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  1. Looking for 2 Platform Logos

    MSX2+ logo is perfect! Thank you! The c64 logo is too thin so it looks a little weird in my platform list
  2. Looking for 2 Platform Logos

    Hi All, I am looking for 2 platform logos that I cannot seem to find. I am looking for Commodore 64 and Microsoft MSX2+. I don't use ring logos or anything like that, just normal clear logos. The only c64 one I can find is neon and I cannot seem to find any MSX2+. If anyone has these I would love a copy. Thank you!
  3. Can I set a playlist up as a platform?

    Yes, rocket launcher loads the game from a playlist as if it was from the original platform. So every single arcade game has the same fade and a game bezel. Meaning Konami classics for example won’t have its own fade or bezel. I have an nes classic playlist, I would love for it to have its own fade and bezel when games are loaded from that playlist, but if the same games are loaded from the nes platform it would use nes fade and bezel.
  4. Can I set a playlist up as a platform?

    Hi All, Is there a way to convert a playlist to a platform? im asking bevause I use RocketLaunch for fades and bezels. RocketLauncher does not see playlists at all which means I cannot have custom fades or bezels for any playlists. Can I just move the xml to the platforms folder or something? i don’t want to screw with anything without knowing what would work.
  5. ClassicMini

    Well that’s fancy and good to know
  6. Showing off the BigBox

    Looks great, what games do you use for super gameboy? Are they games specific to that or basically just a subset of your gameboy games?
  7. ClassicMini

    @ETAPRIME in your LaunchBox video this week you showed this theme. Your version has litle popups at the bottom when you hover a game - When I download and use this theme, mine doesn't do that. Did you make adjustments to the theme?
  8. Can I just rename a view?

    I wouldn't rename to something nonstandard - i would basically swap the name vertical list view 2 for vertical list view 1. I asked in beta and it seems jason specifically didnt have bigbox remember the view for the secondary theme when it switches - which is why i am hoping i can rename the view to make it work.
  9. Can I just rename a view?

    Hi All, I do not know anything about xaml or how these themes are built. I am curious, can i just rename the file for the specific view? I am asking because i have an NES classic playlist and i am using the classic mini theme for it. I use the city hunter theme for my main theme. In city hunter i use vertical wheel 1 and the classic mini theme i use is vertical wheel 2 - big box defaults to the same view of your main theme, even when you switch to a new theme for a platform/playlist. If i could simple rename the classic mini view i am using to the same view i use in city hunter then everything would flow nicely. any help is appreciated - thank you!
  10. SNES MSU-1 Cover Art

    These are great! Do you have a box for Contra 3?
  11. Sounds per Theme?

    @Jason Carr hoping you see this and cAn bang it out in a live stream!
  12. Sounds per Theme?

    Yea sounds per theme and even sounds per platform would be amazing. Mario sounds for Nintendo platform and sonic for Sega would be amazing. The more modular things get the better. Really gives us all the ability to make the build our own.
  13. 7.12-beta-1 Released

    Loving the different themes for different platforms. Should it remember the games view of the new theme? Meaning I use vertical wheel 2 in city hunter and 1 classic mini. But when I switch back and forth it keeps the view I was on instead of switching back to the specific one for each theme.
  14. Sounds per Theme?

    Hi All - Does BigBox allow for different sounds per theme? For example, if I am using the classic mini theme i want to use the classic mini soundpack, but if i am using a different theme i would want to use a different soundpack - is that possible? Or do all of the sounds come from the main LaunchBox sound directory? Thank you!
  15. 3D0 using 4D0 RetroArch Core

    I did that and it seemed to work, but before i delete them all, i figured id be positive