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    eXoDOS v4

    Once you are done downloading exoDOS you just double click the "Setup.bat" file (or [whatever].bat file). ExoDOS v4 already comes with an old version of LaunchBox in it. and you just run it from the folder and thats it. When you launch it it will ask you if you want to update launchbox, I assume you just have to place your own "licence.xml" file into the folder so that "BigBox" works. Now, if you are asking how to bring together the ExoDOS launchbox with whatever launchbox stuff you already have in your computer then I am not sure, I guess you just have to cut and paste the entire 400 GB of the exodos into whatever launchbox build you already have. However it seems that the exodos release is prepackaged in such a way that it operates by itself. Personally I am just leaving it as is. and just running it as a separate launchbox enviroment with its own game library. Because exodos v5 will come out and its gonna be easier to "update" it that way hopefully.
  2. BobbyBadBoy

    eXoDOS v4

    Interesting, maybe I wasn't doing something properly. I was "having trouble" with Chuck Yeager's Air Combat, but maybe I needed to apply the crack. Or maybe that one doesnt come cracked or something. Anyway, thanks for the response.
  3. BobbyBadBoy

    eXoDOS v4

    One question, for some DOS Games the copy protection involved them asking a question and you had to know the answer as provided in the manual. I know that one of the goals of this Project to have all the manuals bundled, but is is possible to make some kind tiny script that can just punch in the answer. I'm not trying to like give anyone any extra work. I actually think this would be a nice tiny little idea for me to perhaps practice a little bit of scripting or learning more computer stuff. I could maybe do it for a handful of games, maybe just some kind of character count script that counts the characters on the dos box screen and deduces which question was asked and then just copies and pastes the answer from an index file. I don't know any programing or anything, I'm just spitballing, I have done work in Microsoft Excel only lol. Does anyone think this would be a cool idea? This would be cool for like RetroPie or something where like you don't necessarily wanna be plugging in a keyboard and a mouse repeatedly.
  4. BobbyBadBoy

    eXoDOS v4

    OMG, Any chance this or something like this will be done for win95/98? A lot of these games are suprisingly tricky to get working on Win10. I think win95/98 is reaching that DOS-like "Elder" status.
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