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  1. Love that darker high contrast pallete Jegeroel! Looks great!!
  2. I was just curious, I LOVEEEEE what you got but some times easy tweaks for personal preference/taste make it all the more sweeter Didn't mean no disrespect I love the red, its awesome! Just figured I would ask if it was something simple to fix on the user end after downloading the theme!
  3. I'm so excited for the competition of this theme. It's incredible curious, as I ever dabbled in any of this. If we downloaded your theme when it's complete is it possible to edit stuff? For example the colors instead of red or different font etc? Obviously for personal use only
  4. Well I tried again and it worked fine, so not sure what that was all about. So disregard
  5. Probably better off asking this somewhere else so if so feel free to redirect me... but just opened up BB and there is an update, hit ok to download, got an error. SO I closed and opened LB to try, hit ok to install the update and same result, it failed. The error I get is "Unable to download update: An exception occurred during a web client request." Anyone know what that exactly means and how to fix it?
  6. Thanks Brad! That works like a charm!
  7. If I brought in a game and it doesn't look to have found any box art or anything of the such... how do I re scrape just that game and not every game? I think it was an error in the title of the game so I fixed it and want to see if it will pull in all the data now. EDIT: Or is there a way to look through the database to see what exists that may be a closest match? So if I didnt know what was wrong with the title I could browse and find the correct one. EDIT AGAIN, FIGURED IT OUT SO NEVERMIND
  8. Thanks man I appreciate it! That should help out! I like a clean minimalistic look
  9. What makes GluPeN64 better than Mupen64? Just curious.
  10. Thanks guys! I appreciate it! Going to ask another quick question. I wanted to know that because I am going to reimport my library and delete all the PAL, JAP, EU, etc images for my games so they only have the NA images. However when I imported before I turned off all the "fan art" I didn't want all of that in the background on Launch box. However in Big Box when using themes that have screen shots and videos I will need to make sure I download that stuff when I import right? I just did not like all those images showing up on the background in the standard Launch Box. Also for videos if they are used in the theme I downloaded do I have to pay for an account on emu movies or whatever it was called that they pull from?
  11. Holy smokes I love this. Clean, simplistic and very well made! I am going to be keeping an eye on this thread no doubt!
  12. In Launch Box if I highlight say all my SNES games and delete them does it automatically delete all the downloaded images associated? So like fan art, box art, cart/cd art etc? Or do I have to go into where it stores that and delete the folders? I am re-doing something and want to start fresh with that as well. Curious the easiest way to achieve this? Pretty much want to delete everything associated with the roms/games EXCEPT my saves.
  13. I did a new nightly build, copied only my saved games folder. So pretty much started from scratch. Everything seems to be working correctly again with my bluetooth controllers. So weird. That is seriously my only gripe with RA is the shoddy connections and configurations with controllers and such (at least wirelessly). But yes just copied my saves and did the new install. Hopefully it doesn't wig out on me again after time I really appreciate your help as always kind sir!
  14. Thats whats odd... thats what I did when I started setting this all up. Got everything pretty much working no issues. Now my controllers wont work. They are connected blue tooth but they worked before... then boom just stopped. I have went to where you said and made sure everything is set like it should be but no luck. If I did a new install can I copy all my saves and such? And just attempt to re-do all the core specific configs I had saved? EDIT: I just deleted a config and started to re-do it looks like that fixed it.
  15. ^^^ Anyone have any suggestions... sucks not being able to play lately
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