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  1. Thank you sir, I would never have found that (well not for a long time). Yep I have premium and its downloading now. 🥳
  2. I had LB/BB installed before but the disk got wiped and now Im having to rebuild it. In some of the old themes I would get a bigbox cinematic playing but now I don't. Can't find if its a setting somewhere or not. I can't seem to find the video in the folders. This is the one, can anyone help me?
  3. Try application log or the other logs in windows event viewer application. Might have something there.
  4. I looked in to it more, I suspect the firewall was dropping some connections/file downloads and no response was getting back to Launchbox. I whitelisted the IP that launchbox was using and that sped up the process (well still took hours but was moving along a bit quicker). It would be good to have some control of the timeout if that is possible. It might be a server issue or some router along the path dropping packets/connection for someone else so it would be good to have this feature.
  5. Having a problem with importing metadata. It zooms along until it cannot find/download a file. At this point it should timeout and move along however it seems that timeout is approx 4mins. This causes the whole import to take forever. I am not sure why it can't find so many files but its not a big issue for me. Is there a way I can change this setting? So far it was unable to down 17 files so far but this accumulates to over an hour.
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