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  1. Language-nl-NL-11.7-beta9.zip Update for the Dutch version in attachment.
  2. Hi @Jason Carr , 11.7 beta 6 Dutch (NL) update in attachment. Language-nl-NL-11.7-Beta6.zip
  3. FYI, Just tried the Theme Demo in BB to see if the external HDD EXFat would give problems with the new function. Seems it's the same as some time ago with the theme settings. I'l leave the picture of the full error.
  4. Hi @Jason Carr Dutch update for 11.7. + Fixed 1 typo that got got slipped in. Language-nl-NL-11.7.7z Some small things in the Dutch version : Steam import the 3th and 4th box are just to narrow to display the whole. Its now Geïn instead of Geïnstalleerde. Importing game metadata, the sentence is a bit long in Dutch, maybe it's better to add it as remove double images (adviced) instead? Then we drop the "ongeveer-overeenkomende" word. In the Importing metadata screen the full txt isn't displayed and behind the checkbox. You see the , but no txh that follows. The images group is in English and not yet translated, can it be that these file's are left out in the Dutch files, or did i miss somthing? Can't seem to find it in the files.
  5. Super, I’m back home tomorrow and check it. ;)
  6. @Jason Carr In attachment. Just in time before my holliday. I let the translation in were the english part was removed, wasn't shure if deleting was ok or not. Language-nl-NL-11.5-beta2.zip
  7. Found 2 small things : When adding games in the metadata field the Remove ... is too narrow and gets in the select none button. Second is in the Dutch (NL) Translation, because it's a long sentence it doesn't desplay it all and the checkbox hides some of it.If you look close you see that the next words are under the prior of images checkbox.
  8. Ok, im starting tomorrow on it when i'm fresh and fruity Just checked the program and the files and everything is clear how to translate and deliver. I'l try to get it ready and double check it before i'm going on holliday.
  9. Just something small, not important. There are 2 typo's in the dutch (NL-NL) translation in the show manual when right click on a game and when you see your licence. I made a word doc with screenshots and the correct translation. I also added a 3th one for the platform pannel just as suggestion. Just saw in the editing of a game that some menu's are in Dutch, some in English, also the menu like badges ect has the same. Do you guys want to make the other languages version a 100% in that language or just the general things? If so i can check now and then for the translations and make word doc's like this, after my holliday i can translate some if needed. launchbox-Nl-Nl.docx
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