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  1. eXo

    eXoDOS v4

    Then you did something else as well, because my conf files don't try and mount those folders. Looks like you tried to edit the confs or run different ones. At no point would it be trying to mount the 'extras' folder as the C: in any conf I included in the project.
  2. eXo

    eXoDOS v4

    No, it doesn't run through retroarch. Retroarch doesn't use the same versions of dosbox that I use. As far as your display goes, do you have any kind of hardware acceleration for your video card turned on? Is it a laptop with integrated graphics? Is it a desktop with an nvidia card running an agent? The problem is not with the collection, it is with the way your video card is handling it, as all of those games display fine for most folks.
  3. eXo

    eXoDOS v4

    To merge your eXoDOS launchbox files into an existing launchbox installation, do the following: First: Run setup.bat Second: copy .\data\platforms\MS-DOS.xml from the exodos folder to your launchbox folder move .\Manuals\MS-DOS\*.* from the exodos folder to your launchbox folder move .\images\MS-DOS\*.* from the exodos folder to your launchbox folder move .\eXoDOS\*.* from the exodos folder to your launchbox folder
  4. eXo

    eXoDOS v4

    Thanks. I can tell you that if you have v4, then you really don't need to bring anything over from v2 or v3. I don't remove games unless they are duplicated. And since v4 is already in launchbox, you already have that part taken care of for you.
  5. eXo

    eXoDOS v4

    We've also found that the game load screens break eXoDOS for registered users. The ability to turn this on or off based on platform would be beneficial for this reason. The current process is to just bulk edit.
  6. eXo

    eXoDOS v4

    released on labor day weekend.
  7. eXo

    eXoDOS v4

    No idea what you are on about. First you wrote something about how if you hash check the torrent it will dump your installed folders. That is 100% false. Only software like torrent check would do that Second, if you want an "archival" copy, then it doesn't matter if you can move the games, since it would still have to expand launchbix, the metadata, and everything else. Third, ransomware and the way you choose to seed is your problem and has nothing to do with eXoDOS.
  8. eXo

    eXoDOS v4

    Your second point isn't accurate at all. Just because a folder gets created in there didn't preclude it from seeding. No actual files are changed. Edit: seems like the fellow I was replying to deleted his posts.
  9. eXo

    eXoDOS v4

    eXoDOS v4 is just DOS. After I get it out I'll be working on Win3xO version 2, which will be launchbox compatible. No idea what the eta is on that right now though. I'll have to dig in and get an idea of how many new games might be going in, and how long it takes ti import everything into launchbox.
  10. eXo

    eXoDOS v4

    Locked it down today. V4 will have 704 more games. On top of all the other stuff. Grand total of 7,000 games.
  11. eXo

    eXoDOS v4

    I'm currently trying to wrap up the version 4.0 release, with a target release of August. Here is the current list of new features, changes, etc... The following is a list of changes, from an over view perspective, that have been made to the version 4.0 release (so far). New changes will continually be added to this list. • All 5 volumes have been combined into a single project. • MT-32 \ SC-55 Project – Added support for 797 MT32 games, 501 Gen. Midi/Sound Canvas games. • Nuked OPL3 – Added support for 22 OPL3 games to use the Nuked OPL emulator • Gravis Ultrasound - Enabled in 249 games • CMS, GameBlaster, Covox, Sound Source, and Innovation sound options added to a handful of games each (those that support them). • Enhanced Tandy check – 80 games with enabled Tandy 3 Voice sound. This includes enhanced Tandy versions enabled over their IBM versions. • PC Speaker Upgrade check – All games from 1988-1992 checked for optimal quality sound. Dozens of games previously set to PC Speaker have been upgraded to adlib \ sound blaster. • CD \ Rip Replacement – All games marked as CD at moby games checked against eXoDOS. Rips were removed in lieu of clean CD images. • Composite Video – PC Jr and CGA games upgraded to DosBOX ECE in order to take advantage of its advanced composite modes. • CD Audio check – All games marked with CD-Audio (from multiple sources) were checked. This led to clean CD images and changed settings which have enabled CD Audio in dozens of games that previously were not using them. • RPG Save Game Transfer Support – All known games that support the importing of save games from previous games have had scripts added to them to allow you to move all supported save games around to games which support them. This is all built into the games standard launcher, so it works with any front end that uses my launch files. • ScummVM Updated – All DOS games ScummVM currently supports have had ScummVM launch options added. The full screen prompt during install now changes this setting for both DosBOX and ScummVM. • 3DFX Update – All 3DFX games were checked and upgraded to DosBOX ECE, along with replaced glide drivers. This removes prior issues that forced full screen, caused flickering, and other issues with frame rates. • Pixel Perfect patch support - An alternate launch file for each game now exists in the extras folder. This will launch the game with ECE and enable pixel perfect output. This is the most accurate, per pixel, representation of the original game image. Some games will not run properly in ECE, which is why this was built as an optional launch and not rolled into the main launch. This patch also upgrades the emulation of the PC speaker and uses the Nuked OPL emulator for all midi. • Missing Manuals project – Multiple users have trolled the computer museum, archive.org, old-games.ru, and other sites to find as many of the missing manuals as possible. To date, over 1,000 have been added, including multiple “extras”, such as maps, reference cards, etc… • Linux Support project – v4 will include scripts that allow the pack to be run on linux • Major bug squashing initiative led by @Python – Unfortunately we don’t have a count of how many bugs have been squashed, but typically I address between 10-30 a day, and have been at that pace since last fall. • Old-Games.ru / TDC acquisition projects: @Smiling Spectre compiled spreadsheets of all DOS games listed at old-games.ru and in TDC15/16 that are not currently in eXoDOS, and then subdivided into English vs Foreign. These lists contain thousands of games. Nearly all old-games.ru entries have been added to date, and the TDC list provides a road map going forward. • Application of the NewRisingSun patches, which fix timer, sound, and other issues in many Sierra games. This includes the addition of “ultimate versions” of games such as King’s Quest 4, Space Quest 3, Monkey Island, etc… These ultimate versions are in addition to standard versions. Explanations in what each version adds are in the launch menu. • Patches and enhancements for dozens of games such as Elder Scrolls, Ultima, and the like have been added. • retropie support via @Jemy Murphy 's dos game installer, including standardized joystick to keyboard mapping for most action, racing, and shooter games.
  12. Yea, the most active place to discuss eXoDOS is at my discord channel. There are channels for multiple facets (bug reports, game submissions, etc). https://discord.gg/nY6zagn
  13. The next release is precombined, so it's a null issue. For what it's worth, the site I actually released it on (PD, which is listed in the torrents readme) and the discord channel I run all do have explicit instructions. Coming to the front end's forums that I just happen to be a member of wouldn't be the primary source of info for my work. I do provide all the info anyone needs. I can't control whether they go there to find it though.
  14. you are over complicating it. all of the files were uploaded with the root folder named "eXoDOS". You just put them in the exact same folder. Files that have the same name are identical, so all 5 volumes can be seeded from the same folder. Once everything is in the same folder, running setup will create an XML based on the volumes that are present. I made it as simple as possible, yet it still confuses people. I can only imagine it's because people are so used to over complicated BS from other rom packs, that they expect it all of the time.
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