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  1. Things are slowing down as good source art becomes harder to find. The art choices for the japanese castlevania 64 and legacy of darkness are tricky to create a nice composition with. Boxes with cgi art is just the worst Castlevania the arcade is just a pain, youd think that being an arcade game with its assets mostly being naked files it would be easy to find images of the characters. Alas, and I'm unable to find some sort of asset browser. Haunted castle is tough without re using the castlevania / vampire Killer template AGAIN (looking at you VS castlevania) So if any in the community have suggestions/source art or happen to live naar an arcade where they have a castlevania the arcade or haunted castle cabinet and are willing to make some nice phtographs for me then that would be great. In my case I have no such luck.. the closest arcade with castlevania the arcade on record is in Spain.. and I dont have the time or money to make that Journey alas So please Engage with me
  2. I hope you dont mund me budding in but Couldnt you use the windows 311 or is that to modern?
  3. Thank you @JereBear it looks very nice !
  4. ⁶On my todo list: Castlevania 64 (eu in progress) Castlevania legacy of darkness (eu and usa done) Castlevania harmony of despair Vs castlevania (done) Haunted castle Castlevania the arcade Castlevania judgement Castlevania lord of shadows (done) Castlevania lord of shadows mirror of fate / HD (3ds eu usa and japan done) Castlevania lord of shadows 2 (done) Bloodstained curse of the moon Bloodstained curse of the moon 2 Bloodstained Ritual of the night Wondering if i should branch out to getsu fuma den.. if i go out on this branch i might feel compelled to considder those other parodie games. I'm not going to do those Java and Chinees spin-off games. I considdered grimoir of souls but seen as it is condemned to Apple arcade I reject it
  5. Could someone help me out?
  6. Greetings, For my Castlevania Theme video's I'm looking for some nice hi-res source art for the following titles: Haunted Castle, in particular, I'm looking for the side decal of the Skeleton standing behind a gravestone. Castlevania The arcade game, I know.. Anything that's nice and hi-res. I found some photographs of it out in the wold, some are actualy nice but as always the angles are horrible and I lack the skill and patience to give it a good clean and aspect correction. but maybe one of you people are actualy trained professionals instead of me, an enthousiastic amateur. VS. Castlevania side decals, does anyone know if the original used the same painting for decals as vampire killer and castlevania? The internet is muddled
  7. Thanks, I'll try to keep it specific to the era from bow on.
  8. Its the other way around... citcle of the moon uses a remix from dracula's curse. Konami does this alot though, for that nostalgia thing
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