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  1. I had this issue when i re-pointed emulator directory to retroarch. I then deleted it from 'edit emulator' and remade it. that fixed it
  2. Thanks so much for your detailed reply. I will try this
  3. Hi All, im currently having an issue with N64 and some NES games not using game specific bezels. Both NES and N64 are No Intro sets so the naming convention should be fine. but it seems to only be using the "Cabal" bezel on most of these games... does anyone know what could be wrong?
  4. oh i see...i don't believe i had it enabled..but i could'nt get into the menus to check so you could be right. But its a perfect lesson for why you need data back up...i would have been stuffed without it Thanks for the reply
  5. I feel like this has something to do with VJoy??
  6. literally unplugged everything restarted computer then plugged in keyboard and mouse started it and still spinning...I have tried disabling game controls in launchbox (as i cant get there in bigbox) still nothing
  7. Hi All, Wondering if someone can assist. My Big Box mode just started scrolling through the wheels and menus by itself and i cant stop it. I have unplugged all controllers, keyboard and mouse and its still going.... Has anyone encountered this?
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