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  1. Phill's Doodles - Retrorama

    Congratulations Phills! This is the best Theme for BB I've seen in a while! keep up the good work
  2. Request: set a parental lock to a ESRB rating

    even with a rating/password system in place your kids would still see the game listed and the associated media. the user profile thing is okay I guess but it does take away feel of having an arcade like set up. it's a alot more work I suppose, but what I propose is a hidden function, where games are filtered based on user preference and the rating system. games can be made visible by giving a secret code in the menu. Sort of like a the konami code.the konami code is controller based so you wouldn't need a keyboard or even worse an onscreen keyboard to put it in. if mr Car, could build a framework or a plugin then you could even define codes per content type, so you'd have a code for gore or sex.
  3. Nostalgia

    Did you inspect the downloads? it seems most systems you mention are in here. as far as video's are concerned anyway.
  4. Your List of Small Things

    a secret code to reveal hidden games.
  5. Your List of Small Things

    what I recently found was, that adding LNK's do LB results in linking to to the lnk. this is sweet, but what would be even better is reading the lnk and making a link to the the target that that lnk is pointing at.
  6. I'm not out to tell you what is critique and is frustrations however:. frustration/disappointment/desperation: "doesn't matter what you do LB will fail to perform correctly" Critique: I haven't touched it in months, just had a play with the most recent build and no problems have been fixed. Using the alphabet wheel in bigbox still has delayed input and goes past selection. so in the first part he implies that he had the issue before, and that out of frustration h has left it alone. then he came back later saying that he downloaded the latest beta and he concluded that his perceived issues still weren't fixed. I am a former HS user and I've always said and still think that LB is dissapointingly basic and dull when comes to presentation. it is easy to use though. and with the big flix theme I'm content with how it looks.
  7. okay. what I read into this: he's disappointing and frustrated for not being taken serious. Although pointing at the large collections as an user related issue does make sense to me, but the problem is not the large collection it self but the amount of media associated with that collection which gives BB that sluggish feel. you need a pretty beefy computer the way it's handled. so I do understand his critique. I've read some of his other posts and I don't find it particularly offensive or disrespectful. don't confuse criticism with impoliteness. 'Let me never fall into the vulgar mistake of dreaming that I am persecuted whenever I am contradicted.' - Ralph Waldo Emerson
  8. I read through some comments Syntax made, and I'm not sure that I understand why he was banned. he seems perfectly reasonable.
  9. SNES MSU-1 Cover Art

    I'm quite excited to hear what they come up with, the music of demon's crest was already hauntingly beautiful one of my favorite games in that short Gargoyle's quest series.
  10. SNES CD (MSU) Collection

    good job!
  11. SNES MSU-1 Cover Pack

    my pleasure
  12. My Super Nintendo Games Bezels/Overlays

    keep up the good work
  13. I have another question.. the Nintendo DS Video's are squished. could video's be scaled the a certain width but keep the aspect ratio ? what i mean is, nintendo DS video's are 480 x 720 but are displayed as 480x360. I really like this theme. and I'm just making suggestions that would in my opinion make it better. same goes for the boxart being used as fan backgrounds, that I mentioned above. I'll fire up photoshop this evening to illustrate what i mean. @SNAK3ATER
  14. are you in need of further assistance?
  15. SNES MSU-1 Cover Art

    I like it !