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  1. Playlist Theme Video Requests...

    That looks awesome so far!
  2. CityHunter

    This is amazing! Can someone help me tweak the code just a bit? I use the Nosh banners as platform wheel logos. In Nosh's theme they basically take up the entire scroll row and there isn't any space between each banner. I would like that same setup here. So in the platform wheel 3 view (vertical logo) I would like the banners to be larger and very close together. Right now there is a ton of space and the are shrunken. Any help is appreciated!
  3. CityHunter

    Great theme - Does this support different background videos for different platforms? If so, how do you do that?
  4. Marquesas HTTP Server

    It's going to take me a while to figure this out, but what a phenomenal idea. Great use cases with tablet for manual and marquee. This is the type of forward thinking that really opens up possibilities.
  5. Hi All, I was able to get my BigBox setup to play within my VR world using Desktop VR on my Oculus Rift. This was such an awesome, fully immersed gaming experience. Nothing like playing games on a GIANT screen floating in space. I use the NoshOnThis theme as well as RocketLauncher for my fades, bezels and pause media which are all courtsey of @RetroHumanoid
  6. VR Plugin/Theme

    I used the VR Desktop and was able to play BigBox on a MASSIVE screen floating in space... Fully immersed, but not full VR (Minority Report style) just yet. Freaking awesome though... (the recording cuts off some of what i actually see within the headset)
  7. Hi All - I feel like I remember seeing or hearing about a Big Box VR theme or plugin. I just got a rift and came here but I can't find anything VR related. Did I imagine that or is someone using Big Box in VR?
  8. Fully Loaded Hard Drives

    I'm usually pretty Ron Swanson about these things and don't care what people choose to sell. If he's willing to put thousands of hours in and sell something that people are willing to buy, then good for him. This annoys me however because BigBox is not free. I paid for it so should everyone else. Now if Upchurch is including a license and he's paying Jason, then no issues (other than the legal ones selling roms). Ultimately I only care about the license fees because those are what fund development. If he sells 1k drives and that's 1k fewer licenses that Jason gets revenue from, then that's a problem. If he sells those same drives but Jason was paid, then I don't care because this doesn't affect me - if anything it benefits me bevause Jason is selling more and able to invest more back into development.
  9. Playlist Theme Video Requests...

    Looks like it was made by @hevenik
  10. Playlist Theme Video Requests...

    Street Fighter exists now that's to @CTRL-ALT-DEFEAT . You can find it in the download section. Im hoping James Baker will make a Playlist theme video for the playlist category.
  11. Anyone Using DOS with RocketLauncher

    Hi Guys, ive heard using the exodos collection with RocketLauncher is really easy and you just point it at your zip files like roms. I haven't tried and before I did, I wanted to check to see if anyone else has in conjunction with Hyperspin or LaunchBox. I really want to get it through RocketLauncher so I can use @RetroHumanoid media when he releases it. I couldn't find any tutorials so figured I'd ask. Thanks in advance for the help!
  12. Which folder from exodos 2.0 do I import?

    So what did you end up doing?