDosArtworkExtractor.zip
  7. The plugin works nicely. I used it this past weekend and all games were imported nicely. I then proceeded to use a tool made by Turranius to rename and sort the artwork by front, back, media and screenshot/title and threw that into the respective launchbox folder. worked like a charm.
  8. since when did that solve anything ?
  9. NoshOnThis

  10. it was the emulator.. this is a great niche scraper for launchbox!
  11. Regarding logging, it might be helpful to give some hints so the user can check if he can fix the problem. In this case, file is skipped, apparently you build in a check for an associated emulator, if the emulator is not found it could report that back.
  12. Ah ha! then I think I've found the problem. I had scanned to rom folder for new additions, because I was missing some WADs. (bloody LB doesn't remember where it had imported the roms from ( had to edit the path) ) and I suspect that the new wads don't have an emulator assigned to them. I will check this evening.
  13. My files are named correctly. this is the behaviour. This is a search result that is succeful and the 50shades one .. is skipped. And this is the link to doomworld where the rom is stored : https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/50shades I don't understand. The skipped file doesnt show it's extension, is that the way it's supposed to be ?
  14. okay thanks... I will check my files. They might be named incorrectly then.
  15. Nielk, on what basis does the scraper decide to skip a file ?