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    Control panel buttons.

    Thats awsome. And thanks for the info.
  2. Hi. Which "admin" buttons are necessary on a control panel. I have 2 pre-drilled holes in my panel that I have to fill with buttons. but need advice what to tie to them? I have "play" - (enter / p) and "exit" - (esc) "coin" and "start" However, I have 2 empty holes for 2 more "admin" buttons. I know you can use a hotkey etc, but I already have the holes drilled and have to fill them. so do you have any good advice on which buttons you can use in the big box? Very grateful for answers from you who have an arcade cabinet.
  3. Hi guys, anyone with a "Trackball Games" video?
  4. I have the same problem. Any fix for this?
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