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  1. I realize this is an old topic however. I'm new to Launchbox, I am transitioning away from Hyperspin. I do like having a list of games then checking my collection against it like with HyperList. I created an app for Hyperspin to check my roms, images etc. So I was looking for the same in Launchbox. Here is a little app i use, it simply checks your rom folder against the Hyperlist to see what you're missing. If there are other similar databases i.e. xml source out there let me know. You'' need to supply your own Hyperlsit files to use this. You can download it HERE. Its only 1 file nothing to Install need just run and select your folder, enter the ROM extension i.e "zip", "cue"etc with no ".". You can export the results to a text file for import into Excel etc. You do need to have Microsoft .NET framework installed for this to work. if you need it you can download from Microsoft Framework It is pretty basic just simply tells you what games listed in the database you are missing. It will also compare your ROMS folder to the database and tell you ROMs that do not have a match in the database, i.e. called orphans. Typically this is caused by the files not being named correctly. The ROM files have to match the database name exactly. I have a "match" function that will rename a ROM to match the database as well.
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