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  1. Klopjero

    Big Box in a Big Box (htpc)

    Very nice work on the Japanese side art dude.. really nice
  2. Klopjero

    Marquee image priorities

    *picks up jaw* okay... that's what I get for not thinking... I can just make a dynamic link to to the clear logo folder and that would take care of the immediate issue....thanks @Retro808
  3. Klopjero

    Marquee image priorities

    I'd settle for being able to choose clear logo's
  4. Klopjero

    Alternative Clear Logos

    well done !
  5. Looking forward to this keep the spirits up!
  6. Klopjero

    Playlist Theme Video Requests...

    Over at hyperspin Zerojay Introduced the Ultimate Doom Single player collection. A Collection that includes all of the Annual Cacoward Community award winner mods/wads of the past 15 years. I've helped him update the collection up till 2016. I'm working off and on to make the collection Launchbox friendly. @Nielk1 even built a doomworld scraper to help me with this. The collection at this point is 19GB worth(screen shots, logos and videos) of media and mods/wads... the collection does not include doom3 / doom 4 or heretic/hexen stuff just Doom 1/2 community mods. It's awesome. just my 2 cents worth of input
  7. Klopjero

    Marquee image priorities

    I'll have a look.
  8. Klopjero

    Marquee image priorities

  9. Klopjero

    Marquee screen mix up. - Windows 10 1803

    I'll try that thanks.
  10. Klopjero

    Marquee screen mix up. - Windows 10 1803

    exactly @wallmachine
  11. Klopjero

    Marquee image priorities

    Hi, would it be possible to implement a Marquee image priority setting ? Currently for systems it looks at banners, and for games it looks for boxes. and there is no way to change that. Background images in BB looks for fanbackground and then clear logos (or maybe that's per theme, I'm not sure) so it prioritizes images in the background folder and if it doesnt find any it looks for images in the clear logo folder. Could something similar be programmed so that marquees are looked for in the banner or clear logo folder instead of the box - front folder? and as a bonus, currently the background color of the marquee is set to black and the box is displayed on top of that. could it be possible to have a custom marquee background image that the user could specify.
  12. Hello, I thought I'd report this. I have an issue with the launchbox and marquee screen. I have a 23"screen and 7" screen hooked up. Both are identified in Windows 10 (1803) Big screen is 1 Small screen is 2 I open up big box and in options I activate marquee and it should display on screen 2. and imagine my surprise when My big screen shows the marquee and the small screen shows bigbox.. I have to tell big box to display on screen 2,which windows identified as screen 1 (big screen) and marquee on screen 1 which windows identified as screen 2. what does launchbox base the screen numbers on ? is this an undocumented puzzle easter egg ?
  13. Klopjero

    PC/Windows/Steam 3D Boxes (1036)

    These are great!