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  1. Hi everyone Hoping someone can help out on this one. Have got LEDBlinky working pretty well with MAME through LB/BB. Then came across RocketBlinky as a way to turbo charge the other emulators/platforms. Have I missed the boat to use this utility 'cos all I get is an error when I launch the .exe: I have uninstalled/reinstalled all C++ redistribution packages - am running on Win 10 64 arch. My other left-field thought was - if someone has already generated the files using Rocketblinky for LEDBlinky, could I just copy them into the relevant folder (even as a starting point - may have to edit a path or two, and I know the games/platform list will not be a complete match) At this stage I'd take something that will get me 80% with LEDBlinky for my games library. Thanks in advance
  2. Was looking for the right place for this post but couldn't see a natural place to simply say THANKS. Back story - dusted off my mostly built arcade cabinet (COVID isolation and unfinished projects hey...) and after needing to replace the PC I decided to swap from HS to LB/BB and rebuild from scratch. Don't hate me because i used HS, I have seen the light 🙂 Wanted to simply say thanks to the community for all the info. Have spent a little time trawling/reading and following hints/tips/youtube vids. Have pretty much got my 4P cab back up and running with way more platforms and games, And the media, themes etc using BB - OMG, how easy was all that, and how good does it look. If you're starting out, spend the time going through the great info already here. If I can follow the bouncing ball and get things set up, so can you. I still have some things to work on but its all tweaking extra stuff now on top of working games. so a big THANKS for the help so far
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