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  1. Why now there's giant black boxes in each game cover?? i want to have only the cover showing
  2. It happens when i change the category/label of an image, it just disappear, this didn't happen before
  3. in some ones doesn't happen, in others do, but it happen in retrofresh detailed wich is my favorite also when i press esc or b in the controller to go back from sections sometimes bigbox hangs for some seconds and then goes back all the sections fast
  4. Happens mostly on mame section, i've tried populating all the images but it doesn't change anything ?
  5. found more than 10000 images ? but i can't preview them, how can i know that those are the less quality ones?
  6. I have a lot of duplicates and some times 3 same images in a lot of games how can i delete this at once? (keeping the image with the best quality and bigger size)
  7. I don't see the priority option for this
  8. I want to know if i can disable that thing that makes the game boxes go brighter when you put the mouse cursor over them
  9. There's some old windows games that requires a specific sintaxis in the shortcut to work properly like this : "F:\Games\Unreal Gold\System\Unreal.exe" -CPUCount:1 ''F:\Gamess\VtMB\vampire.exe -game Unofficial_Patch Where i need to specify that in launchbox?
  10. I like this scaler but is like too intense and colorful, after a while it messed my eyes, somebody knows something similar or if there's a way to make it lighter?
  11. but i cannot escape from putting the conf manually in each game anyway ? ? ? thanks for the help
  12. yes i did the -conf thing i have all my games like this and works fine in dosbox: mount C C imgmount D "CD\aitd3.cue" -t iso #mount d f:\ -t cdrom mixer master -d15 C : cd infogram aitd3 exit so i have to modify all like the screens then?
  13. sorry for the delay, if i name the conf file after the game the game doesn't start, just loads the dosbox-x
  14. thanks for the detailed info, but you imported the folder with the .conf files after importing all the games? or you added the folder with all the games folders at the same time?
  15. thanks, and if i'm adding all the games there's some way to tell dosbox that i want to use a different .conf file for each game in one step? or i will need to specify later for each game the custom dosbox conf path?
  16. I want to replace the dosbox that comes with launchbox for another one (DOSBox SVN r4397 (Optionals), it can be done?
  17. i didn't put a dosbox for launchbox, i want to use the ones inside my games
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