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  1. Hi Guys - Sorry if i am a dope and missed this somewhere... I thought i read that one of the releases allowed the ability to control the the startup screens at the platform level. Is this true? If so, where are those settings? i only see the very limited settings in the main tools menu.
  2. mine seems to be making theme folders on its own. i moved old refried out and every time i go to a platform, it creates a folder called refred - arcade (or whatever it was before).
  3. Is there a way to push the Unified Refried theme to ALL of my wheels at once? Because of how the previous version worked, basically every single platform needs to be redone individually to change the theme and then the view. Wondering if i could do it at once.
  4. So in the zip there is a folder called queso fresco Addon then inside of that is an Images and Views folder. Do i drag over queso fresco folder or do i darg over images and views?
  5. Got it. So in this new world is it it’s own theme? Or somehow a part of refried base?
  6. Thank you! im not sure I understand what queso fresco is. Is it what the add ins were before with the big image between the video and the wheel?
  7. Is the idea to have have Big Box play the audio or to have sone other program play it?
  8. You use PCLauncher as the module and the path is to the folder where your games are. You also need to set up every single game individually within rocket launcher under emulator settings. I love rocket launcher and use it for everything, but now that LaunchBox has loading screens, I wouldn’t bother loading MUGEN or other PCLauncher games through RL. Just do them directly from LaunchBox.
  9. Thank you. Can you do custom startup themes per platform or playlist?
  10. Thank you for the clarification. So I have over 100 platforms and going on 3-400 playlists. Why not have the ability turn turn startups on and off by platform/playlist as well? Game level is great and emulator level has its use cases. But ultimately the “wheel” level is most useful. Right now for example I only want it on for a handful of platforms. The only way to do that is turn it on for everything, then over 100 times I need to go through each emulator or “select all” at the game level to turn those off.
  11. So i have startup turned off globally but i wanted to turn it on just for PC games. So i went into the games and selected "overide default startup settings" then i selected "enable game startup screens". No luck.... Am i missing something?
  12. So how does that work for platforms without an emulator - Like PC Games
  13. Do we have the ability to turn startup screens on per platform? Or only per emulator?
  14. Startups are awesome! I’m torn if I like the unified background or fan art instead. Either way, they look great and I’m excited to eventually ditch RL.
  15. What do you mean by custom themes per platform? Don't you already have that?
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