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  1. That maybe true.. I wish some mod would come in and shine light on how to proceed.
  2. Sorry that's me.. I'm matching them to the other entries. It's one schizophrenic mess I'm also adding the title as alternate so that it can still be matched.
  3. it's so annoying the search engine doesnt take AD&D, but instead only searches for Ad
  4. This is going to take hours.. so many games to go through...such a slow web interface
  5. Okay, I had a quick search for AD&D and to my dismay I see some titles that have AD&D pasted in front of it. I will atempt to fix it the entries. add the alternate title, and will make the titles match the current standard, which is Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: [game title]
  6. Jesus Mary and Joseph in a canoe. At this rate I'm expecting to find AD&D baldur's Gate or AD&D Planescape: Torment
  7. Hi, Upon moderating the entries I stumbled upon a series of name change requests that I don't agree with. The game titles are being submitted with AD&D in front of them. I think keeping the actual titles is a better idea and the AD&D should be submitted as an alternative title. And if you want to be purist about it, I'd say you call them Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, a forgotten realms fantasy roleplaying game epic vol. I : Pool of radiance instead of just pasting AD&D in front of them.. What do you guys think?
  8. Klopjero

    Zomb's Lair - Reviving Old Classics

    @Zombeaver a different question. arcade like gaming rigs sport some exotic hardware. Dolphin bar for instance. and some games act weird because some of these HIDs mess with the controlls. For instance, Bioshock Infinity and Rise of the Triad spin upwards. other games like prototype 2 don't start at all. Do you have a script that can disable some hardware before starting a game ?
  9. Klopjero

    Zomb's Lair - Reviving Old Classics

    eya, just completed Gunman chronicles, thanks for the package, it runs magnificently. I updated the GamesDB entry, assigning regions to the various boxes and adding a clear logo, 3d and 2d boxes for both the US and EU when they were missing. I thought I'd drop by and mention this and say thanks!
  10. Klopjero

    Klop's ScummVM 3D redux

    Could you please make the 2D box front set available? I'll report back.. I need to check if i have all the source files that I used. please note though that the 2d front will have the scummvm banner that I created.
  11. Klopjero

    Emerson Arcadia 2001 Platform Video

    Awesome as Always! I love these theme videos ! can't wait for the next one