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  1. well would you look at that, using a different key, in this case "A" worked, somehow the "esc' key in my PBFX3 acts almost as if its hardcoded and cannot be over written. Very Very weird but at least i have something that work and now just need to do a simple remap on my arcade. Thanks very much for you help. BTH, I didnt have a "$" at the start of the scrip, is that needed as i had it when i was using "$Esc::" ? just asking, tks again!!!! PS- actually took out the "$" in the original script you gave it and now that works. Esc now exits the game completely. So i
  2. yep, am able to directly launch tables and all. This is so annoying as i have set up well over 15 different emulators and having no where near the same problem as pinball fx3. What i mean by not running is that im assuming that the AHK is some sort of script which is running in the background, waiting for the right command to get entered for it to process (in this case, waiting for the ESC key to get pressed to exit). To test another key (not Esc), how would the AHK script be written if i wanted the "A" (not "Esc") to exit? Also note that i dont have, lets say a store bought copy of pinba
  3. nope esc still pauses. i wonder if its simply just not running.
  4. if i run punball fx3 outside of launchbox, ESC still pauses the game. hitting Alt +F4 kills pinball fx3 completely, which is my goal
  5. your AHK script is a bit different than mine, i tried our but to no avail, pinball fx3 continues to use its default ecs key setting to simply pause the game. Instead of using esc, how woudl the script work if i wanted to hit "A" (on the keyboard) to close? to test
  6. i even tried the following below to enable alt +F4 but doesnt work either. Pinball fx and its esc setting seems to be the dominant trait and doesnt allow the AHK to work, weird $Esc:: { Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}} } vk07sc000:: Send, !{F4} Return
  7. i removed the script from the exit tab and put it in the running tab, restarted launchbox and which i hit the esc key, pinball fx still treats it as pause (which is the default setting in pinball fx), hitting esc does not exit to launchbox
  8. very weird as i use this same script for other emulators, something about pinball fx3 which just isnt jiving
  9. i set it up a while ago so really have no idea, but im testing just one table and have it set using pinball fx3 as the emulator and can load the table directly. I put in the AHK exit scrip in but still doesnt seem to work. Every time i press esc, the game just exits to the main menu of pinball fx3, im looking for a exit script which gets you back to launchbox
  10. In using pinball fx3 but do not have its as its emulator. I am launching tables directly using pbFX3.exe in the application patch and direct table launch in the application command line parameter section (in launchbox). because im not using the emulator the exit script wont work, any other ideas?
  11. adding some extra platforms recently and trying to have pinball arcade tables launch directly in launchbox, but having no luck. Suggestions in this thread not working and since its been over 2 years hopefully someone has come up with a better solution, any help/suggestions woull be great, tks
  12. after setting up 000's of roms with various emulators, its simply not possible to launch every game to see if everything is working. If there a program out there for launchbox to use see which games load and dont load (using the emulator you set up)??
  13. tks very much, worked like a charm. But i noticed that if i relaunch the normal control gui it is not updated with the changes i made the the .xml file. not a big deal but something to remember, tks for the solution
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