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  1. @neil9000 No filters/shaders applies to EVERYONE. I have never seen these rules in the database @neil9000 This is how Asterix should look. That is your personal opinion that imposes on everyone. This is not what Asterix looked like when it was released for CRT televisions in the past. I do not like his image for many aspects such as size, pixels. But I respect your alternative and would vote to keep it in the DB. With emulators we do not only have the possibility to reproduce the games in an original or similar way to the original. We have the possibility to improve
  2. @neil9000 ok perfect, then add your new rules to the database, because i think these new rules have been made just for me and for daring to ask and the hundreds of bullshit images that exist and that I have to delete manually when they are downloaded is not important. Only mine are the problem.
  3. the launbox database is not used to query the original sizes or appearance of video games. they are used together with emulators for personal computers almost in their entirety, and to consult the real state of emulation. I do not force anyone to view or download my screenshots, other users should also have an opportunity to choose what they like best.
  4. Many things have changed, from the first answers that have appeared in this topic. @Jason Carr Especially if a game does not have screenshots already GamesDB rules New rules have been added for convenience (or maybe they only apply to me?) Because there are many images that break the rules (size and watermarks) It seems that for some users, it is much more beautiful to see a game without screenshots, without offering any alternative, they only entered the database to ban the work of others. I do not like small images in my opinion they are useless, but I respect
  5. My intention is to continue collaborating with the site, if theyallow me... We all know that Game Boy games have a resolution of 120 px apart of this Each game boy model makes the games look different. DMG models <- the original green lcd screen Game boy pocket <- abandoned the original green tones and replaced them with a gray palette with hints of brown. Game Boy Color Models <- Provides colours for the gray games of the model DMG. my question is; What kind of screenshots should I use for this system? Here I leave some examples with description: Window 5x / G
  6. LordMonkus very few games look good if you increase the size of the image, not all are 1943 with small planes ... I am 42 years old, I have been playing with the original systems since I was 6 years old and I have never seen pixels in their original form on the monitors. For this reason I am against ...
  7. in my opinion such a small screenshot is useless, because nothing is seen ... But please, should not delete the screenshots, upload yours image alternatives...
  8. Jason Carr Are you serious? Do you use 640x480 on your desktop? I am using 4k on a 43 '' screen and I need a microscope, I go blind...
  9. Jason Carr yes, the smurfs is mine too,... here you have the original size and without filters,,,
  10. retro systems have very low resolutions 100-300px if i up the size of the images because 100 or 300px makes me blind... is necesary filters to aplies...
  11. the toxic attitude continues. No one should be able to ban a screenshot in games that don't have screenshots. If they do not agree, upload your image alternatives and send them to a vote.
  12. here different ways to look a retro videogame: retroarch - genesisplus core, capture unfiltered First capture: no filters, VGA cable, ntsc. This is the way that megadrive / genesis games look by connecting the console to an LED monitor by RGB cable (this way we did not saw it 25-30 years ago) retroarch - genesisplus core, capture xbr 6p VGA cable XBR 6p filtered. I think this is the most appropriate way to see the games on our current fullHD and 4K screens, but it has some drawbacks, for example it does not mix colors and it does not have scanlines that improve the final re
  13. With a resolution of 240x160 the GBA does not need any type of filter so that the pixels are not visible ... anyway, the screen frequency and the filters that the old LCD screens applied as blur, smart or ghost already filter the images that the human eye perceives... without forgetting that, the GBA does not use a real/true color palette, it uses its own. I usually increase the resolution of the games by upscaling their video/image with the XBRZ or XBR lvl3 filters for the video outputs; Vulkan, Direct 3D, OGL. The only way to capture an image of what a game looked like in a real GBA, is
  14. thanks for the help, i'll go to continue uploading High quality screenshots how until now.
  15. Some database users are rejecting my screenshots Hello my name is Fernando (catfer) First of all, I want to say that I love the launchbox application, and in gratitude I am uploading screenshots of various systems for those games that do not have screenshots yet. I try to make the screenshots I upload to the database have the best possible quality and sometimes it is necessary to rescale an image too small to appreciate the details, one of those users who reject my screenshots said that the original resolution of the nes is 256x240 I have multiplied the resolution 4
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