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  1. So just tried them out. On the mupen core in retro arch . (Unskippable rolling title cards are really annoying !) I have only started these up for the first time so I haven't fiddled with settings this is pretty much out of the box. But do keep in mind I'm running an older i7 and a gtx 780 (3gb) Rouge squadron seems to run fine with no upscaling or anything adjusted. No glitches in sound or graphics anything like that really Battle for Naboo. The game is slow on start up with alot of crackling audio. But as soon as I try to play a level it black screens and retro arch becomes not responsive and I have to close it. That might just be a back rom mind.
  2. Hi. I'll give rouge squadron a go for you later this evening. If I have the rom for the Naboo one I'll try that as well.
  3. Yeah I went for an increase in resolution and some light anti aliasing. So I can finally see the walls coming towards me in pod racing ? I'm really not fussed for high Res textures right now . But If that changes I'll be sure to come back and read your comments. Youve been amazing
  4. Hey guys just wanted to let you know that I've managed to get my settings right for retro arch. Seems to be doing a better job (less graphical glitches) Thank you for the help, really appreciate it!
  5. Thanks thats interesting I wasn't aware of the shaders and latency reduction things. So far I'm pretty happy with the standalone emulators such as PCSX2, dolphin, redream and s9nes. But I'm finding ePCSXe a bit lack luster so maybe I'll toy around with retro arch for that.
  6. I'm after accuracy so I'll try the angrylion plug in. Looks like I'll have to get to grips with retro arch again. Out of interest would you say there are any other retro arch cord that are superior to any of the stand alone emulator offerings ? Only interested as pretty earlier on I said I would try to avoid retro arch ( I can't stand the interface) but I'm willing to put in the extra effort if it means a better experience in the long run. I'll try to remember to let you know how I get on
  7. Thanks for the reply, yes this ones on me! only had launchbox for a couple of days i was still wrapping my head round it. sorry to leave you hanging!
  8. Hi, Sorry i know this is a really noob question! I am new to N64 emulation and was wondering on some other opinions on what emulator to use. I've been toying around with Project 64, most games work well enough for me (not too bothered about upscaling etc) but there's too many that I'm struggling to get playable. (most recent example being Pokemon stadium, I'm getting a tonne of graphical glitches in menus and also flickering in the borders whilst in a battle) I've seen online that there maybe an option to change the graphics plugins possible, any guidance on that would be appreciated. A bit of background info is that i have been trying to avoid retro arch as previous experience for me has been rough (prior to using launch/bigbox) but if that is the going consensus on the most reliable emulator I'm happy to give it another shot. Not sure if necessary but PC specs are as follows: I7-4770, GTX 780 3GB, 16GB RAM, All games and emulators on a 4TB external drive. Cheers !
  9. Just got launchbox and bigbox today and wanted to start toying around with it, so I wanted to add just some of my roms. I started with my SNES games. I went to import the files and set up snes9x. The importing of the rims and image downloads took 4-5hours and I only had 50 or so games. When the import finished launchbox says I have near 1000 titles, including Famicom games and they all seem playable. (Some have missing images) Just wondering if this was supposed to happen. And if so how can I stop it happening when I go to import my other console collections.
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