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  1. Heh well half of my ROMs were not showing box art when looking at just SNES alone. They were from 15-20 years ago so I'm sure there has been a refresh of naming standards. No biggy, thanks a bunch for responding!
  2. It's not that it wouldn't play (sorry for not being clear) it's that it won't show box art. I'm remediating it by getting a no-intro list which should fix it from what I hear.
  3. note: i looked for something like this a year ago or so and was wondering if there has been anything implemented recently that would make this a smoother process.
  4. So im wanting to organize my games and make them into something special with the Launchbox/Bigbox Colorful setup. I'm totally ok with getting the lifetime membership but before i do, i want to know if there is an easier way to rename games into a format that will be accepted/understood by the applications. Ideally id prefer not to have to spend 20+ hours manually renaming game titles from all the consoles so before i spend the money only to not have the motivation to rename manually if it comes to that...is there an easier way to rename everything in a format that would be understood?
  5. Thanks @neil9000. Tried to find sets on newsgroups but no luck. I'm hesitant to download sets from random websites. Back in the day rom paradise I think was my place I filled in gaps but I got the collections from torrents back in the day. Thanks for the insight and I'll keep on researching.
  6. So I stumbled across this on a YouTube video and thought it would be a great idea to house all my old ROMs. I I read through forums and watched videos and felt I could knock this out in a day and I was almost there, but it didn't turn out quite like I anticipated. I started with SNES and it all got in there and up and running but I noticed meta data wasn't all loading for all the games. I looked at those games and noticed that the ones that had problems were named differently. As soon as I changed the name and did a search it all popped up (except the music which wasn't the end of th
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