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  1. Okay, I understand. In the current version I can only export to Premiere, Cinema 4D or Media Encoder. But anyway, I will make sure that the final video files meet your specifications. Here is a preview version:
  2. Okay, I played around a bit with the shadow (as a separate layer). Here I simply lack the experience of how it looks good and natural... The background colour is now more like the blue from the Commodore logo. Attached is the new screenshot. On this one, the floppy and monitor LEDs are off. But I want to animate them in After Effects. @viking What export settings should I use in Adobe Media Encoder before running the file through VidCoder?
  3. Yes, you are right. To be honest, I haven't bothered about the background colour yet, because it's very easy to change afterwards. I decided to use the light blue from the stripe of the C64 logo - all other colours look too aggressive... But I have noticed something: All platform videos in my category "Computers" now have a light blue background: Windows, MS-DOS, Amiga and now C64. Is that okay, what do you think? I think this is where I come to the end with my Photoshop skills ? I must note that the monitor is not a separate layer. The whole setup is a bitmap. So when I apply the lens Correction, for example the floppy drive becomes skewed. I have therefore tried the transormation mode, where you put a grid over the image and can bend individual nodes (unfortunately I don't know what this is called in English). And unfortunately I can't do that perfectly... It's difficult without a pen, only with a mouse and without a steady hand. Please see attached screenshot. I still have one question: The videos are to be compressed with VidCoder - that's clear. But which export settings do I use in After Effects beforehand?
  4. This morning I added a second disk, created the layers for Screen Mask, Screen Shadow and Screen Reflect and retouched the blue shimmer at the top of the Commodore monitor.
  5. Hello folks, first a big thumbs up to @viking for his great theme, the amazing platform videos and his tutorials here in this thread. Although I have been using Adobe Premiere for years, I have no idea about Photoshop or After Effects. I've been meaning to teach myself these two programs for a while now. And since I noticed that one platform video that is important to me is missing - the one for the Commodore 64 - well, now I have a nice "practice project". The hardest part is really finding a decent photo of the device. I finally found one via Google Image Search on Wikipedia and spent a lot of time with cropping, shadowing as well as adding the floppy disk (I manually labeled it with Giana Sisters and adjusted it in perspective). You can see the result on the attached screenshot. By the way, I took the joystick from Viking's Amiga template and simply mirrored it horizontally. Tomorrow I will continue with the layers Screen Mask, Screen Shadow and Screen Reflect. And then let's see how I do in After Effects.
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