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  1. I love technical solutions
  2. And here i was hoping, the topic would be about adding a transparrency layer in front of the video, so you get a "press start" message when BB is done loading in the background.. O well
  3. Any chance of the source files being released ?
  4. O dear... is my face red...
  5. Hi, When I try and use the Import GOG games wizard, near the end of the wizard it says: Earlier in the wizard is gives instructions on how to access this information. I have followed these. https://www.gog.com/u/klopjero/games? The account settings should be correct, when I browse to the above URL using an incognito windows in my webbrowser it displays my games correctly. So what can I do to fix this problem ?
  6. Hi I thought I post some picture of my arcade cabinet project
  7. I'm sure people ask this alot but are you planning on adding support for designing platform/game marquee views in the future ?
  8. Hi, Would it be possible to have startup video's loop? like Coinops does? and as an extra feature, maybe when bigbox is done loading on the background, have an image drawn over it, stating that it ready and that you should press ny key to continue ?
  9. the marquee's change already. the cab's we might do and I do not understand your last sentence about average consoles.
  10. yea playlists is a problem as we use alot of customviews throughout the theme. the Windows systems is a thing..we probably I should have masked the back of the monitor @CMOSS, on the other hand we could add a small blackborder around the the video and consider the fanart background as a dynamic bezel
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