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  1. i realized that i didn't downloaded the fanart, hehe
  2. In retrofresh theme i can't find an option for enabling the blurred background based in each game, how do you enable this?
  3. but i've did all the tutorial for performance of big box and there's no change, tried also uninstalling a lot of things that i don't really use, disabled the antivirus, origin, steam, etc at least i want to be able to restore all the images, refreshing and populating does nothing, i also deleted the cache folders.... in launchbox i can see them
  4. now i've added nintendo 64 romset and the platform and gameplay screens of ALL games are not showing, and is more stuttered than ever... this is outrageous
  5. tried that and is still the same, also tried deleting a lot of images like circuit boards, image controls etc, it changes nothing, i don't want a refound because i like the program but this is so annoying, sometimes when scrolling in the arcade game list (with the view of the clear logos of the games) it freezes like 1 sec and then rolls like 3 games fast
  6. copied launchbox to my ssd samsung 860 evo and STILL STUTTERS.... this is buggy, i'm almost regretting the buy of premium
  7. the default goes better but with stutterings some times i have a ryzen 5 2700x, 16gb ram, sapphire nitro 480, i think is more than enough
  8. I'm having a little stuttering when navigating the platforms and games, i'm using the retrofresh theme, i've set almost all the transitions to none but it also feels sluggish, there's something wrong here or this needs a ssd?
  9. i don't know, i did the normal process of add roms with these, doing the same with the xci games works fine, weird
  10. but my added nsp/nsz doesn't work via launchbox, yuzu stops working, if i run these from yuzu there's no problem
  11. there's not a single way to get the nsp and nsz working with launchbox? i have a bunch of games in those formats
  12. but mame doesn't have the beautiful shaders of retroarch, scalefx+raa is like having all the games remastered
  13. but some main roms doesn't work... like the street figher III ones, the only working ones are the nocd wich are clones, i can add these manually but i don't know what are all the other games that will not work and what clone will do
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