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  1. I am still alive and well, working non-stop on art for over a year many, many hours a day I have stepped back to take a little break and enjoy other things in life. I have multiple high-res sets in the works that will be posted and shared here once they are complete so follow me, or check back on my page every so often to see if any new goodies have been dropped!

  2. I have multiple high-res sets of art, a lot of them on larger systems with 1000+ or if not, close to images, The database (in my opinion) is littered with trash, I stay away from it and recommend everyone manually download their desired image files and places them into the appropriate image folders within Launchbox. Sadly it has to be done on a per-game basis and even then the lesser quality from my experience will still also be there. The database is not all that well maintained and hard to satisfy everyone. This is every licensed NTSC game boy advance game though (except 1 that I h
  3. Welcome, clad you enjoy them, I assume you mean *box fronts though as these are not my cart sets None the less thanks again!
  4. This was my second set of art that I released and Thrill Kill made it in by mistake. I only do official games. This set also is not named with no-intro naming as it should be, I ought to reupload with the total released games (1286) and their correct naming. Therefore I wont be doing prototypes or unreleased games at this time. There will be an update at some point in time though with some variations to box arts and how they were originally released.
  5. Oh, and my vote goes to V3 or V4.2
  6. @viking Your updates from the last few pages are the fricking amazing. You are knocking this out of the park and improving your theme by a country mile! I love it all!!!!! But dude, you HAVE to include a view like what I attached. I just did a quick dirty mock up with my game boy box art and cart art to show you how good it looks! I hope you consider making this a view!!! (Since you said you may not make this view)
  7. More box art in the works!

  8. D'oh, didn't even think of that, thanks for heads up!
  9. Wow this theme is amazing, excellent work!!!! I see where you got some design inspiration from, especially on the screen shot for GameCube/Zelda Any chance you can share the community files so we can tweak this for or own builds?
  10. Highly unlikely at this point. I have multiple other sets in the works right now when time permits, and high quality EU sources are much harder to find. (Maybe someday though, so I'll never say never.)
  11. Here is all my stuff: https://forums.launchbox-app.com/profile/77427-abeezy13/content/?type=downloads_file which includes PS1
  12. Thank you! Just wait to version 2.0 in the future Oops thought this was something else of mine, ignore the striked out comment lol.
  13. Legit!!!! Cant wait to see it on the repo! If you're taking more requests how about Nintendo Switch carts and Nintendo DS carts? 😎
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