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  1. angelobodetti


    @CriticalCid gotcha. So it’s not possible for the theme (or any theme) to check its own folder structure for “3D Box” (LaunchBox/Theme/Images/Platform Name/3D Box)? It will only check LaunchBox/Images/Platform Name/3D Box?
  2. angelobodetti


    Love this theme! With all the people making custom media specifically for this theme, would it be possible to hard code (or any other way) where the theme looks for box art? There’s a ton of great new box art that I only want to use for this theme. Currently box art is all or nothing, would be great if it could be theme specific (like platform logos and videos).
  3. angelobodetti


    Fresh install did the trick
  4. angelobodetti


    Yes I am. I will try reinstalling over the top.
  5. angelobodetti


    Hi All - This was working and looking great yesterday, then I updated to 1.1 and I get the following error. Any idea why?
  6. angelobodetti

    Search Question

    Hi All - Is there a way to search my collection for games that did not match against the launchbox database? I would like to do this for quality control reasons. For example some of my PS1 games have (v 1.0) next to them and launchbox doesnt make the connection. So I manually go through and match them to the database. The list view would be perfect for this but i do not see a column for Launchbox ID.
  7. angelobodetti

    8.2-beta-1 Released

    I would LOVE to see the ability for a theme to use both game clips and game themes. Themes on the wheel view for example and the game play clip on the game details view
  8. angelobodetti

    Super Game Boy through RocketLauncher

    Hi All - I have Super Game Boy up and running directly from LaunchBox. I would love to run it through RocketLauncher. Does anyone know the settings? This is a crazy hassle and I've spent hours trying to figure it out. I have RetroArch set and the core set. I am guessing I need to have RocketLauncher send a custom command line - I just have no idea how to do that. Any help would be appreciated!
  9. angelobodetti

    Importing ExoDOS w/ RocketLauncher

    Hi All, I spent a few hours reading multiple threads and couldn't find a tutorial or even some tips on how i would take the newely released Exodos collection and import it into my own LaunchBox with RocketLauncher. Has anyone done this? If so, can you throw a couple of steps together on how I would do this? I am currently running them in the standalone LaunchBox instance they came with, but i would obviously like to import it into mine (which uses RL). Any help is appreciated!
  10. angelobodetti

    msdos startup (requested)

    Love it!
  11. angelobodetti

    Club Launchbox

    Loving all of your intro videos. Any chance you could make one specific for Dos games? I am keeping Exodos in it's own LaunchBox environment.
  12. angelobodetti

    My Big Box Setup w/RocketLauncher

    I wish - I rename everything manually
  13. angelobodetti

    My Big Box Setup w/RocketLauncher

    RocketLauncher needs stuff to be named the same as the rom file.
  14. angelobodetti

    ExoDOS Import

    So I copy those .gam files to the xml folder and then run the merge.bat file? Thank you for everything!
  15. angelobodetti

    ExoDOS Import

    That's what I did. The XML was tricky because I had to combine them. I might have done something wrong because when I just copied the XML over it was only the new games, not the total games. Then there was a merge bat file. Needless to say it works but i don't have the original XMLs anymore. What I do not have any clue how to do is bring all of this into my current LB install. I have an entirely different LB setup running just for ExoDos.