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  1. Well damn. No idea why any of that was checked or why there was a command line. Stella itself was set up properly, but something about the way I linked it in LB was screwy. Works perfectly now. Thanks
  2. Actually, when I open Stella all by itself it shows my rom folder and list of roms. Its just when launching a game via LaunchBox that is giving me the issue.
  3. ohh... I assume you mean set a path within Stella itself? I haven't messed with that yet. Thought that LaunchBox would open it via Stella like all the other emulators.
  4. yes, and yes. But instead of launching the game it simply opens the stella app. I'll triple check my paths and report back
  5. hmmm, ill give it another go, will try and find a newer tutorial since the UI has changed.
  6. I guess I'm confused on what retrarch is then, because from the tutorials im watching, it seems like its just an alternative to LauncBox... like... I still have to DL mame or stella anyway.
  7. Having trouble getting either to work like the rest of my emulators. I tried using retroarch but all the tutorials use the old PS UI rip-off and don't translate well. I'd prefer to avoid retroarch in the first place, as all my other emulators work great and I just want the Atari 2600 games to launch like everything else. Any help is appreciated.
  8. https://i.imgur.com/fWJZWDH.jpg I can navigate to the correct folder and launch the game, but I was hoping it would just open the game straight away. From the tutorials I've seen, the games just straight up open for people. What am i missing?
  9. Thank you for the quick reply. It looks like ALL the XML files were corrupt. Also, I was confused because my latest backup wasn't opening but thats because that was corrupt too. Going back to an earlier version got me all the XMLs that I needed. Thanks.
  10. Tried using PCSX-R which cause my machine to go buggy. So I forced restarted my machine and now when I try to open LaunchBox it says the file is corrupted and I need to try a backup file. The backup files look to be .7z files, but don't actually open. Not sure what the process is. Any help is appreciated.
  11. Every-time I add a Ps3 game, it come in with a strange title/image. Not a huge deal, I simply change those things. But as soon as I do, the game goes away. And trying to re-import the EBOOT gives me a "0 games have been imported successfully" like...wtf? This has happened for 2 out the 5 games I've added. All 5 boot fine before I made title/image changes. And all 5 continue to boot fine in rpcs3. But only 3 continue to work in LaunchBox.
  12. So I manage to get games in LaunchBox via the EBOOT. But they have some strange title/image. But they launch. BUT once I try to change the details and images... the games delete themselves from Launchbox and will NOT be able to be re-imported again...
  13. So the game boots/plays fine directly through rpcs3, but I can't figure out which file to select for LaunchBox. Even when browsing through rpsc3, I just selected the folder and it knew what to do next. So that didn't help me narrow it down. Anyone know the file/file extension I should be hunting for? Thanks EDIT: Also, I tried the EBOOT and that didn't work.
  14. That WORKED!! Thank you so much!
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