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  1. Awesome. I'll check it out. What files do you actually import into LaunchBox? The game zip? Or something else?
  2. Hi Guys, ive heard using the exodos collection with RocketLauncher is really easy and you just point it at your zip files like roms. I haven't tried and before I did, I wanted to check to see if anyone else has in conjunction with Hyperspin or LaunchBox. I really want to get it through RocketLauncher so I can use @RetroHumanoid media when he releases it. I couldn't find any tutorials so figured I'd ask. Thanks in advance for the help!
  3. So what did you end up doing?
  4. Hi All, I'm looking for a 16:9 DOOM theme video that I can use for a DOOM a collection playlist I'm making. Anyone come across one? I have a 4:3 theme but BigBox won't stretch it.
  5. yea anytime you can get something working in RA it seems worth it. Hopefully @Zombeaver can let us know what he did to get past the bios screen issue.
  6. Have you guys noticed the new core in RetroArch called "Atari 8bit and 5200"? i messed with it last night for a few minutes and it would load a game but the bios screen said it wasn't a real bios. Have any of you had success with this?
  7. help

    I'm guessing you don't have the bios set up correctly. First make sure you have the bios files in the system folder within RetroArch. Then skip launchbox and try to load a cue file directly from within RetroArch. If it still isn't loading get a bin/cue game and try again.
  8. Were wood and ETA let go too? Or are you just speaking in theories?
  9. Awesome! Can I request 2 more playlist videos: - Virtua Fighter Collection - Mario Party Collection Thank you!
  10. I agree but actual bezel support would likely require all of the content creators to create content. This feature is a simple "on/off" and works across the board without needing the community. Plus it looks amazing and doesn't distract from the games. I actually ditched my RetroArch system bezels for this and have been loving it (for the 12 hours I knew about it at least".
  11. Hi All - There are a couple of threads around RocketLauncher and some of its features like bezels. After watching @ETAPRIME video today about RetroX front end for Android I gave it a try - To me the nicest feature is an auto blur bezel. So instead of a custom per system or per game bezel it simply takes the 4:3 ratio and puts it on top of a 16:9 live blur of the screen - that was a miserable explanation but essentially it does the same thing the news does when they show a video that isn't widescreen. Here is a screenshot (from ETA's video). This is an awesome feature that if LaunchBox could implement would be awesome. This i great and honestly i like it better than full blown bezels. It would also work right out of the gate and not need content creators or special naming, configurations, etc... Screenshot attached and link to the feature request in bit bucket... What's also nice is that you can adjust the level of blur, brightness and other things to get it to look the way you want... Feature Request:
  12. how many games did yiunimport and did yiubscrspe? Because LaunchBox removed all the hacked games and only imports the ones it knows (which are games that share a name with non hacked version) None of the home brews import if you scrape either. The other option is import without scraping and it will put everything into your collection. But as you know not all of the files are playable. That's why I love the Hyperspin xml. The xml already lists out the proper games you just point the front end at the massive folder of roms. Arcade is the category where this is important. LaunchBox makes weird decisions like the 4 player ninja turtles and not two. I get it, that's the parent rom, but everyone wants the 2 player version. Drag drop xml are awesome fir arcade stuff for these reasons and the standard naming convention. For consoles it sucks
  13. Hi All - I'm using bezels in RetroArxh but at s per core basis not per game. So I have 2 questions. 1. Are the MAME bezels that's work with standalone MAME the same ones that work with the RetroArch make core? Or does RetroArch have its own MAME bezel set (Like RocketLauncher). 2. How would I get RA to automatically use the per game bezels without face to load each game and saw per game settings? Is it as simple as name the bezel file the same as the rom? any help is appreciated!
  14. Hi All, Anyone have Apple II clear logos or video snaps? I was able to grab a wheel logo pack from RocketLauncher but it was missing 90% of the games. I cannot find any video snaps on emu movies either - anyone have a set or know where i could go? Thank you!
  15. Fixed it - i needed the latest version of the AppleWin emulator and RocketLauncher takes care of the error. Thank you!