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  1. adding some extra platforms recently and trying to have pinball arcade tables launch directly in launchbox, but having no luck. Suggestions in this thread not working and since its been over 2 years hopefully someone has come up with a better solution, any help/suggestions woull be great, tks
  2. after setting up 000's of roms with various emulators, its simply not possible to launch every game to see if everything is working. If there a program out there for launchbox to use see which games load and dont load (using the emulator you set up)??
  3. tks very much, worked like a charm. But i noticed that if i relaunch the normal control gui it is not updated with the changes i made the the .xml file. not a big deal but something to remember, tks for the solution
  4. I need to remap just 1 button for Taito Type X for all the games i am emulating, this is over 40 games. Is there any way i can make this change to 1 button and apply it to all the games?
  5. can someone please help with a odd situation. I had a older copy of FX3, got the cabinet code and use the "-applaunch 442120 "-table_" command in launchbox to directly launch tables. Now recently I installed another copy of FX3 in another folder (lets just say that this copy had more tables to play). Now I tried the same exact setup but when I double click the game, it bypasses the initial splash screen but only goes to the main menu, not the table directly. When I installed the other version, I noticed that the cabinet code was unlocked already. But Im just scratching my head as to why older version of FX3 can directly launch tables but not this other version, any idea where to look? tks very much
  6. Anyone have any luck importing this into launchbox and having the ability to directly launch individual tables?
  7. So by default Retroarch exits when you hit the 'Esc' key, and I can confirm this does happen when I hit 'Esc" while in the Retroarch menu. But when I launch a game (and have tested different game on different Cores), the 'Esc' key doesn't work. I have tried mapping to a different key on my keyboard and after launching a game, that new assigned exit key doesn't work. Is there a quick fix to this? Maybe a Exit Autohotkey script? I have also double checked to make sure the 'Esc' key wasn't already mapped to something and it wasn't. Any help or insight would be great, tks
  8. does anyone know if rocketblinky will work with launchobx. from what i read it was created to use with hyperspin, tks for any help
  9. yea im still trying to find / waiting to get an answer
  10. i noticed your rom file extension ends in .SMC my roms end in .SFC, did you rename your file extension. For some reason I am having trouble launching from RetroArch (im using snes9x core)
  11. My rom extensions end in .SFC and when using standalone SNES9x i am only loading the roms into slot A only (and they work). I have the stbios.bin and placed it in retroarch/system folder yet when i tried to load a rom (using snes9x_libretro.dll core) all i get is a black screen (is that what you got as well)? Yea this is all crazy stuff to try to get it to work, i really appreciate the effort (guess im not the only one at home on a saturday working on these things, but hey, its fun)
  12. i appreciate all the help, just very surprised i couldnt find any answers online, most tricky stuff has already been documented
  13. to be honest, im a newbie at coding or even using command lines. Im literally reading up on all of it as we speak
  14. I tried using retroarch (snes9x core) and its a no go, all i get is a black screen. Searching the internet and have not really found any solutions as most prob just launch it directly from snex9x and and do not use a front end. Hopefully someone on this board will help. I have lots of other platforms to load and wont get to playing these game until I finish building my cab but it irks me knowing that this isnt finished yet
  15. I can successfully launch Sufami Turbo games using SNES9x but for these specific games, you need to use the "Load MultiCart" function (Insert Rom into Slot A) and have BIOS detected. Loading a ROM any other way does not work. I any trying to figure out how to do this in Launchbox, probably need a new set of commands and i think launchbox defaults to the generic way of loading and doesnt work, any help would be great, TKS!
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