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  1. It sounds like you aren't using the pack as intended. eXoDOS doesn'tgive you an option on which version to use. Different games use different versions and that's very important, so if you are somehow controlling which version of dos box it uses then you're already not running the launch files as intended.
  2. I'll begin work on the next version of win3xo after I release v4 of eXoDOS. At this time I do not know how long it will take to import win3x0 into launchbox and add new games to it. It depends on how many new games I find I suppose. I'm running the latest version of dosbox here and I do not have the problem. I don't know if it is a setting with your particular version or if it is a problem with some of the 3.11 files.
  3. eXo

    ExoDOS Import

    Put all 5 volumes together, but not in your original launchbox folder. Then run setup. After setup is complete, you can follow the instructions above.
  4. eXo

    eXoDOS v4

    run setup.bat and it handles it for you.
  5. eXo

    eXoDOS v4

    there are posts about it here. Essentially you have to create a folder called exodos, and put your old folder inside of it. Make sure your old folder is also named exodos. Then grab the torrent, point it to this folder, and it should run a hascheck and not download files you already have.
  6. I've noticed that recent versions of Launch Box removed the ability to hit ENTER to launch a game. They rely on the mouse. In a keyboard only setup, that only leaves me with the option of hitting Ctrl-P. Is there a way to re-enable the ENTER key in the current build or beta? Thanks!
  7. eXo

    eXoDOS v4

    Status update: MT-32 and General Midi / SoundCanvas lists have been completed. 760 games have had Roland MT-32 support added and 485 have had General Midi/Sound Canvas support added. 45 Games have had Tandy 3-Voice support enabled, and I'm still running counts on the number that had CMS\GameBlaster support added. If you don't understand what any of this means, don't worry! I'll be providing some write-ups in the near future to shed light on these options. The main thing to know is that the sound options are astounding now, and you don't have to jump through hoops to benefit from it. My current project is going through and finding games that allow saves to be imported from previous games, and setting them up in such a way that this is possible within the structure of the project. I've tested it with the Krynn series and gotten it to work there. So now I'll be working on the other identified series that have this feature. Over on the discord server a small but passionate team of folks have really stepped forward to assist the project. Python is chugging through a list of all games that supposedly have cd audio, and verifying they actually do. This has helped me to identify many games that were either missing their CD, had a bad rip with garbled or no audio, or simply weren't set up right. He has also been very active in our #bug_reports channel, and has been absolutely invaluable in helping to identify problematic issues throughout the collection. @Smiling Spectre is going through all of the games that old-games.ru have and checking them against eXoDOS to identify games on their site that are not in the eXoDOS collection. He has also been very active in assisting with image issues, and has become our resident bounty hunter when it comes to finding a rare or missing game version. @Jemy Murphy has been back to making major progress on his game launcher. The #dos_game_installer channel is a great place to keep up with his work. @bigjim has recently located a few games on our missing list, continues to find missing manuals, and has been very active in helping @Jemy Murphy with the #keyb2joypad_project Between the bug fixes, the game updates\improvements (cd audio, original media, etc), the sound improvements (tandy, mt-32, sc-55, GM, cms/gameblaster, etc...), the video improvements (higher resolutions, adding CGA composite mode to older titles, the 3dfx upgrades, switching out early PC versions for enhanced Tandy\PCjr ports), the new games, the new manuals, and all the other things we have done that I know I am forgetting about, I am very excited about this next release. For nearly 10 years eXoDOS has been a project that allowed people to easily play DOS games. With this release that is changing. It is now becoming the easiest way to enjoy thousands of DOS games in their best possible presentations while giving the user the option to hear and see these games in multiple ways. There are dozens of games that were released with broken video and audio drivers. Thanks to assistance from a dosbox developer and all around DOS genius, Ripsaw, many of these games have been fixed and will be presented here with working audio or enhanced audio for the first time. Thanks to @Python , dozens of games have had their options changed to launch in the highest possible resolution. I've spent time going through and fixing\enabling 3DFX in every game I could find support for. And through all of this, the master database has grown to include checks and balances to track most of these changes. I'm very proud of the work being done on eXoDOS. As soon as I have decided how many new games are going to be added to the next release, I will release an ETA for it's release. If you are interested in following along, helping out, or just hanging out feel free to join the discord at : https://discord.gg/37FYaUZ
  8. eXo

    ExoDOS Import

    Glad you found the packs. They are seeded from pleasuredome.org.uk, however you have to have an account there and you have to build up ratio to be able to seed them (as the system won't know you already have them when you first join). You can find us over at https://discord.gg/nY6zagn
  9. eXo

    ExoDOS Import

    eXoDOS is a project I started over 10 years ago. V3.11 is the latest version of it and was released over the past year. One of the big changes in it was the addition of launchbox as a front end. Win3x0 is a sister project focused on windows 3 games. It has only had one release, which still runs the old front end. Currently I'm working on exodos v4, which is a fairly massive addition. After that I'll begin working on win3x0 v2, which will be launchbox compatible. I'll probably also rename it to eXoWin3x for simplicity sake. At some point, I'm looking at doing a Win9x pack, however there are some technical hurdles that have to be solved first. If you are interested in any more detail, I recommend the discord channel. The full size of all 5 volumes should be around 400gb or so off the top of my head. Maybe closer to 350. Definitely not 200. Sounds like you missed a volume? There are 5.
  10. eXo

    ExoDOS Import

    Thanks. I don't take any money for this stuff. Would be too easy to seem like people are paying for the games instead of my time.
  11. eXo

    ExoDOS Import

    It's easy, but it takes a few steps. Specific instructions are posted on my discord channel. Here is a quick copy paste: To merge your eXoDOS launchbox files into an existing launchbox installation, do the following: copy .\data\platforms\MS-DOS.xml from the exodos folder to your launchbox folder move .\Manuals\MS-DOS*.* from the exodos folder to your launchbox folder move .\images\MS-DOS*.* from the exodos folder to your launchbox folder move .\eXoDOS*.* from the exodos folder to your launchbox folder
  12. 3.11 has launchbox included with it. No need to migrate anything. You can get it from pleasuredome.org.uk or the-eye.eu among other places.
  13. Well... Let's see. 1. 3.11 is out. 2. Launchbox does have manuals in it. As well as copy protection, extras, etc... 3. I'm not sure which games have "missing" images for this person, but I suspect they are games that were never released, and so they never had a box. All games should have screenshots and title screens. Games that had commercial released should have box art and usually scanned media as well.
  14. Yes, it will be packaged with launch box, however it will be launch box next rather than the older version I had packed v3.11 with.
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