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  1. Thanks for the explanation. It makes sense in theory - but in your experience, how often does the fuzzy matching of the individual game scraper actually lead to errors? I have scraped at least 50 games individually that the bulk import missed this morning, and so far it hasn't come up with a single incorrect match. Based on this experience, it's hard for me to understand how some fuzzy matching in the bulk scraper would be problematic. I admit, however, that my experience is limited - I'm adding popular Sega and Nintendo systems, not obscure Japanese PC games. Anyway, I'm surprised the scraper isn't trained to work perfectly with No-Intro naming conventions - I'm guessing that's a common denominator among many LaunchBox users...
  2. I'm setting up a fresh config after a drive failure (ugh), and the scraper is frustrating me. During a bulk import, any games that end in ", The", for example "Simpsons, The", don't get scraped. But going back and scraping those same games individually grabs all info and media. Why the extra step? Does the bulk import not use fuzzy matching? Can an option be added to ignore leading "The " when scraping to avoid all this extra work? Another nitpick - when fetching media, I ALWAYS choose the same three items - box front, clear logo, and HD video. And yet I ALWAYS have to uncheck all and manually check these three items when scraping individual games. It would be nice if this preference could be saved, like it is for bulk imports, so I don't have to remind LB what media I want over and over and over while cleaning up all the games that were missed by Scraper, The. End of rant. I'm mostly frustrated that I have to set everything up all over again and little things like this really slow the process down.
  3. Is there an installation log, or a crash report, or some other record that can be looked at to understand what failed during the installation process?
  4. Still looking for help with this. Thanks.
  5. I got a new 1tb USB3 drive that I intend to use for LaunchBox. When I run the installer and choose the drive as my destination, it appears to install fine, but when it tries to launch, it crashes with an ambiguous error. So I tried installing to an internal drive, then copying the LaunchBox folder to my USB3 drive. It ran fine. I copied over my settings file and started adding emulators when I got a message that a new beta was available, so I downloaded it. It installed, but upon launch, it crashed again with the same error. Something about this drive doesn't let me install LaunchBox, even though it runs fine if I copy another installation over. Any ideas? Thanks!
  6. I mostly use Bizhawk, but it doesn't happen every time I use it. Not sure if it happens with other emulators. I'll try keeping track.
  7. Sometimes, when coming out of games, the LaunchBox window has grown to cover the Windows taskbar. If I hit the Maximize button on the title bar, it reverts to its regular size. I've been having this issue for a while now, but I don't see any patterns, and I can't figure out how to reproduce it. Does anyone else experience this? Can it be fixed? Thanks!
  8. Has anyone messed with this? It plays original music from many arcade machines and quite a few old Japanese PC games. It's no fun getting it up and running, but once it works, it's pretty amazing. Original site: http://dmpsoft.s17.xrea.com/hoot/ Guide here, plus some music files: http://snesmusic.org/hoot/v2/faq.php More music files here (and copy over the contents of hoot_2018-06-26.7z after you follow the guide above😞 http://hoot.joshw.info/
  9. garbanzo

    ScummVM MIDI

    Anyone have tips for getting the best MIDI experience in ScummVM on Windows? Which drivers? Which soundfonts? Thanks!
  10. Thanks for the help. I didn't realize what I was seeing is a blurred box image. But my problem isn't so much the blur. I have the background set to a custom image, and yet when I select a game, it's changing to the box image. That's new behavior and I can't figure out how to turn it off.
  11. Today I ran LB for the first time in a few weeks and updated to the latest beta. Now when I select a game, my background changes to a blur of colors. How can I turn this off? I'm using the Old Default theme.
  12. Sorry for the slow reply, I don't log in much these days. Just pass the full path of the file to gargoyle.exe, it works fine.
  13. Sorry about that, I wasn't aware there were issues with PGP. I used it for years and never had trouble.
  14. Free: https://joytokey.net/en/ Not Free: http://pinnaclegameprofiler.com/
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