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  1. Klopjero


    I'm digging those icons dude.. *edit* one thing though, the 4player icon, you can still see there used to be a 3 P.
  2. Klopjero

    Set up Launchbox exclusive OS/User Profile?

    that depends. if you have installed launchbox in your user profile (C:\users\*your profile*) then yes, unless you give the other user account that will run launchbox rights to access that folder you will not be able to run the app. This is probably not the case. to my knowledge launchbox/bigbox wil not write data into your userprofile but will instead contain everything in it's own folder structure. if you encounter issues running LB/BB with a different user you should check if the user has rights to the folder. (right clck folder, check security and see if the user has read/write or full control priviliges on the folder where LB/BB resides) in other words it should not be a problem, and if so you can fix it. *edit* this is about LB BB.. it is very possible that some emulators WILL write configs/saves into your profile.. some crappy emu's will even demand admin rights
  3. Klopjero

    SirCamels Clear Logo Requests

    @seaview59 Nice work on the clear logo's you and the other artists are doing a great job!
  4. Klopjero

    XAML Tips and Tricks

    Cool... thanks for replying.
  5. Klopjero

    XAML Tips and Tricks

    I have a question. is it possible to embed a view in another view ? or call the data that is handled by that view? I'd like to list most recent achievements in the game details box, j
  6. Klopjero

    Doom Video Snaps

    cool. are you planning on making snaps for the winners of last years cacowards ? I still need to get started on making covers for the previous years. I have snaps up untill 2016. including clear logo's
  7. Klopjero

    do you do pixel ? (help needed)

    Thanks ! some help would be awesome though..
  8. Klopjero

    do you do pixel ? (help needed)

    some other examples… the logo is a place holder.
  9. Klopjero

    do you do pixel ? (help needed)

    as you can see I suck
  10. Klopjero

    do you do pixel ? (help needed)

    Hi! Do you do pixel? I'm learning to theme. and I'm hoping to attract talented (pixel) artists that are willing to help me out.. You might know the Snes Mini Theme from retropie (ruckage (awesome!)). I want to port that theme, do a little of my own thing with it ... but I'm working on expanding the icons that it came with. I made some my self.. using work from across the internet (thanks BLUEamnesiac ) I was hoping some of you might help me out.. if you could.. rough draft of what the theme would look like, a sample of icons that ruckage made, I'm editing them so that I have the icon and the logo. The samples are Famicom disk system, Sega game gear, Sony PSP, Sony playstation, NEC turboGrafx My own creations (sample) Nintendo Satellaview, Nintendo 3ds and Sega Saturn. I'm trying to stick to the same style.. If you can draw pixel art, and you want to help me.. and yoru awesoem at redrawing consoles and later icons please send me a message or reply below
  11. Klopjero


    you walk into the alley, the blue/purple glow emitted by a neon sign shows you a closed door. you see boxes and a trashcan stacked along the wall of the building. look at: sign The sign reads arcade, the light it emits just barely lights up the the immediate area. Go to: door You walk up to the door, you hear faint noises comming from the other side. Open door: door won't open. it maybe locked.
  12. Klopjero

    XAML Tips and Tricks

    at Page 12 now, slowly but surely I'm starting comprehend how this works.
  13. Klopjero

    Problems With Certain Gamecube Games

    more likely the issue is with the games DB. good news ! you can fix this your self and for everybody! just click on the gamesDB in the properties of the game( right hand corner) and mark images that are wrong to eb deleted and submit proper artwork! welcome to the community! more exclamation marks !!
  14. Klopjero


    euhm… xbox one runs windows 10. so you're saying you would like a, to use the ancient term, Metro UI type interface for BB. maybe a heavy themed wall view could be used. You could define the tiles and go through it that way.
  15. Klopjero

    Help with Theme for my Arcade build

    okay bizarre. noob question. or remark I browse through this thread and to my shock I actually see screenshots of Visual studio showing the theme that is being worked on. Currently I'm mucking about with a theme and I find myself constantly firing up BB to see how it looks. in fact I had to comment out a wheel.factory something or other( it was throwing an error on that line) for the preview to just show me the grid coloms/rows. Am I doing something wrong ? is there a written out Tutorial on how to set stuff up ? What am I doing wrong ? *edit* okay nevermind on closer examination @Grila was working in photoshop.. *dunce*